I’m in PA.

Unless someone can explain why I must report to an office to get a mail in ballot yet somehow half a million are already in AND in 2020 77% of mail in ballots broke for Biden I call bullshit.

I’ll listen to the rest of the podcast but let’s get that elephant in the room now, because if you believe an election “season” and no-show voting isn’t designed to get a (sadly) brain-damaged Fetterman elected then you’re not paying attention.

This time when I vote I wonder if it will take 3.5 hours like 2020. And that only happened out in my heavily Republican suburb of Philly. Allentown, Philly voting took 15 minutes. One reason was “consolidation” of polling places only in suburbs.


If you can’t see that happen and ask why you’ve missed election abuse.

Let’s see what’s what after next Tuesday.

If Fetterman wins I’ll know why. And how.

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022

Q. Will there be a Red Wave?

A. 1. The Democrats most effective leader, Obama, is campaigning in safe Democrat seats, not in purple seats. So he certainly thinks so.

A. 2. The cost of food is up 40% in the last year. The 9% infation rate is nonsense.

A. 3. Climate Alarmism is expensive. The cost of energy is up significantly and it won’t go down unless America returns to traditional sources of energy.

A. 4. There is a real shortage of supplies. It’s almost like we’ve been time-travelled to the Soviet Union.

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I walked in to early vote yesterday. I instinctively pulled out my ID to show the person checking me in. She said she did not need it, and then made a comment to her peers (seemed 1/2 joking) that she would get in trouble if she looked at it. She took my name and address verbally and then I signed on screen and moved to the booth. It definitely was a bit odd - clearly they don’t want anyone showing ID and want to make it known that it is not necessary.

It is clear that anyone can walk in and claim they are person XYZ and vote. I am not sure how/why this is a defensible way to run an election.

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Nov 5, 2022·edited Nov 5, 2022

"And yet, Republicans have problems of their own: candidates who spent their primaries trying to out-MAGA each other and continue to pedal election denial conspiracies; others who seem entirely unfit to serve."

Ummm… Fetterman anyone?

Stacy Abrams that still [peddles] election fraud as the reason she lost last time?

Or Warnock that has preached "We need to cleanse society of whiteness." Say that but replace it with another race like blackness or Jewishness.

Talk about entirely unfit to serve.

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Beri!!! The answer is Democrats, we hate Democrats more.... That is all.

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Massachusetts sent my wife and me unsolicited postcards: "fill in and return to obtain your mail-in ballot".

We could have moved or died. Anyone at my address could then vote as me. And also vote in person. Does someone really audit and cross-reference a million ballots to make sure this isn't happening? I doubt it.

Kari Lake is ahead of Hobbs in the Arizona governor race. She's smart and articulate and popular. But Hobbs is Secretary of State, in charge of elections. Has the far-left, Trump hating Arizona Republic called on her to step down? I doubt it.

The only way to put an end to this is election reform. Ban unsolicited mailed ballots, ban harvesting and dropboxes, and hand-count the votes. To get to this, though, we must all vote, at every election, and stay engaged to make sure the politicians don't stray.

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"Election denial conspiracies"? Seriously?

We have a simple request: we would like our concerns to be treated with the same seriousness that led to Trump and his Attorney General appointing a Special Prosecutor to allay the completely baseless conspiracy theories of the Democrats. Trump had nothing to fear. Not only was there never anything there, the FBI and Hillary knew all along they had made up the story.

So: some investigation of the hundreds of sworn affidavits, statistically impossible results, counties with more votes than voters, USPS trucks driving across state lines in the middle of the night, 2,000 Mules, etc. etc. etc. That's all we ask. It's not only not unreasonable, but it is demonstrably abusive denying us this basic act of goodwill. The sense of conspiracy only grows when none of our courts and law enforcement agencies will lift a finger to investigate anything.

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Sorry, Bari, no.

No transcript, no time for this.

