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Protesters hold photos during the “Jewish Community Vigil” for Israel in London. (Photo by Kin Cheung via AP)

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Sharing firsthand stories and our coverage of the unfolding war in Israel.

In recent days, we’ve been working around the clock to bring you the clearest sense possible of exactly what is happening in Israel. Our goal is to bring you the best on-the-ground reporting, analysis, and firsthand accounts of this war.

Throughout all of this, we have tried to do something difficult: look evil in the eye. It’s important to understand what just happened in order to understand what will come. It’s important to understand what just happened so that it never happens again.

That’s what I spoke about in two interviews yesterday on MSNBC and Fox News.

Here’s MSNBC:

And here’s Fox News:

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Israel is our focus right now, but there are other urgent stories unfolding. Also in The Free Press today, Rav Arora reports on a disturbing new law that could mean Canadians can no longer access popular Spotify podcasts. Read “Justin Trudeau Is Coming for Joe Rogan.”

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