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A market in Khan Younis, Gaza. (Photo by Mohammed Talatene/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Two Voices from Gaza

A Palestinian and a former IDF soldier on the place the world is watching. Plus: Hamas’s strategy of human sacrifice.

More than a week into the Israel-Hamas war, the focus of the world is on Gaza, where 199 civilians are being held hostage by Hamas. It has been the target of Israeli air strikes in recent days, and it is set to be the site of intense fighting in the coming days, with an Israeli ground invasion believed to be imminent. 

Today in The Free Press, we offer two perspectives on Gaza. One comes from Jacob Katz, an American who guarded the border with Gaza when he served in the IDF—and who has returned to Israel this week. The other is from Amjad Abukwaik, a Palestinian-American who grew up in Gaza and now lives in New Jersey—and who lost nine family members last week. These are their stories. 

For more coverage of the Israel-Hamas war, read Douglas J. Feith, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy under George W. Bush, on Hamas’s macabre strategy to maximize Palestinian deaths. 

And for more on the reality of life in Gaza before this war, we recommend the Center for Peace Communications’ “Whispered in Gaza” series, which was published earlier this year. 

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