Muslims on campus (especially the fake progressive ones), are much louder, aggressive and threatening than the Jews. Campus Admin and non Jewish Progs respect the in your face Islamist muscle, it's exhilarating. These indoctrination centers are run by the loudest in the room, DEI, BLM, Trans, Islamists. Conservatives and Jews have no chance.

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Campus rage comes from the progressive left. Simple answer. The progressive left RUNS Academia and the education system in America.

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The following is an email I sent to Barnard's Alumnae Relations Office (Columbia University) this past Sunday. Links are below:

"Please delete my name and address from your alumnae files.

"Almost 50 years ago, I graduated from Barnard College. Up to the present time, I've been grateful for the education I received and proud of the degree I earned. However, I'm appalled by the October 30th letter, as reported in the New York Times.

"This letter, signed by over 100 faculty members of Barnard and Columbia, defended students who blamed Israel for Hamas’s barbaric slaughter of over 1,400 women, children, infants, and men.

"The outrage I feel leads me to sever my relationship with Barnard. I regret I ever attended a college whose faculty now spews the hatred of Jews and promotes their eradication from Israel and the rest of the world. I view my time at Barnard as a grave mistake, a blot on my life experience. And I will do my best to actively discourage today's young women from even considering Barnard.

"I'm certain hundreds, if not thousands, of other alumnae feel the way I do, regardless of whether or not they contact your office. In short, you have a public relations nightmare on your hands.

Thank you for your attention.



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I will ask a simple question: what is the POSITIVE agenda of all this hate? I've been watching all this at least since I was a grad student at the University of Chicago in the nineties, and as far as I can tell the WHOLE thing is oppositional. What do you want? To destroy THEM. How do you want to do it? BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Why? They are evil. Well, what do you stand for? Crickets, then equality, justice and tolerance. Great, got it.

What these things really are is symbols upon which to latch emotional dysfunction. If you are anxious and angry and traumatized, from anything, by anyone, well, you join the cult and boy you get to scream, hurt, yell and abuse to your hearts content.

I was thinking this morning about abortion. Many Democrats would vote for abortion rights, however they conceive them, even if it led to a global depression, the destruction of American democracy and nuclear war. Is that proportional?

And on the other side, the vitriol of this debate has pushed Democrats into de facto support for literal infanticide: the baby is born, then killed, and no legal authority can say anything about it.

The Spartans did this, but on the basis of the fitness of the child. What Democrats want is to do this based on the momentary whims of the mother. I'm a moderate on the abortion issue. I think 3-4 months, fine, then illegal for a doctor to help. Because at the end of the day these ARE babies. Little humans. How we treat the most vulnerable and helpless among us says a lot about who we are as humans. The same people who cry over homeless people and refugees have made a fetish of the legal murder of fetuses. It's incongruent, emotionally. Inconsistent, making me question the sincerity of any of their alleged compassion.

And today, we find people easily rationalizing rape, torture and murder. Is it not reasonable to suppose this process began long ago? That the coldness and cruelty, as emotional factors, began long ago? I think so. None of these ideas fall onto emotionally flat surfaces. If they are ingested, it is because of a prior readiness. That, to my mind, is the fact most worthy of analysis.

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What we”re seeing on campus today has been developing in America since the 1960’s. The Baby Boomers, of which I am one, went to college and began to reject the validity of America’s involvement in the war in Vietnam. Large segments of America’s college campuses began to side with the Viet Cong that were killing American soldiers. Chants of “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh” and “Hell No, We won’t Go,” Posters of Ho and Che Guevara went up on dorm room walls. Returning vets were spit on and called “baby killers.” It was all very trendy. While most of the Boomers graduated, got jobs, had families, and became good citizens, not everyone did. Marxism took root in our education system, first in our teaching colleges, then in our universities, eventually throughout our entire education system, starting at kindergarten. This was helped along with huge influxes of foreign investment to build facilities like “The Confucius Institute” and “Middle East Studies” with big endowments and “guest” lecturers condemning the evils of Capitalism and celebrating the joys of Totalitarianism. What we’re experiencing now is the payoff of all this patient investment and our oblivious disregard while this was happening. The real question is whether we have will to do what’s necessary to root this out. Time will tell.

