As the descendant of Scotsmen, I want reparations for WWII. Before that, Culloden. And before that, reparations for Boudica and her daughters. And reparations for Rome's conquest. After all, these bad things were done by people I didn't know TO people I didn't know, generations before I was born, and all those people are long dead. If those don't qualify me for money taken by force from people who earned it, I don't know what does.

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The real tragedy is that American blacks are still being treated like children.

We’re talking about reparations as a way to help blacks, but the only way to really help them would be to encourage the nuclear family in their community.

The black family survived slavery and Jim Crow, but it was the loving hand of government that killed it.

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Aug 14, 2023·edited Aug 14, 2023

The fact that this ridiculous idea of reparations is even entertained is complete insanity. There is no way on God's green earth that it could be implemented fairly. It would result in a downward spiral of greed, resentment and suffering and destroy the country.

Then again, I think that is the goal of those that are behind it.

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“But then, he said, his caseworker got him on the straight and narrow, and he got a job driving a forklift.”


I like this story for two reasons. First, because ‘driving a forklift’ is my go-to job suggestion for what most of the people who go to college should actually be doing. I don’t think I’ve ever referenced Nicole Hannah Jones or Jake Sullivan without mentioning that they should really be driving a forklift.

I also like it because during COVID when there was rioting and looting going on with Democrats explaining how it’s happening because there’s no hope and the rioters just need food and have been stripped of opportunity, and there was literally a billboard not far from my house advertising warehouse positions (forklift driver) that paid $27/hr starting wage with no experience necessary.

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“Reparations, Clegg said at last, would “give my kids a different life.””


No, it would not. Well, okay, ‘different’ but not better.

I guess the main argument against the reparations discussion is that it gives people a false hope and Powerball mentality. Not quite as poisonous as the ‘diffuse inescapable white supremacy is holding you down’ discussion; but still not great.

Unless we are going to argue that Black Americans are a superior and more moral class of human beings, giving people cash basically never fixes their problems. The more cash you give usually the worse it goes.

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Hey everyone! Black guy here and here are my comments:

1) I think the reparation topic is one that the LEFT loves to pull on when it needs votes. To be honest, slavery happened all over the world. Yes, it's under 200 years old in America, but it happened and to give reparations to all that where effected is unrealistic. If anyone needs to give reparations it would be the UK and it's colonization of the world.


2) Redlining is a think and that definitely should be eliminated because that is true "racism" at its core.

3) Love the mention about the Civil War. I've written a lot on the topic because I think ALL American's need to know the REAL reason behind it, because slavery is ONE aspect of it. I wrote about that here:


4) For a larger conversation on just black politics in general I think we have to look at HOW THE MEDIA HAS DESTROYED THE BLACK COMMUNITY. From media exploitation and more, once THAT conversation occurs, we can truly start to heal... and not the healing from reparations.



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I must agree with; why do I owe anything to anyone when my family fought for the Union in the Civil War. The forefather lost everything while fighting and ended up moving North and died in an Old Soldiers Home. The rest of our family came to America long after slavery ended. Almost all athletics, music, movies, commercials, and special treatment for thieves and crooks for one race. When is it enough?

We have always paid out taxes that support those who need assistance. Yet having graduated from a predominantly Black High School, everyone makes their own choices. I choose the military as a means to break my bonds to continuing the poor opportunities in Flint, MI. As did my brothers. Flint forever has been run my Democrats, who, we must remember were the ones in favor of slavery, but now conveniently forget their history. Where are opportunities and infrastructures crumbling or never progressed? Reality is the Democratic controlled areas. It seems those who are the enemy, conservatives, move to areas and vote for the things they want from their government. But now, that is seen as elitist, yet my taxes pay for it. Funny though, I live in a very diverse neighborhood.

Equal opportunity, favorable college selection, tax support for families, and other things provided by tax payers. Yet, what has changed? Somewhere people themselves need to say no more killing of our own in neighborhoods, vote for those who will provide better schools, laws, and infrastructures. The police are bad! Yeah, you want to be in a police car alone at 3AM in Chicago? If not, you know nothing of the true character of the job. Yet, elected officials who encourage crime, theft, and excuses for why everything is bad are the winners. It's those other folks who are doing it to you.

Reparations are just the next bait to hook the clueless voters. No one has that kind of money, well other than the elite world order rich who aren't giving up jack squat for anyone. Where are the rich actors, musicians, and athletes? Oh yeah, they are encouraging money be taken from middle class folks to give away, again and again. It never ends. This is just another form of wealth redistribution and the goal of all to be equal in having nothing, while the elite thrive and rule over the kingdoms. You want wealth, work your ass off, make the sacrifices, and try and integrate into the system that will allow you to do that. It is done everyday, well, not for those who think the money fairy will plant that special tree for you to just pick hundreds off of.

