This is how America gets more Trump redux.

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Not popular-not sorry! I know I have never been racist. I know black chemical engineers and doctors. They’re way better at math than I ever was, or will be! This country has not been systemically racist against blacks. Sorry-not sorry. There has been this weird push against academic achievement in the black community for over 20 years. Bed made! Now it’s because they were discriminated against. No, I don’t buy it. Remember Ebonics. They didn’t want to learn grammar. So many didn’t. Individuals make choices they regret and then say that they were wronged. It’s not unusual. It’s easy to identify people in your life like that! I myself went to 11 different schools - and lived through some very tough circumstances - and yes, I even went hungry and I am White as a lily pedal.

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Well done

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"slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and attitudes and norms that, to this day, exacerbate poverty and racial disparity." -- I am an immigrant who came to America over a decade ago, educated myself, got a skilled job, and now live like a middle class citizen. I barely spoke the language. How is it those who are born here, at least two generations after Jim Crow are still unable to bootstrap themselves? And am I responsible for 'holding them back'? There is nothing historically unique about slavery that blacks were subject to. But to continue in "poverty" in America where there is a surplus of jobs points to something else other than our collective responsibility. Slavery was not the making of anyone living today, and if you wish to irrationally blame one community for the condition of another community, then you have lost my interest.

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Sounds like feeding the monster in the hopes that it will spare you. The stupidity and cruelty of the virtue-signalling elite is unbounded.

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The explanation is really more straight forward than this media narrative that tries to connect the vile racists ghosts of the past to post-civil rights modern times.

There is a graph somewhere that lists 1971 as the beginning of the great middle class downward slide. That was perfect timing if your goal with to prevent the recently equalized black community from moving out of the lower-class to the middle class and beyond. Although I don't doubt that some of our policy-makers had that goal in mind (some racist, and others noting that a dependent black voter demographic tends to vote a certain way)... the true cause was the incremental and organic mistakes of our elite Ivy League-educated ruling class chasing their globalist dreams.

Ironically the rise of Critical Theory from three now dead French guys in American academia began around that same time we noted the middle class fall. Coincidence? It had to be because the conspiracy theory required to say otherwise would be the most fantastic ever.

But you can see the dilemma with the globalist elites and also those that rely on the votes from a dependent black underclass... if the black voting cohort actually figures out who and what destroyed their economic lives, there would be hell to pay.

So CT becomes the fortuitous tool... blame cops and pull out the history of racism as scapegoats deflecting from the true culprits that wrecked the black community. The elite globalist cabal was also fortunate that it owned most of the corporate media... and it would just buy up more of what it needed... to push this fake news narrative. They would launch their woke movement. Brexit and then Trump almost derailed everything, but with trillions on their balance sheets and non-profits, the cabal was able to at least defeat one of the two.

It appears that the black community is starting to wake up... to see the truth... that those that claim to care for them... those that claim advocacy of the black human condition... are really just greedy charlatans exploiting black community misery for their own selfish gain.

Once that tide turns, the globalist cabal and those that get their power and wealth from a depended black subclass, will have to scramble to find other ways to load up their bank accounts.

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Is there an app for my desktop to access your site easier?

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What an excellent piece. Saving this.

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A different type of collateral damage in today's ideological war is the decision to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson from New York City's city council chamber. The statue shows Jefferson holding the Declaration of Independence, which he had the wisdom and courage to author; and from my perspective that is the key reason to honor him, despite the fact that he was a slaveholder. Removing that statue ignores the historic and living document Americans have cherished through the years. This includes Frederick Douglas, who spent the first 20 years of his life as a slave and said the following in his famous Fourth of July speech: "I have said that the Declaration of Independence is the ring-bolt to the chain of your nation’s destiny; so, indeed, I regard it. The principles contained in that instrument are saving principles. Stand by those principles, be true to them on all occasions, in all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost."

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"It has all the aesthetic trappings of “justice,” but race-based reforms aren’t really about that. They’re about protecting institutions that, in an age of rampant inequality and simmering populism, are rapidly losing their legitimacy. They’re meant to bring an aura of cosmetic righteousness to the American aristocracy — recasting that aristocracy as the vanquishers of the very hierarchy they preside over, and in so doing, preserving their waning moral authority."

Thank you for articulating so clearly this predicament. I, too, have come to same conclusions, starting with the financial crisis. But I had not seen it phrased with the elegance and sweep you have.

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Everyone is so embroiled in racism, and it creates such emotion. Don't you see the philanthropists are funding the initiatives to make you all fight among yourselves? The government is in the pocket of the rich.

The elites fund CRT in Universities, push SEL in k-12. Panorama Education is being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Zuckerberg to ensure Social Justice values are being taught. They hand our surveys asking questions about home life, sexuality, feelings about depression and are weighted by academic success, class participation, and school attendance. The goal is to find out if there is any tension between values taught at home vs. what is taught in school. This private organization may be able to sell information and may be used by law enforcement.

