Unfortunately, I do not see a post for the latest of the podcast. Where they talk to two trains. Playlist. I was very disappointed that it no points. Did I hear the interviewer being the Asphalt XTR of JK‘s tweets. I guess the same thing for this episode

When I hear people talking in such hyperbolic language about what Jason had said, and how it was so evil and trans phobic I was absolutely dying to hear it conversation where the interviewer would read the actual texts and then get response from these people. Because I can’t imagine how they would turn her actual words into the hyperbolic heat that they claimed she was saying. Even if they could, I wanted to hear the gymnastics, mentally of how they got there it would’ve been very insightful.

Other than that very interesting podcast, but it was very frustrating to not hear that

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Well, I guess upset as a ways to go. Because I wanted to edit this post but it seems impossible. Hopefully you understand what I’m saying through the dictation typos 😆

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I held my nose and finished episode 6. I don't disagree that at individual cases, there might be articulated, valid arguments for transgenderism. However, we are now looking at population level, and assessing the inevitable harm this will cause to the society.

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This poor, poor young man who just took his life at the age of 25 probably needed real help, instead of being made a poster child for a cause.

"“As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down. I am so sorry I could not be better,” reads the emotional Instagram post. “To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated.”"

He credited United Airlines with helping him in his "transition" and they used him for some pretty slick DEI advertising. Perhaps if we had a National Millstone Act to set the age for medicalization at 26 then each individual could have a more careful assessment instead of everyone rushing to profit off of those caught up in the "trans" craze politically, in advertising, virtue signaling, making great sums of money in plastic surgery medicine and pharma. Where is the "Do no harm?"

https://nypost.com/2023/03/23/trans-flight-attendant-famed-for-united-ad-dies-by-suicied/ - LM

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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 26, 2023

It seems to me that Scott was a victim of DEI Exploitation/TRAnsploitation.

Then there is abuse victim Jaron Bloshinsky - and his horrible mother.

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Megan does an excellent job of asking and listening and probing a wee bit further with gentle resistance. Women do need same-sex protections.

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I have never heard anything so powerful and affirming exactly what I have been feeling. I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s fascinating to see American culture in the 1990s-present day extremely accurately depicted.

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Great podcast! Episode 6 has been my favorite so far. Noah is an amazingly thoughtful and engaging interviewee, especially since he is just 17. HIs story is very moving and his ability to look at these issues through a nuanced lens is impressive. I appreciate that Megan is talking to people on all sides of this issue.

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We have a juvenile justice system that gives minors lighter sentences even for violent crimes because we recognize that children do not have the maturity, experience and knowledge that comes with time. We also don't let minors get tattoos or buy cigarettes, alcohol or guns for the same reason. The vast majority of children (~80%) expressing gender dysphoria who are left alone or are treated with therapy - not given drugs and surgery - will come to accept their sex, although most will be gay. Letting children diagnose their own disorder and its treatment is contrary to common sense and the medical principle of "First, do no harm."

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My heart hurt hearing Noah say they couldn’t handle being perceived as female and felt much better once society perceived them as male.

Do…do they not know? Even those who play along don’t perceive them as the opposite sex. They will tell them they do, they will affirm them so hard it hurts. But. If Noah thinks people hear that tell-tale unnatural pitch that all trans men seem to have and they don’t know he’s a trans person who was born female, they are not operating in reality and are suffering from a delusion.

Yesterday I unintentionally hurt someone so badly and I wanted to disappear on the spot. At Ikea, as a short, curvy, clearly born female person with the aforementioned voice pitch, a short hair-cut and an oddly very long but wispy patchy beard, was helping us out. Giant yellow pronoun pin on shirt: “He/Him” on shirt. You could not have been more aware this person wanted to be perceived as a man. And I intended to perceive them that way.

Then as we are talking my toddler starts yanking on my pants. Then my son starts whining as we oearn he wanted was out out of stock.

In total frenzied mom state I take my attention off the worker and start mothering my bickering kids before they started to annoy others.

And I’m talking to my son I said, “yes but she said……

HE said. He said it would probably be back in stock soon.”

In my periphery I saw this employee’s shoulders sag. The smile faded.

I was so freaking flustered I hurried my kids right out of that section as my color rose and I felt like a total scumbag.”

