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FP Forum: Jennifer Sey, One Year Later

Tune in Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PST. Event info below.

By The Free Press

February 14, 2023

Back in the fall of 2021, Levi Strauss & Co. brand president Jennifer Sey was on track to become the company’s next CEO. Then, she started to publicly question the logic of school shutdowns. For this, she was called a racist, a eugenicist, and a QAnon conspiracy theorist—and the company pressured her to sign a non-disclosure agreement and leave. Instead, she turned down the $1 million severance package and became a major public voice fighting for schools to open.

Jennifer Sey’s resignation letter was one of the most popular pieces The Free Press has ever published. She struck a chord with pissed-off moms across the country. So we’re bringing her back to chat with Free Press staff writer and TGIF columnist Nellie Bowles about what’s happened over the last year. Subscribers can find the event link and information below.

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