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Never voted for Trump, and still not a huge fan but when people act like 100% of politicians don't lie, I find it disingenuous at best. He's a liar for sure, just wrapped in different packaging than the establishment. At this point, who cares.

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Ryan, sure, everyone lies. You, me, and everyone in between.

But, there’s an ocean of distance between Trump - inarguably, a pathological liar - and the majority of every other elected official, other than the elected Trump sycophants who maybe lie half as much as Trump - which is still about 20 times more than the the average Joe.

False equivalencies abound here.

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Neither the Dems or the Reps are good for our country right now, but at least with Trump the border can be shut down. Trumps problem with NATO is with respect to funding by all members. It is his weakest position, and he needs to be called out on Ukraine. But for god's sake, the Dems can't tell XX from XY, so I'll buy my ticket and take the chance that our Republic is too strong for a single entity to be its downfall. In general, I support the majority of Trump policies, but can't stand the guy. Biden: hate the policies and can't stand the guy. Easy calculus.

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Exactly where I'm at. How many wars under trump? Felt like he actually did have China in check as well....was the rest of the world hesitant to f*ck with us because of his unpredictability? If that's the case, fine - better than being asleep at the wheel.

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Yes, it is imperative that Biden steps aside. We are facing an RGB2.0 situation with even more dire consequences. Ginsburg not retiring during Obama’s second term with ample time to replace her with an honest, law abiding judge has caused extreme damage to the country and most certainly to her legacy.

Just one consequence to come, if Trump is elected: A less secure Israel.

Trump weakened NATO while President. He will weaken it further if he’s back in office.

Weakening NATO strengthens Putin.

Putin is an ally of Iran.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi’s etc. are an Iranian Proxy’s.

The math is literally this simple: Weakened NATO = Strengthened Putin = Strengthened Iran = Strengthened Proxies Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi’s.

Trump’s pompon/cheerleading one-liner’s supporting Israel are just empty calorie bluster. His policies are what will, undoubtedly, strengthen Israel’s enemies over the long term

Are there flaws in the Democratic Party regarding its support of Israel? Of course. There are a handful virulent antisemites - aka, The Squad - roaming the halls of congress. Luckily, they can be voted out of office - like Bowman just was, thankfully!

But, it is not debatable that Israel’s long term security will be even more perilous, if Trump is back in office strengthening the head of the snake threatening Israel.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of dire consequences, if Trump is back in office.

So Biden needs to step aside for the future of our country and for all of our allies.

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“Donald Trump is a liar.”

Well, duh, so are all other politicians. That statement is like making the observation that NBA players are taller than average.

Is Eli Lake trying to earn the nickname “Captain Obvious”???

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I was watching the debate with several progressives. When they say he lies, they mean when he says stuff like "we had the best economy ever".

Obviously the economy in 2019 wasn't the "best ever", but it was a stellar economy compared to now. Trump's supporters take him seriously and not literally, while his detractors take him literally but not seriously.

This allows them to say the next day with their "fact checkers" that Trump lied a hundred times during the debate, even though these "lies" were just slight exaggerations.

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He's mentioning this only because it's one major reason the Dems are insisting we must vote for Biden--and he's saying the Dems are telling one whopper (Biden is capable) that is worse than Trump's lies. OF COURSE he's not telling us anything new, and he's not intending to. He's saying the fact that Trump lies does not provide an adequate reason to vote for his opponent, who is incapable of doing the job.

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When Trump tells untruths, they are lies.

When Biden tells them, they are "alternate facts", "exaggerations", etc etc.

It's all so damn obvious now - even to those who don't pay attention. Yesterdays' conspiracy theorist is today's truth teller.

We are not living in a democratic republic any more - we live in an oligarchy.

The ruling class could care less what the citizens want.

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Biden claimed in the interview "Well, it came to me I was having a bad night when I realized that even when I was answering the question, even though they turned his mic off, he was still shouting. And I let it distract me. But I'm not blaming it on that, but I realized that I just wasn't in control."

He further said he did not think he watched the debate after the fact. Those of us that did watch it could see what was going on most of the time when Biden was speaking since they had a split screen with both candidates shown through most of it and this assertion that Trump was yelling is utter nonsense to anyone that watched the debate. I suspect this is not exactly a lie and that Biden believes this actually happened which is even more scary given he is the sitting president.

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I always wonder what people are referring to when they report, ‘ Donald Trump is a liar. That we know.’ What are these lies, and are they of consequence to the union?

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Every day from Nov 8 , 2020 to Jan 6 2021, every time Trump said the election was stolen due to fraud (as opposed to media bias) he was either wrong or lying or both. Every time he opened his mouth during the height of COVID, misinformation based on ignorance and blatant self servitude came out of his mouth. Nearly every time he says he had the 'most beautiful' this or that, he's lying. He also is unfit to be President of the United States, just for very different reasons.

Yes- they are very consequential.

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Many of the COVID lies came from CDC, WHO, Fauci, the teachers unions, et al.

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True - the country was failed on so many levels and NYC by its governor. And also by Trump.

