Dr. Jordan Peterson has been ordered to undergo a coaching program to “reflect on and ameliorate” his conduct in public statements. (Carlos Osorio via Getty Images)

Jordan Peterson Goes to ‘War’

The psychologist sells out auditoriums. But he can be stripped of his clinical license because of his tweets. He tells TFP why he won’t back down.

Jordan Peterson does not lack for people who seek his counsel. The psychologist’s YouTube channel boasts over seven million subscribers. His podcast has accumulated more than 55 million downloads. And his book, 12 Rules for Life, has sold over five million copies.

But a court in Canada has just ruled that if he does not undergo mandatory social media training—what he calls “forced reeducation”—he could lose his clinical license, and with it, any right to counsel patients. 

“I knew that the judiciary in Canada had been captured politically,” Peterson told The Free Press on Wednesday. “But I had no idea to what extent that was true.

“The founding documents we put into place in the 1980s are barely worth the paper they’re written on,” he added. 

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