I’ve said it 1,000 times and will say it again...the unifying feature across all liberal ideology today is fundamentally anti-human.

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Looks like we’ve gone down the slippery slope again.

Abortion: safe, legal, and rare to shout your abortion and allow it to the moment of birth.

Gay marriage: love is love between two people to what is a woman, really?

Assisted suicide: only for terminally ill patients to if you really feel like it, the government will murder you.

Lastly, and probably most significant, if the Canadian healthcare system thinks that this program will help cut costs, you bet your life that they’ll promote it. Imagine that: a government promoting suicide in order to save money.

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It’s ironic that in the west with unprecedented material comforts, all the supposed focus on mental health , therapists and anti depression drugs , suicide and depression keep increasing.

Maybe a culture that tells people they are basically a virus destroying the planet instead of you are created in the image of God , affects peoples desire to live.

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This depressing article highlights for me an insidious foundational philosophy that is in the air we breath: in order to have human dignity, we should not have to endure suffering. It’s used to justify everything from abortion(“the baby will be born to a life of suffering,” “the unplanned pregnancy will cause undue suffering to the mother”) to safe spaces (“having to endure triggering situations is too painful for me.”) I’m not trivializing the high level of suffering I see all around me; it’s heartbreaking! If we don’t, however, recognize that we’ve imbibed that message, we don’t have a good sense of how to begin to grapple with the slope down which we have slipped.

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I can’t fathom a much worse position than being a parent and having a child that wants to end their own life. Then to talk to a doctor who is playing the role of Pontius Pilate; what a bitter and maddening tale. Is this how a free society has come to be defined? On the one hand I can see the argument in favor: we are being merciful. They are no longer in pain. They are free to make decisions regarding their own fate. On the other I see the stark apathy. This is an easy button for the society at large. It purges us of our responsibility to the meek, the sick, and the dying. It is the small and the powerless made to feel their insignificance to the rest of us. It sure makes me ponder my own good fortune and family. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

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Intense indeed. There are several moving parts here. First is the obvious, that a young person in declining health is depressed and has decided that he wants to shuffle off the mortal coil. That’s sad in and of itself.

Second is his mother’s desperation because she’s about to lose her son. Also sad, desperately so.

Third is the sister, a nursing student, and who “helps” him with email. Did he expect her not to see the emails with Tepper? And once she saw them, not share that info with their mother? At this point things start smelling like a manipulation. Did he really want to die? Or was/is he crying for help? Sounds a lot like the latter, doesn’t it?

Finally, there’s MAiD, personified here by Tepper. The idea of state-assisted suicide isn’t new. In fact, it’s central to the Kurt Vonnegut short story, Welcome To The Monkey House, which I recommend. Others have already commented on the idea that fewer patients means lower medical expenditures- also not a new idea. One of Robin Cook’s novels has a medical insurance company killing patients to lower its payments.

It would be good if government stopped reading fiction and satire as instruction manuals. They’re intended as warnings, not suggestions.

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Oct 11, 2022·edited Oct 11, 2022

The land of the Tragically Hip gives us the tragically insane. Barbaric, unspeakable and Brave New World or Soylent Green brought to life.

On the other hand, it could be a beacon of hope and a solution if only the demented and destructive PM of our northern neighbor could be persuaded to enroll in this demonic program.

Of course if Canada's government-run medical and social programs were any good, most of these people would have received proper treatment. But they aren't and they didn't - reinforcing the cries or our own critics of socialize medicine who warn that this "final solution" is the logical end result of rationed care.

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The “mature minor” addition really scares me. Shades of the trans surgery / hormone scandal. How long before we have internet groups of children egging themselves on to suicide with the help of creepy adults. We will probably be told that ‘death affirming’ care is something parents can’t be told about for privacy reasons.

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Here’s what I find disturbing.

These depressed people aren’t going to kill themselves. Every one of them could jump off a bridge tomorrow and end it, but they aren’t.

Instead they are applying to die. They are looking for an authority figure to pronounce them not worthy / not salvageable. They want someone else to make the decision for them. To me that means they are unsure.

And what about these authority figures? What is going on in their minds? I don’t know how you could look at someone and say ‘you’re depressed, sure I’ll murder you’

It’s so disturbing.