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Those are all examples of opinion statements, not lies. It’s okay to have different opinions.

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Well, the election fraud allegations are demonstrably false. And he said demonstrably false things about and during COVID.

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If you believe something to be true, and you say it, are you lying?

Who cares if he says something is "the most beautiful" - he's exaggerating - they all do it. Half of the stuff that comes out of Biden's mouth is a lie. - he tells untruths constantly - stories and facts that are not true at all. No one says a word. They are politicians - they all lie.

But only Trump is the "biggest liar of all"... I am so sick of it. I am not a Trump fan, but the treatment of him by the corporate press and the Democratic machine is so obvious. They are after him because he is a disrupter and is messing with the unelected elite powers.


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Not calling Trump the biggest liar of all. Someone asked what lies Trump told and I provided examples. And I care if he exaggerates. Same with Biden.

In the case of Trump believing the election was stolen due to fraud (as opposed to media bias) that's been proven to be false. He's still saying it so either he's lying or he's delusional: I'll let you choose.

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I didn't mean that you individually were.

I meant Eli and the corporate media and the Democratic machine. And even the RINOs, who hate him.

He is a bull in a china shop. He's a bombastic real estate developer and reality TV star. He is disrupting the uniparty and they can't have that. 2016 upset their whole apple cart. Now we see behind the curtain that most of us have known was there all along.

He's still saying it because that's what he believes happened. And there were indeed many irregularities and questionable things that happened, mostly in pivotal states. That has also been proven. Whether it was enough to swing an election, we will probably never know. But it's clear he thinks so.

There's a whole lot more nuance to the discussion, than "either he's lying or he's delusional." There are a whole lot more choices to pick from.

And the last four years have taught us that today's conspiracy nut is tomorrow's truth teller....

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1. Harris is the DEI Diva. She was chosen as the DEI candidate and has throughout her tenure demonstrated she does not merit much. No DEI Diva!

2. Like Hamas Trump has told us exactly what he plans to do, and I am certain he will exact revenge on his enemies with far more energy than he will defend his presidential oath. No Trump!

3. We need someone new. Party is absolutely irrelevant. Winning the enormous center of America can be done. The Democratic Party is despicable the Republican Party is horrific. But the candidate could easily rise from either party or perhaps even both parties. I will not vote for Biden or Trump and certainly not for the DEI Diva, Harris.

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Yes, I find it sad that Mr. Lake feels the need to emphasize “Trump we know is a liar.” Biden is a liar of historic proportions—plagiarising in his speeches, about both his sons, the story about his dad and the gays kissing, his connection to Mandela, his ignorance of Hunter collecting bags of cash, the “good people on both sides” having been said in the way he states and that it motivated him to run, his ranking in his university class, his work on civil rights marches. Really it is astonishing that at this time, with the world on fire because of Biden, that there is this need to signal—don’t worry I know as you do that the big bad orange man is a liar. Because, what, if he did not say that, then people might think Trump is a model of verity. Sad. Very sad.

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Biden will be a handy scapegoat for any Dem losses in 2024...guilty if he doesn't drop out and guilty if he does. None of those doing the lying will need to take the guilt.

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-----> Voters deserve a candidate who can compete with Donald Trump. Not one who looks increasingly out of touch with reality.

Looks increasingly out of touch with reality? I think you mean "IS increasingly..."

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Biden will not withdraw his candidacy and he will not resign from office. Here's why:

• The only president to ever resign was Nixon and the world remembers the stain it left on the body politic.

• Presidents Polk, Buchanan, Hayes, Coolidge and Truman all decided to not seek re-election, but the world only remembers Lyndon B. Johnson for having withdrawn his candidacy, which harmed his legacy for the ages.

• Biden dreads being associated with Nixon, and believes himself a more beloved and pivotal president than LBJ. He will not make the choices that guarantee him being compared to those two in perpetuity.

• Delusional Joe Biden entered office in January 2021 with blowhards like Michael Beschloss, John Meacham, Doris Kearns Goodwin and possibly the worst of them, Anne Applebaum of The Atlantic, urging him to consider his Legacy, to believe he could reach for the greatness of the Greats, like Washington, Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. What a fool, and what horrid manipulators those people were (and still are...anyone get a look lately at the crazed Michael Beschloss these days? He's being fitted for a straight-jacket right now).

• Today, instead of a Legacy, Biden is a shriveled man, his reputation ruined, to be forever remembered for Afghanistan, the border, regional hot wars and extreme global tensions, the rise of a real China-Iran-Russia axis, inflation, energy policy failures, enabling lawfare to flourish, transforming the department of Justice into a third world laughingstock, dishonoring veterans, firing armed forces members for defying illegal vaccine mandates, trying to destroy the Supreme Court, ruining the dream of homeownership, student loan fraud, monstrous political pandering, lining donor pockets with “climate crisis” dollars, bowing to leftist radicals and campus hatred, exploiting transgender dysphoria, selling out to teachers unions, stoking racial discord, dividing the nation, even plunging his own party into chaos and civil war, and finally stifling true democracy when he faced his hardest decision.

