as a lifelong Democrat, I’ve come to view the security of Israel and protection of the Jews worldwide as a wedge issue. I am horrified at the massacre, but I am truly sickened by the fact that a large number of so-called progressives have lost their way… Not just lost their way, but chosen to embrace such an ugly ideology. As I drive through my neighborhood I see no show of support for Israel where months or years ago there were Ukrainian flags or black lives matter signs. and while I am disgusted at how normalized anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have become, I’m glad that this ugliness is showing itself because it’s indefensible, and more people like me will see it for what it is, and reject it. thank you to The Free Press, I am grateful for your coverage--as upsetting as it is to learn about these atrocities, and as angry as it makes me. My heart is with every Israeli and every Jew today.

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i hear a lot about palestine lives in misery do to israel. okay let's look at the rest of the middle east :

Lebanon catastrophe

syria genocidal catastrophe

iran massacres it's population

much of north africa poverty and military rule

the gulf states stable dictatorships

saudi arabia dictatorship

sudan civil war

pakistan military rule

afghanistan mid evil rule .

nigeria disaster

the sahel and somalia disaster

explain how the jews are responsible for this ?

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I have just donated to Magen David Adom for the first time in my life; The Squad’s words and actions ensure that I have voted for a Democrat for the last time in my life.

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BDS and other campus "pro Palestine" action was always a thin veil for straight up antisemitism.

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Let's finally stop playing games. Here at home, it is the American left - and only those on the American left - who are celebrating murder, rape and depravity on a scale that puts even the Waffen SS to shame. Open your eyes. These people are lunatics. They must be rejected, shamed, mocked and removed from all places of authority. The very future of our country is at stake for such people are, at best, cowards and fools, at worst, leading us into a new Dark Age of insanity and repression. This cannot stand.

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It turns out “Anti-Zionism” really is just Jew hatred.

It turns out “decolonization” really is ethnic cleansing.

There will be those who cheer on the violence; there will be those who shrug and move on; and there will be those who support Israel, but none of our opinions matter.

Isaiah 51:22-23:

Thus saith thy Lord the Lord, and thy God that pleadeth the cause of his people, Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again:

But I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over: and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the street, to them that went over.

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Free speech is very revealing.

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Thank you thank you for your reporting in all of this. I’m so disturbed by the rallies against Israel and the justification of these horrific acts.

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There can no longer be any illusion that Harvard University is an educational institution. It is a laboratory for hate.

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After 9/11 I couldn’t imagine a world in which people did not believe groups which said they wanted them dead. I mistakenly believed that such a realization would (largely) end antisemitism because entire countries explicitly said they wanted to destroy Israel. Moreover, surely Hamas, MB, Hezbollah and the PLO would be stopped, perhaps destroyed, or at least reduced to waiving sticks in the air in a desert.

Not only did none of that happen, today we have few in congress. Jews have been openly attacked in NYC, sometimes victims of mass shootings, and no one really does one thing to end it.

I think most western cultures deny what has been proven correct about their enemies over and over since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Will this change their minds?


Obviously, if you can march around a major western city and advocate genocide you’ve got protection.

So yes we do know where that support comes from. And if they can do that, what’s the plan for America?

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Those who embrace such atrocities are immersed in a culture of death. It’s not shocking that the same people who advocate for butchering children in ways that are celebrated as “health care” in the West see this as “liberation” and something to be celebrated. It’s demonic.

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For decades Jews in America have been told that their enemies were Christian Fundamentalists. I remember in the 70’s and 80’s hearing the demeaning phrase “Bible Thumper” used by Jewish acquaintances to describe basically anyone who went to church. It was not intended as a compliment.

For decades Jews in America have been taught that anyone from the South was a racist Nazi. The “uncultured “ were slobs and illiterate to boot. A Southern accent was a sign of stupidity.

Over the last two days I had separate small conversations with 2 Jewish acquaintances. Both conversations started in front of a communal TV set that had the news playing. Both expressed horror and anxiety at the situation. They looked surprised when I said I was angry at our government. Why? Because we funded the weapons and organization that did this. Both looked surprised to hear that. And then they looked away uncomfortably, but not before one asked if I voted for Trump. I thought that an odd question but now realize it was cover for the reality in front of them. If I voted for Trump, then of course what I said must be wrong so their conscience must be clear.

My Israeli acquaintances are very different than my US Jewish acquaintances and they really do not like each other.

I know this post rambles a bit. I think I am trying to politely say that US Jews have chosen poorly when it comes to political and cultural allies and should start being concerned about who has been coming over our Southern border with the support of their political friends.

100 trained terrorists located in heavily Jewish area like NY, NJ or parts of Philly can do a lot of damage, especially among a population that believes personal gun ownership and defense is beneath their dignity. That 2nd Amendment looks kind of icky until you are actually threatened.

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Funny how none of the media seem to be reminding people of Clinton’s Camp David Summit, which offered Palestinians land for peace. Arafat walked away because he didn’t want to accept land neighboring Israel--he wanted nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

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Education has failed us. Teachers and professors of the social “sciences” have indoctrinated their students with these naked falsehoods about Palestine, Gaza, and Israel, to the point where the students believe that Israel is an oppressive colonizer of land rightfully occupied by Arabs, and those in Gaza are Israel’s victims. To the point where such a barbaric attack, Israel’s Pearl Harbor, can be justified - even celebrated.

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It is maddening that people who are so “educated” and all knowing and who are real time working on “social justice” in America could be so hateful. I hope these people are also making the FBIs watchlists. This is the result of individualism, tribalism, and the breeding of hatred. It doesn’t have to be the left that is wrong because I believe some of the left truly was supporting admirable causes like the one providing humanitarian aid to the poor people in Gaza under Hamas rule. And they now see how so many of the elites and youth on the left have been indoctrinated to see only the social justice movements that matter to them. Meanwhile we’ve become an unserious country. Our kids are uneducated but indoctrinated, we have no faith, we have corrupted and unserious institutions, our military seems to be unprepared, we seem to have no clue who is allowed to come in and potentially jeopardize our safety, we have leaders who think evil people will negotiate with them... What’s next for America??..I’m scared. As a person of faith I have been taught we are all children of God and we should all stand up to anyone who doesn’t respect human life. This is just mind blowing to me. I honestly have no words. As a fellow human being- I stand with my Israeli and Jewish brother and sisters.

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Thank you, Bari. For your honesty, for your heartbreak, for your righteous anger and for your reporting. Now we know. Let us never forget again.

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