Dear Boston College and Cornell University,

I have just upgraded my subscription at The Free Press to "Founder". As a result, my budget is tight and I will be unable to contribute as a loyal alumnus to your respective endowments.


It is a start - https://cornellfreespeech.com

Ruth Bader Ginsburg On Free Speech

“The right to speak my mind out, that's America ... The right to think, speak and write as we believe without fear that Big Brother will retaliate against us because we don't tow the party line.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Cornell '54

Associate Justice / United States Supreme Court

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“Party hosts must also provide “EANABs,” or Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages”


Can someone please knock me unconscious? Just punch me in the face.

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I’m having trouble squaring this account of Stanford’s harsh treatment with the contemporaneous account of the outrageous conduct of Stanford Law students against a federal judge invited to speak. Are there two separate ecosystems at this institution?

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"Stanford now has more than 10,000 administrators who oversee the 7,761 undergraduate and 9,565 graduate students—almost enough for each student to have their own personal butler. (There are about 2,290 faculty members.)"

There's your problem. I'm sure 8,000 of those administrators are not needed for the educational goals of Stanford. They are there for cultural reasons, i.e. social justice warriors. They have to find enough incidents to justify their huge salaries.

And we wonder why college is so expensive.

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Our institutions are corrupt and, even worse in some ways, mediocre.

I joined the military out of high-school, even when a lot of people (including family) were trying to convince me to get into a good school.

I’ve never regretted my decision and after reading articles like this, I think I’m vindicated.

On the same token, though, it’s also been difficult to connect with most people my age. I try to relate with them, but I realize that our experiences are so utterly dissimilar that we may as well have grown up in different countries.

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“They don’t really care about your kid. . . “

It’s about the money, period.

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“‘Hey, can I talk to this attorney and tell them I drank a beer, or am I going to get my visa revoked?’”


Imagine being a member of MS13 with a smuggling operation based in El Paso and you’re reading this. You would never stop laughing.

Of course they can’t read, but you know what I mean.

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This is why student loans should not be forgiven. Too many administrators being paid out of that tuition. Colleges need to be reformed more than banks or corporations.

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Between Stanford’s list of unacceptable words, the suppression of free speech by a federal judge invited to speak, the Presidents falsified research investigation and this article, Stanford is losing a lot of respect in my opinion.

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Good-looking young guy. Son of immigrants. Such a hard worker. Gets himself into Stanford to study philosophy? Immerses himself in fraternity life? Pointlessness ensues. Gee, who could have seen that coming?

This whole boring, useless story means nothing to those of us who chose not to give our money to "elite" universities filled with irrational leftists.

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The rush to judgement seems to be a key part of college campuses today. Meyer should have been seen as innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, like the actual criminal court system. Instead we have these Title IX courts that loosen the standards for proof of wrongdoing. Stanford is scared to have another Brock Turner, but that doesn't mean we should just abandon due process. In fact, there was just a recent case where a Stanford student was charged with making false rape allegations against a fellow student: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/stanford-university-employee-charged-making-2-false-sexual-assault-all-rcna75264

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“Any place that sets a bar so high that you have to be literally perfect to get there; and when you get here, if you don’t stay perfect, [Stanford] will punish you with every administrative resource they have for embarrassing them.”


Decker’s main mistake was not being a transvestite. All of this could have been avoided if he had just dressed more sexy.

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Brought to you by the creators of the much more disturbing Virality Project. It's shocking how gleefully the youth of the world narc on one another and themselves. We're mere months away from creating the "Stasi class" and the Ivies seem to be the ones on the assembly line building their best version of the T-54 - the perfect machine to combat discourse and dissent.

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"Stanford now has more than 10,000 administrators who oversee the 7,761 undergraduate and 9,565 graduate students—almost enough for each student to have their own personal butler"

Stanford's mission is indoctrination not teaching and other elite colleges and universities are following suit. .

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It seems like Stanford has a math problem...a 1:1 ratio of bureaucrats to students. It sounds as though they have even turned the students on each other. This has true totalitarian overtones. No wonder the culture of these Ivy type institutions in in the proverbial toilet. My top of the top student is thriving in the honors college at an SEC school where she is learning AND living her best life. This article fills me with gratitude that she had the common sense to put the experience of her college years over the prestige of a piece of paper. It is time to clean house, Stanford! Your “harm reduction” isn’t working. Shame on you.

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Fraternities and sororities are ridiculous and terrible institutions, and have no place in education. Alcohol and’ drinking culture’ could / should (but won’t) be rethought. Same thing with pot, legalized gambling (and illegal gambling too).

Mixed into the ridiculous charade that is education / ‘higher education’ - it doesn’t matter what the proportions are, no matter what, current education is a farce. And yeah, no fooling -

“It’s unethical to base your kid’s life on getting into places like this because at the end of the day, they don’t really care about your kid,” he said. “They never did.”

That’s right, ‘they never did’

My kid is using his time at [the flagship of one of the top 3 state university systems] to use judo within the administrative department of motor vehicles which is his university - to study with the few great teachers not yet canceled there, or replaced with grunt level labor, ie adjuncts who are rightly angry about having to be strippers at the same time as teachers to pay their loans down. But he’s ready, and we, his parents are too, the MOMENT he gets any kind of sanction, to tell them to f*ck off, and for him to just leave. He already is a strong worker who can pull down a grown *ss salary, as his former boss puts it, and he’s at the university to try to get some more background in the disgraced fields within humanities: classics, econ, literature, etc; to so, he has to wade through classes that say they are one thing, eg Russian literature but end up being gender studies/trauma only (and i have the course descriptions to back it up). And when he does exit, prob w/out a degree, he’s ready to freelance, to start his own thing, to NEVER be the wage slave that the indentured education industry puts them on the meat conveyor belt for.

Higher ed is busted, and has been for a long time.

It was never there to do anything but give that credential.

That credential is no longer useful, ie as a certificate to ‘get money’, ie ‘if u cn do this, u cn get a gd job’ like the NYC subway ad used to say.

But i’m glad higher ed and all this fakery around drinking & etc still exists, because it lowers lowers lowers the bar for my kids and others like them.

Stanford/Harvard got us some great stuff, but it also got us worshipping psychopaths like Peter Thiel and Mark Zuckerberg, whose revolutionary tech companies, solved what problems again? Stack those against Edison, Ford, HP, etc. (and yeah Edison and Ford, they too not the greatest of humans, but that’s why i ain’t a columnist)

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