I appreciate the follow up. I graduated from Sarah Lawrence in 1982. I am reading about how openly anti Jew that campus has become. Ayan Ali Hirsi has been speaking out again about the clash of civilization and how we must win. Is there a way for us to exchange emails for less cumbersome communication?

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Why have noxious ideas flourished at U.S. colleges?

Because it's precisely at colleges where intelligence is on view for all to see.

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Bari, do you have any thoughts on what Glenn Greenwald is reporting about your flip-flop about journalists feeling unsafe? Black staffers of the NYTimes in 2020 need to find a backbone, but Jewish staffers at The Guardian in 2023 are justified in feeling unsafe because they don't like some of their employer's reporting?

You should go on Glenn's program to provide your perspective on the attack, the war, etc. He's trying to get opposing voices. Has he already contacted you? Not your style to duck him. Both of you are really smart, articulate journalists; it would be an excellent discussion.

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Academics and school administrators live in deep fear of the students who attend their universities, because they see them as a potential source of mob violence against the professors and university administrators. Thus, the academics attempt to establish their bona fides by getting out ahead of any "movement," ostentatiously supporting what they think the students support. But, they are all mouth.

Undergraduate students are usually people with no military or other experience with violence. They are fascinated by it, terrified at the possibility that it might be inflicted on them, but untroubled--even in some cases ecstatic--that it is being inflicted on others. It is intoxicating to them to imagine themselves as "fighting for" something in which they have no stake, and will never have anything at stake, by yelling and screaming about it. In short, they are poseurs.

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The Diary of Anne Frank has been translated into over seventy languages. If you can't empathize with Anne Frank, then whatever your "new focus" is, it isn't diversity.

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While noise from an ERA Movie show might be bothersome, I would say you are in the wrong room. It is truly great entertainment, at least to me. I'm a 79 year old that used to love to dance.

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Niall Ferguson's take on inflation is an interesting read.

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The campus hatred we are currently experiencing has its roots in Cultural Marxism. In “How American Colleges Gave Birth to Cancel Culture”, Rikki Schlott and Greg Lukianoff introduce us to Herbert Marcuse. And they do a great job of uncovering the roots of the Cancel Culture. But Marcuse was just the tip of a massive iceberg called neo-Marxism.

Marcuse and others like Antonio Gramsci, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, et al were all academics in the Institute for Social Research, founded at Goethe University Frankfurt in 1923. When the Nazi’s were coming to power in Germany in the early 30’s, the Frankfurt School was invited to continue their "work" at Columbia University in New York in 1934. These so-called neo-Marxists represent the heart of Marxism in the twentieth century and are directly responsible for the neo-Marxism we see in American academia today One of the overarching themes of the Frankfurt School was total intolerance for any viewpoint but its own as was described by Schlott and Lukianoff.

The Frankfurt Schoolers were Jews by lineage but had forsaken Judaism and wanted to eradicate all religious teachings from academia and ultimately society. As a college student in the 60’s, I experienced that influence with the "God is dead" posters on US campuses and during demonstrations. That was a direct quote from Nietzsche. It has also been described as the foundation for post-modern liberalism.

From their new home at Columbia, they infected the first generation of neo-Marxist academics with their teachings. Those young academics went on the infect other young academics and so it began to spread across American academia over the decades Fibonacci-like; 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on until we finally reached a US President; Barack Obama who became infected at Saul Alinsky’s alma mater, The University of Chicago.

Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals”, considered a foundational text of modern community organizing and a classic of radical-leftist agitation-propaganda theory. Obama was schooled as a community organizer by disciples of Alinsky, including Mike Kruglik, who remembered Obama as “the best student he ever had,” a “natural … undisputed master of agitation.” Of course, it is well-known that Hillary Clinton was heavily influenced by Alinsky, and you can see that influence in her socialist tome: "It Takes a Village" or, more accurately, "It Takes a Village, Idiot".

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HRC is and always has/will be a power junkie. That B$$$h would say or do anything she thought would garner her more power.