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Time to stop federal subsidies for college education or at least attach strings to ensure that colleges are teaching and not indoctrinating. And tax those endowments.

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First the campus zealots came for the white men, then they came for the TERFs, and now it's the Jews. When will Americans wake up to the fact that our youth have been brainwashed by weaponized social media into woke jihadis?

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I’m utterly appalled at the antisemitism displayed on college campuses today. But what’s more frightening is the fact they learn this from their professors ! Yet the WORST part is the lame politicians like The Squad that support this. We HAVE to clean house in Congress!

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BLM = PLO. Black Liberation Movement = Palestinian Liberation Movement.

Black Muslim antisemites have been infesting America since the sixties. But, with the birth of BLM and the mainstream acceptance of their hatred sparking the dangerous DEI movements on college campuses, a toxic brew was created. Add to this Muslim students as anti-Israel leaders and you’ve got combustion.

The crime is that universities are permitting this. Is this America?

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Lemme guess......part of the renovation at Harvard Divinity School Swartz Hall (old Andover Hall) is now to rename it Joseph Goebbels Hall? That way all the faculty and students can feel included and represented.

Perhaps they can look at including a gas chamber wing during their next CAPEX meeting for the HDS campus.

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I think an important point that has generally been left out is how the culture in general has been programmed to hate on Israel and by extension Jews. There has been absolutely no consequence to anyone who traffics in Jew-hatred over the decades other than Mel Gibson, and that was only for a short while, and only because he used the words "Jew" instead of "Zionist" in his drunken rant. (The fashion designer who went on an antisemitic drunken rant about the Holocaust was later taken back into the fold by Anna Wintour)

We elected a President who sat in an antiAmerican, antisemitic church for over 20 years. Who only disavowed the church to help his presidential campaign. Who administered one of the most antiIsrael administrations (many in his administration trafficking in antisemitic blood libels) in US history. He appointed the likes of the cultural marxist Bill Ayers to rewrite the educational curriculum in this country and we did nothing. States completely embraced the new curriculum and now our children cannot read, write, think critically, or do simple mathematics.

If you take a look at the Regents exams in NY they used the antisemitic "maps that lie" in a geography test about Israel last year, history books make short shrift of the Holocaust and dissemble about the facts concerning Jewish history, and Israel. There is the new ethnic study curriculum being pushed throughout the country which basically doubles as a modern day Mein Kempf when it comes to Jewish history. Where did these ideas come from? They did not pop up overnight. These have been decades in the making.

Antisemitism and Israel hatred are sometimes subtle in our culture. You may even have missed it. But said enough it glombs onto the psyche. Take note of shows like The FBI, which in the opening show last year, the bodyguards of the sex traffickers where pointedly former mossad agents (why?), to the NYTimes (of course) crossword with the clue "Judea" is part of ancient Palestine, to the Hollywood stars who openly call for the destruction of Israel, be it Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon and their traveling ilk, to the fashion icons and instagram influencers the Hadid sisters, Dua Lipa and others who unashamedly have been openly using the term"from the river to the sea" for years. Not one of these individuals, actors, singers, writers, have been held to account. They call for Jewish genocide and the next day they are given multimillion dollar movie contracts, new record deals, and put on the cover of Vogue. Would they be held in such high esteem calling for genocide against any other people other than Jews?

So you can talk all you want about college and universities, most people do not go to high education, but when more than 50% of GenZ say they are proHamas, (not proPalestine), where did that come from? TikTok hasn't been around for that long that it could have so much influence over so many millions.

Dehumanizing Israel, and by extension Jews, is something that has been going on since the 1960s when the cultural left embraced soviet antisemitism. But where was the fight to stop it? There was none.

America just shrugged and did nothing.

But remember the Jews are the canary in the coal mine. What starts with the Jewish People never ends with the Jewish people.