I occasionally have a beer, I do not get drunk. Because of DARE, my son was indoctrinated into thinking any drink was a sign of alcoholism. He actually thought I was an alcoholic and told me this recently. He now knows that the concrete thinking of children and indoctrination is bad. It is easy to imagine a skewed child's perception on reality. Stalin once wanted to get rid of possible revolutionaries in the 1950s because of his murders in the 1930s. He asked officials to ask children what their parents thought of Stalin. DIssenters disappeared.

The racism based on past oppression creates a lot of anger on both sides. The anger gets your eye off the ball. The truth and reality is they are fomenting hate to create confusion on who is to blame for the pain everyone is feeling. 40 years of stagnant wages, managed decline, loss of economic opportunity, now rampant inflation, COVID 19, shortages of goods. This is all happening while you constantly listen to a narrative, pushing racist and one-sided agendas.

It is not only CRT; it is the Southern Poverty Law Center that pushes an agenda of Christian White patriotic males as being dangerous. The same philanthropies that fund social justice, fund the SPLC, and have the ear of the federal Justice Department and all law enforcement agencies in the federal government. This has been going on since the Oklahoma City bombing.

I think you better all wake up and stop fighting among yourselves. This should not be a race war but should be a class war. WAKE THE F&*K UP.

Wisdom imparts strength. Strength defends democracy




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A day late and a dollar short, M. Odin.

TYTY for links to Panorama. I'd looked at their site when the memo from Garland came out. Had no IDEA how big they were, nor how horrible.

Only stands to reason that there'd be a LOTTA money involved in CRT. Hadn't seen this one coming, nor how gullible people are. Just is a WONDER to me how much WRONGNESS there is in the U.S.

Beggars the imagination what kind-a REVOLUTION it's gonna take for the majority to assert their will over these kinds-a things, right?

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Day ending. Will look at links tomorrow. But, yah, Truth. THing is, right NOW the battle is being waged primarily by the enlightened (to best they are able) against the Woke, who know all there is to know.

Good to keep the big picture. But if Woke proceed as they will, big picture won't matter much. We may end up in China's hands ANYWAY, but why not put up a defense against them and the Woke?

TYTY (and still haven't forgot, what? Glen Loury, I thin'? ;)...

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We'll know they mean it when they demand a cardiac surgeon of color to treat their child, instead of asking for the top-ranked graduate of Harvard Medical School (whatever race or gender that might be).

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My racism feelings have increased each year since Obama sent Holder to help the "hands up don't shoot" peaceful protestors. It is now to the point where I hate Mexicans, Haitians, Blacks, Cubans, politicians (I've always despised them) Indigenous people, LGBTQRSTUV, rich bas tards, and pretty much everyone else.

So, you can all go screw yourselves!

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Comment deleted
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Thank you...friend! :-)

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Ibram X Kendi is not in favor of racial discrimination against white and Asian people. That is a lie.

And if you want to help the 1%, vote for the party that will tax the rich to pay for programs for people on the lower end of the economic scale. The Republicans and bank lobbyists just blocked Dems from helping the IRS go after wealthy tax cheats. The Republicans and Kristen Sinema refuse to raise taxes on the rich. They see it as their job to protect the 1% from paying one penny more in taxes.

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“The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination. “

-kendi in “ how to be an anti-racist“

Kendi openly calls for discrimination to address disparities. He advocates enforcing quality of outcomes.

Quit talking out of your ass

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PLEASE Matt! There's nobody MORE in favor of discrimination against EVERYBODY who isn't black. How do You manage to get things SO wrong, and then to say that the Truth is a lie.

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If people want to read even more details about the programs and policies discussed in this excellent article, they might go here to my Substack: https://paultaylor.substack.com/p/pdf-file-trick-coin

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We need to maintain a distinction between the living English term “antiracism” and the static ideological brand promoted by Ibram X. Kendi. A more honest brand would be “counterracism”, but that would be hinting at the idea of racist competition.

People have laid down their lives for the sake of demolishing barriers based on the color of one’s skin. Now, misnamed progressives are trying to build such barriers and drag us within them. It’s one part of a greater project to redefine political engagement as biological class struggle:


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"Modern progressive politics made a ready basin for a confluence of two dynamics. One was this Marxist imperative to submerge individuals in classes, lest minute particulars make a mess of political clarity. The other was the universal tendency for schools of thought to seek their strong forms over time and for movements to take on the character of their firebrands. Those who are most militant in agitating for racial justice will tend to villainize whites indiscriminately. Those who are most militant in agitating against entrenched ways will tend to villainize elders indiscriminately."

Yah, INDEED. TYTY, M. Longestaffe.

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