The notion that Reagan was not a friend of the working man is a fraud. I was there. He was. Members of real unions - of real workers such as truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, etc. - were Reagan supporters. He was the first populist and detested big government. The real Republican party is continuing on that path. Real Republicans detest the "elites" - of business, government or the universities. Those elites detest the working man. Just look at the contempt they heap on the Canadian truckers or the Walmart shoppers they revile as Trump supporters. We will continue to recapture the Republican party. No more favors for billionaires. Or large corporations, especially the rapacious health care "insurers." The Republican party will continue to evolve along Reagan's "big tent" model, embracing all those - regardless of creed, color or national origin - who want to join us in putting America - and Americans - first.

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The dems are the party of our modern day robber barons—Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey. They are elitists who feel entitled to look down their noses on fly over country. That is bad enough. But now big media and big dem government have merged. And they want to control our thoughts. What we are allowed to know. They wield this power to intimidate and silence. See: Joe Rogan. They have taken over education and destroyed two generations of kids.

The Republicans are floundering for an identity, and it is sitting at their feet. They are the party of free speech, “we will decide how are kids are educated”, and “stop bankrupting the country with freebies”. They want legal immigration and a stop to the crime and chaos on our border, a stop to the drug trafficking that is killing kids.

Not masks. Not remote school, not pornography in school libraries, not $200,000 worthless college degrees, not illegals flown to communities in the dark of night, not more taxes so people get more freebies and don’t have to work.

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Perfect timing. A super article on Unherd this morning also addresses and amplifies this very concept.


The Democrat Party needs a real come-to-Jesus moment. The progressives like AOC and The Squad, the grifters, such as the Clintons, all combined with the self-serving tech billionaires, have forced the party of the little guy to completely lose its way. They are utterly destroying the Democratic party. There articles all over the Internets about this phenomenon, and all say it spells disaster come November. Let's hope so.

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A few quick points: (1) The idea that Trump just blustered without delivering on his policies is absurd. His policy successes, despite the bluster and character flaws, are why he retains a strong following.

(2) Where is this pro-corporate Right she speaks of? Almost all the big corporations have gone woke-left.

(3) It seems to me that this author is late to the party. The rift between private union workers and their Democrat-donating bosses started years ago. Has this phenomenon dawned on her only recently?

(4) The legislation Rubio is sponsoring will appeal to myriad blue-collar workers who aren’t in unions. Private union membership has dwindled to less than 10 percent in the trades, partly due to dissatisfaction with their bosses’ left-wing politics.

(5) As most people know, the real union muscle now resides in public sector unions, most prominently the SEIU and NEA. Those public-trough unions will fight this legislation tooth and nail.

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The images of AOC wearing her "Tax The Rich" gown and the DeBlasios (aka Mr. & Mrs. Thieves) attending the Met Ball sans masks are etched in my brain. This is what the Democratic Party looks like; no consequences for cheating the public; do as I say, not as I do; I can get my hair done but you can't; I can eat indoors but you can't. The list goes on and on.

Of course they are not the party of the working class because they are the party that is discouraging working! They want dependence on government to dole out checks and cheese with amounts and quality also under their control. They will own their own homes a la Bernie and Elizabeth Warren but lambast folks who have worked, paid their fair share of taxes and achieved their version of the American Dream. By the way, Comrade Sarandon sold her Greenwich Village Townhouse at her asking price of 7.9 million dollars.

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If working class people loved their unions in Alabama rah rahing for the fat slob, self-proclaimed governor of Georgia before, wait till they poll those members after the fat slob exercised her royal prerogative to spend the day unmasked around a classroom full of masked seven year olds.

2022 Democrat Party: Rules are for the proletariat, not the politburo.

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Feb 9, 2022·edited Feb 9, 2022

The Democrats clearly have contempt for blue collar workers. To them we are the deplorables. Trump touched a nerve. He IS a blue collar man. He understands work and workers and has a deep, abiding respect for people who work with their hands. Under him the economy for the working man thrived. (I use "man" in the traditional English manner to encompass men and women for those who are woefully under educated).

The Democrats clearly have contempt for people with darker skin. All their programs have been designed to destroy this segment of the population. The latest from President Biden is a new program to hand out crack pipes and set up shooting galleries all around the country. What??? This puts the Federal government in the position of chief promoter of drug addictions.

While there are still some awful Republicans in the ranks, they are slowly being replaced by America First candidates. President Trump is doing all he can to find and encourage these Americans to run for office. It's a new breed, and they come from the working classes not the Ivy League.

Marco Rubio understands workers and hard work. His parents escaped from Cuba and had to take lower level jobs to support the family. His father worked as a bartender and his mother worked as a maid. Marco went to college on scholarships he earned.

He comes up for re-election this year. I intend to support his campaign and vote for him. My yard sign is ready to go.

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While the elitists on the left force pronouns, trans into women's spaces/sports and defund the police messages, more the working class turns their backs on the D party. The working class is looking for a healthy economy, safe streets, affordable food and the freedom to live as they wish. The current D party is absolutely against those principles because they live in their own echo chamber. They are absolutely unwilling to see things from a different point of view. They tried to cancel Rogan because of the n-word not realizing that on the street in working class and poor neighborhoods everyone utters that word, not in a racist way (for the most part), but it's part of the street culture. A culture the left knows nothing about and the mask has fallen off and a lot of people are waking up.

