Clarence Thomas’s decision has nothing whatsoever to do with this of course. Medico-political mumbo jumbo written to deceive. What we have grown to expect from rags like the NYT.

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Jul 18, 2022·edited Jul 18, 2022

Mr. McNiel,

Thank you for writing this. I have appreciated your work for quite some time, and I am still astonished at how your Times career was ended. It scares me for my own self, as it is probably intended to

Just to be clear- we've just gone through three years where we were asked / told to modify our behaviors to stop the spread. No weddings, no funerals, no Christmas dinners, no church, no gatherings of any sort. Normal life stopped for all of us because the behavior was hazardous to ourselves and to others.

And yet in this new pandemic, "stop having copious amounts of anonymous gay sex" does not appear on your list of remedies. Is it more outrageous to ask gay men to stop promiscuous sex than to tell him that he can't go to a family wedding or funeral (as we have the last two years)?

None of your recommendations address the actual behavior that is known to spread this disease. Why is that?

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Let me get this straight... The CDC made us shutdown schools for 6 months to protect kids & teachers from a virus that wasn’t dangerous to 99% of them. They then insisted that our children & their teachers wear a mask and “socially distance” themselves when they went back to school- both of which made learning incredibly difficult. They inflicted serious, lasting harm on an entire generation of children... yet when it comes to shutting down orgies and prohibiting sex fetish “parties” they’ve decided to take a more cautious, less abrasive approach, lest they cause harm or stigmatization of gay men? GTFOH. These public health experts make me sick. They deserve nothing but scorn for their actions in the last 2.5 years.

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Once I was an alarmist about diseases spreading from the tropics. When a man from Africa came to see his girlfriend in Texas and was discovered to have Ebola, I was sure--based on the transmission and fatality rates seen in Africa--that we had a major and highly serious pandemic looming over us.

It turned out (fortunately) that I was wrong. Neither transmission nor fatality of the disease was as serious in the West as it was in Africa.

So I am not as willing to become alarmed as I used to be. My reaction to this article--which definitely seeks to be alarming--is consequently very skeptical.

Nor am I convinced that McNeil is yelling at the correct audience. As he himself points out, those most at risk are gay men, particularly those who have sexual contact with strangers. And ALSO as he himself points out, that population is as unwilling to follow health-protective cautions now as they were when the AIDS epidemic began. I'm not convinced that any amount of lectures or warnings will change their minds. I don't see how lecturing the Common Sense audience will have any effect.

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The most challenging part of this article is that trust in public (and private) health officials was so badly eroded during covid. It’s difficult to know who to trust and what to believe when the last ‘outbreak’ saw so many health professionals in hot water (to put it mildly) for having any difference of opinion.

So...welcome to the new normal.

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We are all over saturated with all the Covid lies, state of “emergency” extended again and again so they can approve and force on us shitty emergency vaccines and drugs that get you sick again and again (LOL Fauci), and of course pharma propaganda and fear mongering. Testing, asymptomatic transmission, vaccine, isolation, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Our health authorities became a joke and it is their doing. Our patience with them is running VERY thin.

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Oh dear. Gay young men are too young to remember SF in the 1980s. But I do.

I sincerely hope they curb their behaviors NOW. Acceptance of the gay lifestyle will take an awful hit if monkeypox hits American kids.

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McNeil got cancelled by the extreme left. To read his own story about how he was abused is compelling.

Yet for some reason he seems incapable of taking as hard a look at the left and the principles underpinning it as he does in his deep dives into health and science issues.

You’d think a life changing event would result in a top down reassessment of the political world he associated with, but that’s clearly not the case.

He still has the same harsh leftist views - somehow he’s able to separate them without understanding how the views are interconnected.

The cheap shot about Clarence Thomas was completely unnecessary to his story, yet he just can’t help himself. It undermines his credibility in general and the credibility of his reporting.

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So, are we following the science here? Authorities had no problem forcing schools, businesses, and churches to close during COVID, but they are reluctant to run afoul of the gay community by closing the places where monkeypox is super-spreading.

