Oh dear... It's all very lovely, but to put it simply - Democrats are fascist antisemites now, and Republicans are pro Israel and stand in support of the Jews. President Trump has done more for us than pretty much any President. Let's acknowledge the truth and stop voting for our murders.

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Appreciate the article. However I must say I've never feared the right. The right hasn't been a factor for a long long time. The right isn't out to beat me in a restaurant or chase me down a city street. I have feared, and do fear, the left. There is no equivalency except this- the left has morphed into the KKK. Into Nazi Germany. Extreme left and extreme right meet there and they both hate the Jews. At this point, I don't think the right matters much, if at all. The left? Those folks matter a great deal. Strange bedfellows, the left.

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I have a friend from India who has been quite vocal about what's going on in the West. He believes we've become swamped by "Third World thinking". That is, in nearly every possible way, we've betrayed the values that has made our civilization the best in human history.

We have replaced reason with passion; objectivity with subjectivity; equality with equity.

Taken together, with the vast demographic changes occurring everywhere in the West, the old intellectual underpinnings are being washed away.

This means those who are who are often smarter and more successful than the rest as a group - Jews, Asians for instance - are now facing unprecedented hostility. In a social construct where equality of outcome trumps equality of opportunity, those who have traditionally been at the top due to merit are in for a very rough ride.

The religious woke fanatics are hell-bent on crushing the human spirit and turning all of us (in particular our children) into revolutionaries.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict has always animated the woke crowd, as it plays into their intersectionality mindset.

So now we're seeing where all of this wokeness and intersectionality is taking us: straight to hell.

Jews of all stripes need to wake up. The energy behind these ideas is gaining pace. Does anyone believe AOC, Omar and Talib aren't the future of the Democratic party?? It is a terrifying prospect.

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What is happening now within the Demcoratic Party and the hateful groups they support like Antifa and BLM shows you just how morally bankrupt ideas like Critical Race Theory, intersectionalism, and identity politics are. Those destructive, anti-American secular dogmas are nothing but the repackaged failed ideology of Karl Marx applied to culture instead of economics, mixed in with some actual fascism for good measure.

These people are not liberal. They're not even progressive, even though that is what they call themselves. They want to bring back segregation. They are here to destroy Dr. King's Dream. They only want to judge your worthiness as a human being by the only characteristics over which you have no control: How you were born; your ethnicity, your gender, and your sexual orientation.

They are, for all intents and purposes, most closely-aligned with Maoism of the 1960's, and they must be opposed by everyone, everywhere in this country.

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The oldest hate, anti-semitism now paired with a new hate, anti white racism. I have very little sympathy for anyone, on any issue that voted for Biden and democrats. You made your bed. You seemed to repeat the Charlottesville hoax/lie. Shame on you. I follow you because I trust you not to lie or repeat lies. I will have to unsubscribe if this is repeated. Trump was the best friend Israel and Jews ever had. The American Jews treated him shabbily. Shame on you.

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Oh, yeah - and if there is someone who still believes in the propaganda about President Trump calling Nazi the fine people - that person has serious credibility and journalistic integrity issues . Here is why : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM6k8uNAQBA And the illegitimate demented occupant of the White House ran on that lie - which says a lot. Sad.

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When I first moved to the States barely twenty years ago my first job was working for a Cypriot Greek whose main partner was a Turkish man. The Cypriot was forced out of his homeland by the invading Turkish army that still controls half of the island, yet in this land they were able to do business and to break bread together. That's what I always thought US was - a safe haven from the darker side of history. That is what brought me here.

I watched on disbelief as Dems and their callous, arrogant wealthy backers deployed the oldest weapon - didivde and impere, divide and conquer on their own country. this was done through the idiotic and oppressive identity politics, which anyone with European roots will tell you is a societal cancer. this is an old US foreign policy tool that was used to destroy my home country and cause so many deaths.

It took less than a decade in former Yugoslavia to go from ethnic studies to ethnic cleansing, yet Californians as pressing on. As Dems continue the fan the flames of national-chauvinism, as they continue to celebrate violence as a political tool, the question is how do we turn the tide because we are now headed towards a catastrophe.

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Where we are headed, and in key ways we’re already there, is no mystery. We’re at the point when, in biographies about the Russian revolution or Nazism, the reader wonders,” Why didn’t they leave?” The writing was on the wall. It’s on the wall in ten-foot high letters -- that’s where we are. But there's no U.S. to flee to. This time, it's us.

“Progressivism,” that menacing pastiche of neoracism and Marxism, divides and destroys everything and every place it touches. Everything is a zero sum game, and the game is racial and gender animus. Our schools are re-education camps --- the Soviets have nothing on us. A principal admits that white kids are demonized. Shakespeare, when permitted, is bowdlerized. Washington, Grant, even Lincoln, are in the garbage heap.

Progressive-run cities are lawless cess pools. No law enforcement for them! The homeless and criminals own the streets. Step around the feces; while doing so, hope you don’t get coldcocked with a hammer.

Mobs own the streets, the internet. "Staff" mobs snitch and get non-compliant co-workers fired. The sight of cruising thugs flying the Palestinian Flag, owning LA and New York streets, viciously attacking Jews, unencumbered by any law enforcement; people who’ve been in this country for ten minutes demanding “socialist reform” made me see red. Likewise, deprived of an opportunity to loot and riot after the George Floyd verdict, roving Brooklyn mobs settled for terrorizing a local restaurant, shouting that the “white” owner should “get out.” The owner was Hispanic, but that’s beside the point. The message was vile and violent. In each case, the scenes were those of a failed state – things that used to happen elsewhere, not here. All of this went unremarked let along shamed by our fully captured president and Schumer. There’s a lot of owning going on- the fringe is in charge.