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Why do you continue to use phrases such as "pedal (pretty sure that should be 'peddle') election denial conspiracies"? Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrams aside, don't you think that after all we have discovered about the 2020 election: collusion between FBI, DOJ, Twitter, Google, Facebook, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, Washington Post, et al, and the Democrat Party, the suppression of Hunter Biden's laptop, the election shenanigans by Democrats to change voting rules in key states to make it easier to cheat just before the election, the 51 (or was it 52) deep state actors who peddled their "belief" that Hunter Biden's laptop "had every sign of being Russian disinformation," and, well, you get the point. Biden is President and Mr. Obama's warning that Joe could F anything up has proven accurate and sad, so the above group successfully removed a surprisingly effective president. But for... what? That many of us believe it was at the very least an unfair election shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, and that includes candidates "pedaling" those same conspiracies. Oh, and those weekly "conversations" between social media companies and the FBI really did have "all the earmarks" of a conspiracy. Don't demean those of us who understand what happened. We've accepted that Biden is president and we've moved on.

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I found the pro-abortion slant of the panel’s discussion disturbing. They state that most voters want abortion to be highly restricted after the first trimester. The mid-point is probably something near or just after the heartbeat being detectable, which Stacy Abrams laughably says is a lie concocted by the patriarchy.

They are correct in noting that high-up Democrats thought it would be a winning issue but the issue is not pulling in votes, apparently.

The panel is also correct in stating that in blue states nothing has changed substantially in a mother’s ability to sacrifice her child for her preferred life course.

The panel seemed surprised that in states like Michigan, where the legislature is considering restrictions on abortion, there is not a wave of pro-Democrat enthusiasm.

Perhaps it is because many if not most voters in the state want those restrictions. Maybe the elected representatives represent their constituencies.

I think the volume of objection to restrictions, highly amplified in legacy media and social media, is not representative of how most people feel. I think the panel just doesn’t get that.

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Oh, there is TOTALLY going to be a red wave.

Assuming that people actually _vote_.

Because despite the hysterical tom-toms of the mainstream media, I'm not personally seeing a lot of interest in this election from the various people I talk with and interact with.

In New York State, where I live, I am expecting Hochul to lose. It'll be a narrow loss. But still a loss. Hochul is an Upstate politician, and traditionally, there's a huge amount of hostility between Upstate voters and City voters. I don't see NYC voters bothering to turn out to protect Hochul's claim to office.

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Heritage Foundation maintains a database on its website cataloging convictions for voter fraud.

These are no doubt the tip of the iceberg. Voting fraud has been enabled by democrats for decades. Anyone proclaiming voter fraud is rare and is never consequential is willfully deluding herself, Ahem, Bari.

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Only need to ask one question to know where a person stands: do you believe the ends justify the means. Once a person says yes that means that lying cheating and stealing (means) are acceptable. Also consider that if someone screams ( as they do) that American democracy is under attack , why would they hesitate to do whatever it takes to win an election that must be won to, in their words, stop the nazis and fascists.

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I’m still one issue and one issue only. Covid. I want a full accounting. My husband and I BOTH now have vaccine injury—heart problems. I know we aren’t alone. Ivermectin is the only thing that helps. My oldest was forced to booster for college. This is war with me. I’m taking no prisoners.

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First, stop using the term inflation as it's a super duper mega MAGA term per MSNBC'S truth filled propaganda fools.

Second, the stupidity of the D's by helping what they thought were unelectable Trump supporters has really bit them in the ass. Turns out they are more likeable than the career grifters.

When you shut the country down, screw up the education of the kids, kill old folks in homes, and try to destroy people, they have a tendency to remember. Then add Brandon and the others who just lie so badly and think you are so stupid you will believe them. Unfortunately there are so many lemmings that do.

Democracy might be on the ballot. But the attempt to destroy it and your rights come from the current group of absolutely clueless and corrupt political party in charge.

Yeah, I wonder why there might be a red way? The unknown is better than the shear shit show we have now! Already voted also.

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Why does this news site, of all news sites, use the "deniers" smear-word?

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