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It says a lot about the moral core of the West, and of the medical industry in particular, that after lockdowns, mask mandates and forced vaccinations, stopping gay sex orgies or even criticizing promiscuous sex is too much.

I don't blame the "gay lifestyle" or anything like that, I blame our culture's worship of sexual pleasure and our refusal to put boundaries on sexual indulgence.

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This is precisely what Malcolm Clarke and other members of the British LGB Alliance have been saying since mid-May and were pilloried as alarmist. One of Clarke's friends ended up in hospital with it (the friend's partner had stopped off for a quickie in the park and brought home something extra). Clarke wrote on twitter that the illness was more serious than the press and WHO were saying.

The figures I saw back in June was that it was almost exclusively gay or bisexual men. There is also this huge reluctance to stigmatize that community or indeed to put an end to hugely profitable businesses. It also could spread to other parts of the community.

The worry is that it does go out further into the community but thus far in the UK, it seems to be confined to this particular community and the reluctance to raise the alarm continues.

No real surprise there as Britain has form for sweeping things under the carpet when they don't want to raise tensions between communities (Telford and Rochdale stand out).

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The one thing that could reasonably link Roe in this article is the effect of Roe on sexual behavior. Roe added unnecessary fuel to the fire of promiscuity that had begun with the baby boomers who enjoyed the great lifestyle in postwar America. The use of drugs exploded, the free sex movement developed and people, knowing they could get a pregnancy removed as easy as a mole on your face, and sex became a far more casual experience. Just another search for a “feeling” like the high from pot or mushrooms.

McNeil talks about anonymous multiple sex partners as if it’s as benign as buying a quart of milk at the supermarket. He suggests that people pause while they resolve this health problem. Once that’s done, well people, it’s back to all the fun and games.

McNeil still writes like a true Timesman - he makes sure NOT to protect the facts from a far left perspective. And while he’s at it, take a gratuitous smack at a conservative.

What a POS.

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Thank you to Donald McNeil for writing this article and to Bari Weiss for publishing it. I hope to see your byline in many future medical/scientific stories on this site.

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Did I miss it, or did the author discuss whether the virus passes through blood contact, making recipients of blood transfusions and IV drug users at risk? That's when AIDs jumped out of the gay population.

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What really bothers me about this article is that there is SO LITTLE MENTION of using meds. I recognize supposedly the FDA is holding out. Does that seem off to anyone? Here we are begging for vax production but not demanding the FDA release the meds?! It's like someone (insert Pharma) want more vaccines. How convenient. It's just like Pharma didn't want us taking cheap repurposed meds for covid. It's so disgusting how our powers at be have let us down..again.

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Jul 18, 2022·edited Jul 18, 2022

The "Fog of War" mentioned shall persist. Join me in a little Reality Check. At the beginning, we were told that the lockdown would "Only last fifteen days", that a vaccine was being developed at warp speed, that 'cutting red tape' was shortening the timeline and that all previous safety measures were being faithfully obeyed, and the the immunity that these rapid-fire vaccines produced would last the vaccinated a lifetime. That's what we were promised.

What the health system delivered was: (1) Fifteen days??? Don't get me started (2) Previous safety measures? Tossed aside, selling the EUA as political cover (3) Immunity? Less than a year, with or without boosters. Vaccine rollout in January, by November overseas governmental authorities were already warning their populations that none of the inoculations could protect against Omicron.

All of that, but there's more. Censorship by search engines, social media, video platforms of early treatments that already had been proven to be effective months BEFORE the vaccines would be rolled out. Fared/Tyson protocol had been proven the first spring, tens of thousand of lives might have been saved had the rest of us been permitted to even learn of them. Those precious few who HAD heard? Sorry, your hospital system or pharmacy refused to fill the prescription.

All of this, months BEFORE the first vaccine got injected into the first arm of the general public.

What we SHOULD be talking about but most of us WON'T is the epic failure: why this massive "refusal to treat" by the health care establishment in the the midst of a pandemic when the public was most in need of them?

The health authorities in America have blood on their hands. Why should any of us believe the next pandemic will be handled any better?

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