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Feb 9, 2022·edited Feb 9, 2022

The party switch happened a long time ago. Yet we are still fed the same worker vs. bosses fairy tale by the ignorant media and their puppet masters in academia. Unions represent a low single digit percentage of the working class out side government. They stopped trying to organize real workers 50 or more years ago. They simply see the numbers of Amazon workers and salivate over the fees and friendly headlines. The politicians take money from both sides. There is no one left to represent the majority of workers. The Unions just want a piece of the Amazon action that politicians have been getting for more than 20 years. The journalists act as though this is meaningful to the average citizen. It's not. They know that their costs will go up either way. The money to pay off the politicians and fend off the unions has to come from somewhere. To paraphrase Dylan 'the politicians don't need you and man they expect the same.'

For most of my youth the unions were closed shops to any one who wasn't related to a union member. They could have opened their schools, which are excellent, to all and garnered some loyalty and skilled members; but original thinking is not expected or much allowed in most union halls. They could have encouraged more technical training be funded by all the politicians they own; but they didn't. They never will. Because that would be competition for them. Also because they have more money now than they can legally handle.

The average worker and skilled tradesman has no use for unions and unions have no use for them.

The majority of workers were abandoned by the unions and their politician pets decades ago. Their votes have been going to conservative candidates for decades. Trump just formalized the arrangement.

The Democrat party platform is no sane persons wish list. Many of the contractors I know are competing with crews of under paid, hard working, legal and illegal immigrants. Some have stopped competing because they can't afford to do what they love anymore. The democrat J-School grads tell them to learn to compete. They tell them snidely to learn to code then get panty-twisted angry when they are told the same after their phony baloney leftist broad sheet is closes.

Most article on this topic act like this party switch is just starting to happen; showing how out of touch the average self described "well educated" journalist is. BTW the average plumber, electrician, carpenter and tier 3 IT guys and gals do more logical thinking, troubleshooting and math in their heads in one day than the average soft science, "well educated", college graduate does in a year. So please find another therm to describe the former.

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The most odious thing about the Left is their elitism, self-righteousness, and moral superiority disguised as compassion and tolerance.

They've been exposed, and I think their run is going to be over for a generation.

My concern is that we will swing hard to the Right, and I don't want that either.

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The new GOP slogan: "I can't afford to be a Democrat any more."

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Thanks for the well-written article. I wish republican leadership would follow this playbook and stop disappointing. Maybe the polls divided the supporters of democrats as lawyers, professors etc in the past, but this administration did a good job showing all of us that their ridiculous policies have uniformly made everyone's life worse. No one will be able to escape this wave of crime in our cities, drug abuse in our society, despair in our children and public shaming at our work place for being the wrong race and censorship everywhere. This new brand of democrats have been exposed for the malicious frauds that they are. Republicans just need to make that message loud and clear.

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The last paragraph is basically everything:

The Woke praise BLM / Antifa rioters who destroy and kill based on media-influenced lies, and they demonize and jail protestors who demand their freedoms and rights be protected.

We live in the upside down.

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Although the Canadian Conservative Party (the official opposition) doesn't really resemble the Republican Party - it is noteworthy that they literally ousted their leader for not supporting the Freedom Convoy. They have also been blasting Prime Minister Trudeau daily for the rhetoric he has been using against the protesters. The NDP - supposedly Canada's socialist party - have been attacking and criticizing the Freedom Convoy. Strange reaction by socialists to an uprising of workers against invasive government overreach! In many ways the Liberal Party of Canada has been using the Democrat playbook - vilifying the truck convoy as racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic (all these were in one Justin Trudeau tweet!) and getting their compliant mainstream media friends - particularly the state broadcaster the CBC - to vilify and attack them. The divisiveness being sowed by the Prime Minister, the Liberal Party and the NDP is sad - and the media as usual - particularly the CBC - have disgraced themselves. There is an opportunity here for the Canadian Conservative party here - although it will be harder to pull off in Canada.

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Trump not only campaigned on helping the middle class - his policies actually achieved that result. The FACTS for Trump's first three years in office (pre-Covid), according to CENSUS BUREAU statistics:

*Lower-income families gained the most. Despite the endless chants about how President Donald Trump’s policies benefited only the rich, the truth is that lower-income families made the biggest gains in his first three years in office.

*The bottom fifth of households saw their incomes climb 10% under Trump. Those in the next fifth saw incomes rise more than 9%.

*The top 5% of households saw their share of total income drop.

Those are the facts. Trump's policies lifted the lower and middle classes for the first time in decades.

And all the while, the Democrat Progressive Caucus is focused on CRT, Defunding the Police, Forcing schoolchildren to wear masks, etc. Is it any surprise working people are embracing the GOP?

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This is actually very easy to accomplish given the weird obsessions of today's Democratic Party. The Republicans just need to go all in on meritocracy and equality of opportunity, and mean it. They should throw massive resources into equalizing the early playing field, focused on better nutrition, safety, family life and education for kids of all ethnicities and income brackets. That's a much better way of making up for past racism and unfairness than arguing about whether it should be Black or black or Latino/Latinx. Then dismantle all the govt/education/corporate bureaucracy aimed at moving minorities along regardless of merit and penalizing whites (except those profiting from the equity bureaucracy).

I'm 100% convinced that there isn't any inherent difference among races, but they become undeniably different in many ways due to childhood upbringing and access to resources. Equalize everything at the beginning, go full on meritocracy at adulthood and that's a win win that virtually every group and class can get behind.

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