Our democracy is at present under assault from many different angles, not the least of which is the open acceptance, apologies for, and the belittling of the scourge of antisemitism .

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Bari, wow. What a morning of so many important stories and facts. As I know many may not get to the bottom, the name Paul Kessler needs to be remembered. It sounds like he was murdered for exercising his first amendment rights (speech, religion, assembly). Notably rights present and protected in Israel but not in any of its neighbors lands. Real blood as opposed to the red handed gang who defaced the white house property and other buildings in DC. And this and ghsr violence was predictable and predicted. And that violence was incited by MSM, Politicians and former politicians and others.

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“The report claims the change was suggested because Frank is no longer aligned with “the new focus on diversity.” “ Nothing could be more ironic. If there ever was an example of oppression and violence against the perceived ‘other’, it was the 1933-1945 experience of European Jews. The fact that this could be happening in a Germany is startling given the reckoning they undertook over the last 50 years.

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Money, money, and more money. The so called hell holes of elite universities only care about the size of their endowment and making more for the so called professors who normally have little real world experiences. I was pushed out of a DI school based on class input from real world and the professors had only ever gone to school. They actually waived my last two classes to get me gone from the classes where I would nicely point out, sounds good in a book, but let me tell you how it really works. Even the Chair of the Dept had nothing to refute what I would point out.

The Muslim issue and it is an issue no matter the sensitivity training. Colonizers from Muslim countries leave absolutely horrible shit holes for countries, won't fight to change the government, but run (ever notice most of the immigrants from Muslim countries are men?) and immediately want to change where they move to, into the same type of shit hole. Just a fact. They (not all, just way too many) have the least ability to blend in and join with the population of the country they have begged to go too. So they can't or won't assimilate into society and demand change, even if through violence. But only violence in countries that won't line them up again st a wall and shoot them like where they fled. STUPID!

I also wonder how much the big COVID lies from governments contribute to all of the pent up hatred and violence that is on-going? With the lies exposed and people knowing it was all BS and a drive to control society, make money, and gain power, are they now so hostile to governments they will do anything, even tearing it down?

As for anti-Jews. I for one wish the people had any idea or knowledge of the history of the area. The very same people yelling to the sea, would be subjugated or killed if the radical Muslim governments took control. It's like begging someone to just come and destroy your life and saying, I will gladly help you destroy me. This is a consequence of the youth never having to have worked for anything or really sacrificed. You want true hate crimes. look no further than what has been going on against the Jewish and Asian populations. Yet it gets almost no support or visibility from the fish wrap news.

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Hamas is horrible at managing a country (evident when Israel left Gaza in a "land for peace" deal and they were ineptly in charge) taking the zillions in donations and doing zip to help those in Gaza, instead using 100% of it for weaponry and luxurious accommodations for themselves in Qatar.

But they are geniuses at spreading hate, fear and blood libel. Their propaganda machine went into overdrive the minute after they slit the last baby's throat, with "spontaneous" worldwide protests blaming Israel for the slaughter while literally destroying the evidence that revealed the awful truth. Meanwhile, self-righteous, Fascist left "college kids" took up the "Jews are the real terrorists" cry with glee. We are being played (and outplayed) when it comes to spreading the truth, and it's chilling.

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We have let our enemies take over our institutions of higher learning. The Middle East has been in a race war for decades, now our fate is at question: have we made ourselves Israel?

I know, old language, enemies. How déclassé of me.

Maybe some of the old thinking was right, maybe those old conceptions were just out of fashion, dormant, but still true. Hum, I wonder if we have fated ourselves to a new conflagration because we were arrogant and thought the rules of this world no longer applied to us, we had advanced beyond that.

Lest we forget, November 11, hum, did we forget.

Hum, has liberalism lead us back in a giant circle to the old place, are we going into the world of our grandparents, the greatest generation?

Fascism, communism and the last holdover, liberalism, I wonder what it will bring: it’s terminus?

Is it possible we didn’t escape history? Is it possible we’re witnessing a very old form of history on our college campuses?

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