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H.R. McMaster in the Oval Office of the White House on February 2, 2018. (Zach Gibson-Pool via Getty Images)

Nuclear War Games with HR McMaster

The Lieutenant General and former National Security Advisor speaks candidly about the war in Ukraine and how it might end.

Last week, Ukraine recaptured the city of Kherson from the Russians. It was one of the most stunning victories for Ukraine since the war began eight months ago. Still, the road ahead is long and uncertain. Just this week, Putin unleashed a heavy bombardment of missiles across Ukraine in an attempt to destroy the country’s energy infrastructure.

The stakes of this war are already high for Ukraine, but they are made exponentially higher—for countries across the globe—because of the looming danger of nuclear war. 

Lt. Gen. HR McMaster returns to Honestly to talk about the chance of nuclear escalation; what plans our military has in place in the case of a nuclear attack on Ukraine; what a realistic end to the war might look like; how concessions will only embolden Putin; and why McMaster believes that America needs to remain actively invested in this war.

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