A snake is a snake.

Obama was indeed charismatic and, if he wasn’t such a narcissist raised by a expatriate who absolutely hated America, might have been an agent for positive change. I found it astounding that the first black President, who had to have enormous support from the white population to even win the White House, used every opportunity to drive a racial wedge into our society. Race relations were at an all time low during my lifetime by the time he left office.

That we did have a black man elected was a great thing however I did not agree with his leftist agenda so I didn’t vote for him. I would hope I’d never vote for or against anyone over their skin color.

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Big money, including from the ME, but also from America's billionaire elite and their kids, is behind a lot of this.

With respect to the money from Qatar and the like, the answer has been known for 20 years or more. We got a brief glimpse of it after 9/11, before the war in Iraq distracted everyone from getting to the bottom of al Qaeda.

For the first time since the 1930s, we need HUAC-style investigations into malevolent foreign powers with front organizations in the US. Back then, it was the German-sponsored and influenced groups like the German-American Bund. HUAC was founded in part to investigate these. Today, it's CAIR and the string of foundations that fund SJP and BDS.

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Paul Kessler?

I'll wait for the toxicology report. He was probably on fentanyl.

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The roots? No cell phones in 1948.

Now?....Israel has been played...by the U.S.


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Loved almost everything but it’s hard not to come away rather discouraged by some of the poorer changes that are plaguing youth in almost every western nation.

Peace talks are long over due in Ukraine. That should have been a tactic from the beginning. Diplomacy is a much preferred option than the destructive nature of open warfare. Then there are situations like the long standing conflicts in the Middle East.

Israel has extended the olive branch in the past only to be answered with rockets. The jihadists truly wish the annihilation of Israel. They are not interested in brokering a peace deal and flat out refused the two state solution. It is an ancient rivalry that has no real solution.

Terrorists must be stopped. Always.

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Paul Kessler's murder highlights something terrifying-the violent deaths of everyday people who are defending Israel.

Last night a Jewish man probably in his 60s, living on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, posted a video. The owner of a well-known falafel cafe tore down a number of the hostage posters. The Jewish man, seeing them on the ground, used the remnants of the tape to create one large poster and advised viewers to not patronize this business (which ironically, is very close to Zabars). The falafel guy showed no remorse and in fact laughed and smiled when the man videoed his offense.

Two months ago, these people were neighbors. Was it all a sham? Was the Falafel guy always an anti-semite and now he believes he can release these feelings without consequences?

Who thought it was necessary to assault an older man with a megaphone?

Quick answer-the same mentality that slaughtered over 1,000 men, women and children and kidnapped over 200 including babies.

Two months ago, the mindset of Jews in NYC was to vote like robots for Democrats. I pray that they will take a chance, do their homework and possibly vote differently. There's a lot at stake.

By the way, Kamala Harris' stepdaughter raised $8 million dollars for Gaza. Hamas has admitted any funding goes directly to them while the people suffer under their rule. So we now have a moron veep with a family member funding terrorism.

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And Kamala Harris is married to a Jewish man.

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I know...unbelievable.

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How am I supposed to get about my day when you produce such an amazing swath of articles?

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I, being a reader of Thomas Sowell, think the answer to the upsurge in antisemitism lies in two of his books. A Conflict of Visions and Wealth, Poverty and Politics. Universities, legacy media and a particular political party are hard wired to see a less prosperous. group as being oppressed when their prosperity doesn’t match that of an adjacent group. No further investigation is necessary. This ideology is destroying our country. If Israel were to say, we’ve had enough and we are dissolving the State. All the Jews would then pick up and leave. What would replace the vacuum would be a shit hole. Who knows, with no one to hate it might turn out to be a place where they are happy with their shit hole. Think Bangladesh. Living close to Talib’s district I find myself wondering which flag the Muslims have an allegiance to. Their hatred of Jews runs as deep as their clannishness. I see the Palestinian flags being displayed in cars by people who would never fly the American flag. It makes me Ill.

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