Our choices are to migrate – one needs wealth to do that in most places but many are looking into it. Some film stars are already living in Australia. Create a movement to peacefully partition the United States. Or fight. For the latter we need candidates – smart, tough crusaders for saving liberal democracy--- and organization. My family has been here since Jamestown and the Mayflower, helped write the Compact, and fought each and every war, including the civil war, for freedom. I’ll be damned if I’ll see it hijacked.

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I wish there wasn't such a fear of stating the obvious: American Jews overwhelmingly supported eight years of an Obama administration that was unapologetic about its hostility to Israel, and worked tirelessly to support Iran's genocidal, totalitarian ambitions. Then, overwhelmingly condemned every action of the Trump administration, which whatever its flaws, was the most pro-Jew and pro-Israel administration in memory. Then, worked tirelessly to elect an empty suit who has enthusiastically given over his administration to every anti-Jew idea imaginable.

The Democratic Party hates Israel and Jews. Their related media/propaganda arm (NYT, WaPo, Atlantic, etc) hates Israel and Jews. Seeing this inescapable reality, and REJECTING IT, once and for all, will not somehow turn American Jews into Nazi apologists, for G-d's sake! You can be a Jew and join the majority of America that believes in the magnificent American Experiment (yes, warts and all).

It is the LEFT that fights against every Jewish interest, not the centrist mainstream of this country.

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I deeply appreciate your succinct and nuanced writing, especially regarding Judaism, Israel, and the dangers we face from radicals of all stripes. I want to say that one of the marks of an intelligent person is the ability to consider new information and synthesize new positions. Now that the true colors of American political and media figures have been revealed, I think you and the 75% of ardent Democrat-voting Jews have some serious thinking to do about where they place their political loyalty.

Donald Trump was and is the best ally American Jews and Israeli Jews have ever had in history. While Israeli Jews embraced and honored Trump, it is shameful and scandalous how he was slandered and spat upon by American Jews. He was relentlessly slurred as a Nazi sympathizer (based on known lies) and a White Supremacist (based on known lies), all while his daughter and grandchildren are Jewish and he aggressively supported Israel to the point of bombing Iranian Generals. He never supported white nationalists after Charlottesville, and everyone should know that by this point. If I wanted to hear this lie repeated, I could watch CNN for free.

Trump's personal style turned away many people who otherwise would be enthusiastic supporters, but in policy and action he was, ironically, unimpeachable. He is flawed just like any person, but his flaws did not manifest themselves as anti-semitism. My family and most of my friends are Jewish, and so many of them fail to see this because of the lies and propaganda repeated ad nauseam. Jews need to unite and defend ourselves more than ever (or as much as we always have) and we need to have an honest account of who we can trust. PLEASE reconsider and do not let your personal feelings towards Trump compromise your commitment to the truth.

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Not since the German American Bund was marching through the streets in the '30s have American Jews been under attack like they are now - only now, it's from the Left. And the Left isn't even embarrassed by it - if anything, they're egging it on. Orwell warned us that fascism on the Left is always more dangerous than right-wing fascism.

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I’m a moderate Republican (Trump voter). I started doing weekly Skype calls with a self described Left Democrat a couple months ago. We ended up deciding that we were more alike than different.

We agree that the deeper causes of the recent problems (30yrs) seem to be a real loss of grip on Morality, much of it being fed or fanned by SO many people never even exposing themselves to more than one news source. Those sources have their selfish agendas ($), and no time to honestly give fair information about issues and their (spectrum of) implications. Now, folks with bad intentions have monster megaphones.

I am so sorry for the oppression being brought to our (USA) shores. I’ve watched this oppression ramp up against Jewish people and it scares me. This is NOT the USA I was raised in. I wasn’t taught this way, and didn’t teach my daughter this way.

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Brilliant overall except the cheap comparison between the antisemitism of the right and that of the left. The latter type has been, for decades now, far more virulent and dangerous than the former, first in the communist block run by Soviet Union then in Western Europe and now more and more in US. They may be both disgusting but not comparable in their present effect.

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What strikes me about this column is the contrast between Weiss's willingness to explore how the Democratic left's attitudes about Jews have changed while clinging to boiler-plate condemnations of those on the right. The notion that the right is somehow dominated by "white supremacists' is a lazy and unsupportable claim. American Christians, who represent a significant cohort within the Republican party, are among the most passionate supporters of the Jewish state. As was Trump. It's a perversion to conflate the Charlottesville protestors with Republicans in general or, specifically, Republicans' attitudes toward Jews. Show me the data that supports the argument that Republicans today are anti-semitic in any meaningful percentage. In fact, my guess is the data will show that there has been a sea change in the attitudes of conservatives over the past 50 years toward the Jewish state and Jews, which, as Weiss points are, are intertwined.

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I want to rage with you on this. I am not Jewish as my grandmother converted to Catholicism in the early 20th century. However my mother made us aware of the hatred which the Jewish people endured throughout history. I could never ever figure it out but I saw it. What always bewildered me is it did not matter the community surrounding them be it England, France, Germany, Russia the Middle East. It did not matter the religion be it Catholic. Protestant or Muslim. It was just always there. I could never pin it on some devious deed done by them. All of the groups I mentioned above had parts of them do horrible things yet it is the Jews who are hated. The most important person in my religion to ever walk the earth was a Jew but that does not matter among many people who call themselves Christian. In the end I will never know why so all I can do was raise my children to be aware of this , value all their heritage and at times just rage at the injustice.

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Let’s be realistic here. How long is Schumer gonna be around for? The old school Democrats are dying out, literally. And, try as he might Richie Torres is not going to wrestle away the narrative from the squad. The squad is the future of the Democratic party. So, what are the Democrats going to do when the anti semites fully take over?

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