If this employee or Noah or Natalie really tie their psychological health and well-being to my genuinely perceiving them as their desired gender, not the pretend patronizing “playing along” I’m always willing to do but able to fuck up the moment my toddler distracts me, if their lives depend on this, then transition will never save them. They need intensive and compassionate support to help them stabilize and come to terms that they are and always will be their birth sex.

Dylan Mulvaney has spent a fortune. They look beautiful and put together. But on their best day with all the plastic surgery, make up and wardrobe, we KNOW. And on my worst day, no make up, hair hidden under a cap, wearing a t shirt and jeans I will never be mistaken for a man. Will zero effort to look or act feminine people will just KNOW I’m a woman.

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As someone who made a religious change on SOME level similar to Megan, I appreciate her commitment to challenge “deeply-held assumptions” from her past. Her desire to ferret out the Truth is a journey each of us should continuously pursue. Listening to the last episode made me feel angry…the gutter-level of the insults toward JKR. This episode makes me feel so very sad…the lengths to which we humans will go in the search for happiness. Neither of the last two were easy, but that Megan affords us this conversation (about which I have pretty strong opinions) is something for which I am grateful.

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While I view the Westboro Baptist Church as completely misguided, that does not mean its church should have been set on fire or its members' houses bombed. Free speech and tolerance means allowing all views to be expressed, even if some are vile and hateful. J.K. Rowling has never advocated harming or silencing transgender people, but her critics have said the most awful things to her, including threats and telling her to die. When the trans community says its beliefs are beyond debate, it is intolerant and wrong.

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I'm listening to episode 6 now, while working on some household projects. I'd recommend it to anyone on whichever side they stand! Listening to others has not only grown my knowledge, empathy and understanding, but strengthened me in what I believe as well.

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Mar 23, 2023·edited Mar 23, 2023

This has been a riveting and thoughtful podcast. I really appreciated the latest episode wherein Natalie and Noah provided their perspectives. It is exactly the sort of thoughtful discussions we should be having about this issue.

I found the interview with Noah especially heartbreaking for me. Noah is such an intelligent, thoughtful young person and I really, truly empathize with how deeply unhappy he felt and I think is is very brave of anyone to bare their emotions in that way. I really do. One thing that stuck me deeply was his repeated messaging that he decided with a team of doctors that medical transition was right for him. He put a lot of stock and faith in the fact that these are trusted medical professionals who are experts and they said this was right for him. It also felt like medicalization was sort of always the end goal, and it left me wondering what if it was not even an option?

My 16 year old child is so intelligent, and often I am amazed by her insight. She can seem wise beyond her years, and in the same conversation, she can say something with such certainty and it makes me think to myself "oh-you just do not have the life experience to know how much that thought will change or how shaky that ground is". We all had that. I remember very clearly the times in my life as a teen or young adult when I thought "this is my calling!" or "this is my person!" or "This is the answer!"....until it wasn't. And I look back on some of those mistakes as a 48 year old and think "oh, you believed that at the time because this was going on with you, or your head was in this weird place, or you were hurting so much from this...". The difference is, none of those things for me meant irreversible damage to my body or my mind.

When I hear Noah, 3 months post-mastectomy, at age 16, seeming so sure that he found the solution, it just grips my heart. Because I know deep in my soul how much we all change and how much I would have deeply regretted cementing my identity at age 16.

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I wish these episodes were transcribed so I could read them. I am unable to hear in one ear and partially deaf in the other one. Podcasts are hard for me. I'm sure I'm not the only Free Press subscriber with this issue. This is a subject I'm vitally interested in and would love to follow it, but podcasts in general are a no go for me.

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Megan Phelps-Roper never states that Westboro Baptist profitted from their hate. This wasn't just a religious group that got things wrongs, but a religious group that cynically selected to sue if they were denied access to funerals, etc. They used the law suits to maintain and profit from the hate and weaponized their religion

Just as some lawyers make all their money by forcing ADA compliance by legalized blackmail, the Westboro Baptist church used the first amendment to blackmail communities into compliance. ADA laws are important and 1st amendment is important, but the power of these laws in the hands of corrupt people is astounding.

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Can’t access the next episode

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I bailed after fifteen minutes the feels wafflegabble had me physically gagging. His articulating being left wanting to thump someone was good. I won't feel I have to explain myself to the silly bugger if I ever come across him. I really don't get how he can't understand his hate is exactly analogous to the hate Megan walked away from.

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