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WATCH: Has the Sexual Revolution Failed? A Free Press Debate.

Anna Khachiyan, Louise Perry, Grimes, and Sarah Haider duke it out over porn, the pill, feminism, liberalism, and liberation.

By The Free Press

October 4, 2023

We have the sexual revolution to thank for things like the pill, no-fault divorce, IVF, and women in the workforce. And yet revolutions are unpredictable, and new freedoms come with invisible costs.

With the hindsight that comes with half a century, we ask whether the movement that promised women sexual equality and liberation has fulfilled its promises—or whether it has failed women and men.

This sold-out debate was our first live event. We have big plans to bring The Free Press into the real world in the coming year. For now, we are so pleased to share a film of this debate for those who couldn’t be in the theater:

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