The US infrastructure is a joke and in desperate need of updating, safe guarding, and modernization. Yet a new car for all and shop till you drop is the new motto I guess. It's all free!

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Will Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who identifies as black, receive reparations? Not such a crazy question when you think of what is happening in the world of gender, women's sports and beer.

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The biggest affliction of black Americans is learned helplessness. When immigrants from black nations come here and thrive, it disproves the narrative that this is a racist nation.

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Ridiculous. Reparations are just the latest shake down. Spare me the fake moralizing and interminable guilting. The reparations were paid in the blood of the white Americans who died and were wounded in the Civil War, and the generation of white women who were unmarried because so many men were killed.

Jim Crow and 20th century racial discrimination has been paid for by trillions of dollars poured into the pockets of black Americans--not to mention so-called Affirmative Action.

Can you imagine what the average ethnic community would have done with that mind-boggling financial bonanza and the systematic national college and hiring preferences provided black Americans over the past two generations?

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Are reparations a good idea? Well, sure - if you want to ignite a race war. Go ahead and make people who never owned a slave open their wallets for people who were never enslaved. Only a leftist could come up with such stupidity. This is a patent scam. A scheme to impose a punishment on people for the alleged "sins of their fathers" - even if their great-grandfather was laboring in some field or factory in Europe or Asia when slavery existed in America. As such is is no different from an "attainder" - a taint of blood, which our Constitution prohibits. Along with the confiscation of property without due process and compensation. This crackpot idea should have been DOA. Let's bury it once and for all.

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Look at the root problem now, not what was from 150 years ago.

Lousy education, broken families and crumbling infrastructure hurts these people the most.

Fixing those problems will do the most to lift them up permanently.

Writing a check is like a lottery win. And like most lottery winnings it will be gone in short order, and then what?

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“the plan favored by many Democrats in Washington, which would allocate $800,000 to every black household”


Hunter Biden, who has suffered past trauma’s, received $800,000 *every year* for doing nothing.

How’d that go?

Combine that with the fact that even UPS drivers can make $170,000 per year now and ‘reparations’ is nothing more than an expensive marketing campaign to advertise that this is a shitty and racist country.

But I would support (R)eparations, a conservative version of reparations, where Black Americans just don’t have to pay federal taxes.

It’s just as racist and unjust as all the other plans but I think it would be worth it to have one group in the country who knows what it’s like to not be partial slaves to the Permanent State in Washington. Maybe they would spread the word to other people and this would create a movement to disempower the ‘elite’ scumbag parasites running the country.

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$10T is twice the annual tax base. Get real people.

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If you gave every poor family, no matter the color, a million dollars. I would say within 5 years we would be back to where we are today except with bigger problems. Money will not solve anything. The left believes that if everyone is on parity with wealth that would solve everyone’s problems. I have my doubts!

Reparations: it is ludicrous to believe that everyone with a certain pigment needs the government’s help and that once given a ton of money people will automatically start making good choices. Not sure that is true.

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Aug 14, 2023·edited Aug 14, 2023

A slight cavil—the author inaccurately describes redlining as “[making] it nearly impossible for a black applicant to get a mortgage for a house outside black neighborhoods.”

My understanding is the practice of redlining was designating certain neighborhoods too high-risk for mortgage insurance—almost all African-American neighborhoods—thus making home ownership much more difficult for African-Americans and pushing them into public housing. It applied within, not outside, majority-minority neighborhoods, so it would have had no direct effects on an African American’s ability to purchase housing OUTSIDE of redlined neighborhoods.

[edit: as a response to this comment pointed out, redlining did occur in lower-income neighborhoods that were predominantly white. Stated with more precision, the point I wanted to make above is: redlining applied in disproportionately Black neighborhoods (even if whites were still a majority in many or most of those neighborhoods—a neighborhood that is 15% Black is still disproportionately Black if the overall Black population in that area is 5%), which often made out proportionally more difficult for Black families to own homes. The author’s claim—that redlining kept Black families OUT of disproportionately white neighborhoods—could only be true if the neighborhoods that were white were to ones that were disproportionately redlined. I am not aware of any historian who would make that claim, while the opposite claim—that the neighborhoods redlined were disproportionately Black—is a common one and one that is pretty widely accepted. So the author’s understanding of the practice is backwards.)]

While other features of the residential real-estate market would have made it difficult for most Black families to get a house in a white neighborhood, redlining was not one of them.




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