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Progressivism, I realized about ten years ago, is a mortuary cult. I also realized some years ago that feminism is leading people off a cliff. My generation, encouraged to remain childless, beget many childless women who live alone in big cities. As my mother gets too old to take care of herself, with four children to advocate for her, I can't help wondering who will advocate for all these women (and men too, for that matter) who ate the narrative that they were doing themselves a favor by remaining childless. This is not to say that the "only" reason to have children is for care when one is elderly (I used that one against myself once upon a time), but that one really ought to consider the impact of one's current actions on one's future. I follow a Facebook group on caring for elderly parents and it's astonishing how much work this entails. I've often thought that the only solution for me and many people I know will be assisted suicide. And don't you know the Canadian Government can save millions in health care costs by making it easy for people to kill themselves.

And meanwhile, the health care system makes tons of money slicing off penises and breasts and injecting hormones and doing corrective surgeries on perfectly healthy bodies.

So unnecessary medicalization makes money. And letting you kill yourself after destroying your body or just...following the Pied Piper's narrative off a cliff...makes the world "a better place."

I've been watching a documentary called Detransitioners on youtube in which several women who've masculinized themselves express why they felt the need to transition: "MISOGYNY." They then parrot this ridiculous narrative -- one can hear the robotic ingestion of said narrative -- oh, you know, being a woman is to be a second class citizen, blah blah -- in the 21st century? I didn't even get this in the 70s! It's literally insane.

Welcome to the matriarchy! With women's "compassion" in charge -- instead of that "toxic masculinity" -- we get sterilized, suicidal youth, and, well, no reason to live.

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Say what you will about conservatives, but I've never heard of one advocating for "suicide for all" or chopping off the breasts of healthy young women.

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This is why there are churches. In my church we have a Stephens Ministry that exists to support people who are hurting. If is free, it is always there for you. This young man should be surrounded by loving people who would support him and convince him life is beautiful, don’t throw it away.

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Western society is plagued by a pandemic of learned helplessness. None of these people contribute to their own survival ergo they see no value in the life they possess. None of them appear to have any problem solving skills and they’re hyper focused on the unfortunate things that have happened to them which they use to explain their lack of progress. We’ve normalized dwelling on terrible memories and allowing singular, albeit tragic, events to define an entire life. Couple that with a growing culture of total nihilism in the medical community and of course we’re going to see barbaric stuff like assisted suicide for depressed teenagers. I’m really not sure what the off ramp is at this point. The problem is WAY bigger than just allowing doctors to kill people.

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This is sad. And like other social contagions we are facing today, the internet and social media is the common thread.

I get off social media and my life gets better. I go back on for even five minutes and I’m flooded with negative emotions.

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I suspect the comments section will include some sentiments along the lines of good, let these woke types kill themselves with the aid of the medical profession. The devil on my left shoulder whispered it to me and surely will to others.

The beyond brilliant and frequently misrepresented Jordan Peterson made me realize how inhumane our attitude to 'incels' is, and this is much the same. We are experiencing a wave of pathologically disillusioned youth, including the trans mutilation surgery for minors.

These young people do not have the empowering dignity of work, any work. They are fragile to the point of not being able to bear the demands and responsibilities of adulthood, which includes challenge as well as joy.

A click-hungry media and self-glorifying narcissists have created a story for our times that is a dark and dystopian one, of catastrophic climate change, systemic racism, focussed on the dark aspects of our history while dismissing the good. A culture of victimhood and resentment, rather than dignity and gratitude.

We need to have compassion for these troubled youth, effective compassion. Such compassion includes tough love. It includes combatting lies with honest appraisals of both our weaknesses and our many incredible strengths and successes, in Western culture. It includes reassessing the dole. Includes combatting the lucrative story of climate catastrophe with realistic appraisals. It includes changing the post-pubescent educational system to incorporate real work in the real economy, and maybe public service, so that teens are not just in a world of busywork. it includes teaching the history of the 20th century, including economics, with an understanding of the positive outcomes of science and capitalism versus the tyranny and failures of communism.

Speaking out, as this article does, against accepting a culture of despair, is important.

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So sad. It's a "Final Solution." Hitler's final solution began with the goal to "clean" the population of the diseased, the mentally disabled and the unclean.

That young man's diabetes could be managed and stabilized and his life given back to him. Would someone buy him Dr. Bernstein's book, "Diabetes Solution?" Dr. Rachel Brown's book, "Metabolic Madness" connects the dots between the modern diet and mental illness. So much of all of this is totally avoidable.

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