I am sincerely respectful of General McMaster and his service to the country. Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a 97 year old WWII Veteran. The US Navy sent a "Color Guard" to the funeral, and it was an amazing touchpoint to this man's legacy.

I am a post-Vietnam era "kid" like General McMaster and he took a path that most from our age did not take because the country was so tired of war after Vietnam. My Dad was a WWII and Korean War Veteran serving in the Navy, mainly as a Navy MD at the Philly Navy Yard. That said, the Military was just not part of our household conversation. Why?

I did not listen to the entire podcast, skipped through it, because the General is saying the same things about the same people that I have been hearing all of our lives. "Bad Ruskies, with Big Nukes". And yes, Putin certainly makes it easy for us to cast him as the Villain.

I don't have a "solution" because this is super complicated stuff - economics, Defense contractors, national pride, NATO, UN, culture, maybe some religion, and of course ego - both American and Russian.

I am interested in this conversation because:

1) We are a Military Family with an Active Duty son.

2) I am married to a woman with Paternal Grandparents from Odesa, Ukraine. They were Ukrainian Jews to add to the mix. I attended this documentary recently and the destruction of lives in Ukraine just sucks - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mariupol-unlost-hope-a-new-documentary-about-the-war-in-ukraine-tickets-433656758037

My suggestion to Bari is this - use your "Common Sense" to get other opinions in this conversation. You are young, smart, and oh yea, a woman. Please use those skills to find alternative views. Doing the same thing over and over has not worked. God knows, we Americans think we can fix everything. We can't, and hopefully we will continue to try - now with fresher eyes and voices.

Peace to all.

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Bari, I've learned to appreciate you over the last couple of years. I won't be wasting one second on this podcast with McMaster. He's a life-long war guy who knows almost nothing more than being the belligerent bully in the playground and he couldn't give a damn about all the American blood he's directed to be spilled for nonsensical wars in my adult life. It takes great intelligence to build a nuclear bomb and yet there's absolutely no wisdom in doing so, much less talking about them. Please use your intelligence to interview somebody like Tulsi Gabbard who might contribute a human and earth loving perspective that leans towards wisdom before people like McMaster lead us into nuclear holocaust. Peace, Mike

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It's painful listening to war hawks such as McMaster. I couldn't finish the full podcast. Loved his usage of the Bush II term "street thug". Hadn't heard that one since "Iraqi Freedom" and we know how well that went to plan.

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An intimate discussion with a proxy war hawk? Love ya Bari, but this guy is a Biden Admin blabateer.

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I love when these patricians tell us plebs why we need to spend more of our money to sustain their empire of death and destruction. Especially since nowadays it comes with a new and improved anti-culture that will dissolve all your traditions.

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HR McMaster legacy: 20 year wars without victory and now he is grifting for cash. His benefactors are the Military Industrial Complex making bank on war in Ukraine. Trump used economic leverage to defeat Iran, Russia, and China. No wars. I am a veteran who has been downrange for these asshats.

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Whatever happened to text vs. podcast? I am not into spotify. At my age - 83 - I can "read", retain and comprehend better than when I can "hear"! Other than your "TGIF" columns, why not offer a text version along with the Spotify articles?

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Bari, please. Many of us don't have time for this. Seven minutes in before we even hear McMaster. I know you want your advertisers to be heard but a transcript would be helpful.

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This is why we are where we are. It’s the opposite of common sense.

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Nov 19, 2022·edited Nov 19, 2022

Please let us all know if Russian neighbors in western Europe are paying their fair shares and if not why not. I do not understand why this subject is not discussed more. Supporting the Ukrainians is justified but the burden should not fall disproportionately on the US

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I believe in a strong military, warts and all. China is building up its military at warp speed. If we don't have a strong military, we had better start learning Mandrin.

I see people here doing what the Communists did in the 50s through the 70s, calling us imperialists. It was ironic that the Soviet Union and its puppet states called us imperialists when Rusia gobbled up all of Eastern Europe and much of Asia. That was true imperialism

At the end of WW II, we occupied most of Western Europe and except for leaving troops to occupy Germany and Japan we pack up our troops and came home. If we were true imperialists, we would have made Western Europe our puppet states but we didn't.

We are not imperialists. A nation is like a person and like a person makes mistakes but, in our hearts, we try to do good. That good is sometimes thwarted by the corrupt liars and thieves we have in Washington.

On a postscript, I think we need a universal draft and everybody after the age of 18 gets called up to serve in the military or in public works. By everybody, I mean the sick, lame and lazy. Evan a physically handicap person can do desk duty. Of course, there are exceptions.

Also, to keep the rich and politically powerful from gaming the system to insure their children get cushy jobs like Al Gore's father did for him, people drafted are assigned where they go and what service they go to, is done by an impartial computer program.

This way everybody has skin in the game.

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I appreciated this interview and believe in HR McMaster’s integrity and thankful for his service to this country but I can’t help but think of what Julian Assange said. "The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war" With the SBF scandal this seems even more prescient. And the security elite have expanded their mission to be bio security as well

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Please please provide transcripts for podcasts. I don’t listen to them and am always disappointed when the news I look forward to reading each day is only in podcast form.

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How about we mind our own business for a change, and address the invasion of our own country from the South of the Border folks.

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I remember graffiti in the ladies room during Vietnam...”War is menstruation envy”... this old warhorse author seems so infected.

We are 30 trillion dollars in debt; fanning a disastrous nuclear war where destruction will fall in OUR lap; All for Biden’s glory-seeking and to divert us from our bigger foe, China and the laptop story?

It is terrible what is happening in the Ukraine BUT it is also horrible in many other parts of the world where we don’t intervene... we can no longer save the world and no one can really claim a win in this kind of a war.

It seems we are counting on Putin having the sense to not start the war while we yell in his face.

I’m surprised the woke progressives aren’t nattering on about how our archaic ties to old European colonial roots are driving this madness.

My mom served in World War II as supervisor in the War Dept. office in charge of sending out notices of missing and dead in action for all those long war years. The newspaper feature called it “the saddest job in the world”...please keep that part of in mind.

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Spotify is a crummy platform. Its web app and embedded player offer no way to speed up the recording. You have to install their intrusive app to get the speed-up feature. I just can't spare an hour to listen to a podcast. Reading is how I best take in information.

So, my apologies if I missed some pearls of wisdom in this recording, but I think the U.S. has made a drastic mistake by going all-in with backing Ukraine. In my opinion, our long term interests would have been better served to remain neutral, offering the Ukrainians humanitarian aid only.

Ukraine appeared ready to negotiate back in April, but reportedly the Biden Admin. told him not to. By encouraging Ukraine to continue fighting, Biden has achieved:

- an estimated 200K people killed (about 100K on each side) according to recent reports

- a global energy crisis, Europeans likely to freeze this winter

- wheat and fertilizer shortage, global skyrocketing prices on food and other necessities

- pushing Russia into the China camp; China's buying Russian energy at discount prices and have incorporated the Russians into their banking system

- thousands of Western companies have closed down operations in Russia, probably for good

Need I even spell this out? Biden's foolish cancellation of U.S. gas and oil exploration along with essentially zero construction of new electric power sources, plus the confrontation with Russia, has left the United States in a weakened position vis-a-vis China, who are forging ahead with about one new coal plant a week, and building new naval vessels at breakneck speed.

China is not sitting still when it comes to outer space technology, either. Their space station is like a souped-up version of the ISS, with more modern robotics and modular features. It's quite impressive for a country that a generation ago had no space travel technology (until U.S. satellite companies started sharing technology in exchange for cheap launches). It's possible that in a generation or so, we will be begging China for 3rd class seats on their orbital ships.

Wasting time butting heads with Russia as they bully a neighbor while China builds up overwhelming military superiority and makes inroads into Latin America and Africa... and even have set up "enforcers" on U.S. soil to go after Chinese dissidents... and have used their newfound wealth to buy the cooperation and silence of U.S. universities and politicians... we are being soft-conquered.

Even the President of the United States is co-opted to China because of his son's dealings, yet his political party and the establishment media in general simply have looked the other way, preferring to keep the public's attentions on the fallen leader of the opposition party, now preparing to prosecute Trump for yet another set of questionable charges. Anything to keep the spotlight off Biden and on Trump and Putin.

The U.S. is in for a rough ride and I have to say, I can't think of a country that deserves it more. When the voters are this stupid, they will have to suffer and die before anything changes.

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