So my prediction is Biden will stay on against the advice of everyone he has ever trusted and everyone who has enabled him to succeed (except for those “historians” he met with at the beginning of his term who convinced him he was fit for Mt. Rushmore) and to stay as long as he wants, to hang on, take his party hostage, go down with the ship if he has to – thinking himself courageous -- and even, perverse as it sounds, go out like that one Democratic President Biden worships, FDR, and die in office, and be given a state funeral with bagpipes and Irish poetry-readings all praising his glory. That will be his final will and testament.

And frankly, I won’t say that I hope it does not happen. I hope it does happen. And I hope that will be his legacy and the legacy of his demented, criminal family and all the sycophants and fruitcakes and MSNBC/MSM clowns who have made a profit and reputation off of this horrible man, and in the process revealing the true nature of this corrupt party that conspired to make this low, dishonest man president.

So there.

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LBJ's "legacy" was ruined by his deception in the Bay of Tonkin incident. HE got us into the Vietnam War under false pretenses and then continued to escalate the war even though it was obviously a lost cause. (PUN INTENDED!) Why was it a lost cause? Because Vietnam was a Stone Age society. You cannot bomb a Stone Age society into the Stone Age. Unfortunately, Nixon continued the insanity.

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Brilliant commentary. How Joe Biden ever rose to the highest office in the land will be a stain on that office forever. A divisive, mean-spirited, mediocre intellect who has accomplished nothing in 50 years.

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Because he was a democrat

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No, based on the damage he and his party have done to the country. I used to be a Democrat.

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The insanity of criticizing Biden for "alternative facts" when Trump lied through the entire debate is really something. The press' desperation for anti-Biden narratives and love of Trump is so confusing.

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So, during the debate, when Biden said no service members have been killed under his watch, was it an alternative fact which allowed him to forget about the 13 service members killed in the botched Afghan withdrawal and three service members killed in a drone strike in Jordan? You will find throughout the comments many listings of significant lies across the board made by Biden.

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I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, & by many of the comments here, I don’t think I am alone.

In the movie, Toto jumps from Dorothy’s arms & when she bends down to pick him up she sees that behind the ‘pomp & circumstance’ is not who she, or her 3 companions have been led to believe he was - OR for that matter,… - any of the Wizard’s inner circle, or any of the kingdom’s citizens.

Movie or book, in the end, the Wizard was discovered & “came clean.”

Below is a quote from the final chapter of the book, “The Wizard of Oz,” by Frank Baum.

“You must keep your promises to us!" exclaimed Dorothy.

The Lion thought it might be as well to frighten the Wizard, so he gave a large, loud roar, which was so fierce and dreadful that Toto jumped away from him in alarm and tipped over the screen that stood in a corner. As it fell with a crash, they looked that way, and the next moment all of them were filled with wonder. For they saw, standing in just the spot the screen had hidden, a little old man, with a bald head and a wrinkled face, who seemed to be as much surprised as they were. The Tin Woodman, raising his axe, rushed toward the little man, and cried out, "Who are you?"

"I am Oz, the Great and Terrible," said the little man, in a trembling voice. "But don't strike me--please don't--and I'll do anything you want me to."

Steve Jobs was said to be a wizard at distorting reality, as was my late father. My Dad was a brilliant man who eventually succumbed, at President Biden’s age, to the collective ravages of Parkinson’s. He was cognizant & theorized quite nearly to the end.

In his cognizance, he laid down the pride & called me, asking me fly in & bring my mother, siblings & his inner circle into reality.

It was tremendously difficult for all of us, but it was my own father who called & made the request of me to bring *all* into truth. While not a President, he was very esteemed. He knew that he would never be the great theoretical nuclear physicist, award winning engineer, author , inventor, etc.... again. But he knew it was time.

When my husband & I made the trip, it indeed felt as if I’d stepped back in time. My father and mother were married for 60+ years. Family denial is common & part of the grief cycle, but my mother was able to accept the reality that my father knew to be true. Had my father not been able to accept that reality, merely her love for my father would not have brought us all to that same truth with the dignity he deserved. That is what “family” is. “Family” is obviously lacking with the President. It was painful to watch Friday’s interview, which did nothing but confirm what we saw during the debate.

Gaslighting on this level is evil. My heart breaks for all of us in this country whose trust has been betrayed.

All those complicit in making sure that the “curtain of Oz” remained shut are criminally negligent, but it is the continued stripping of our President’s dignity, that he & every human should be afforded.

May God have mercy on our country. Our world.

Src: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rgs/oz-15.html

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Of course Biden’s faculties are a major issue for the democrats but what they don’t seem to understand is that the American people have watched their Orwellian propaganda of the last decade become thinner and thinner until last week the smoke and mirrors crumbled and their lies revealed in 90 minutes of national television. How in the world can any democrat candidate in 2024 now campaign on “truth” and “facts” after their complicity in such a blatant lie that has been perpetuated over 3 years?

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Joe is a sad sack. He should just walk away with his tail between his legs and call it a day. Amazing how his democrat handlers have blinded the media and their doting fans for 3.5 years. Trump better win in November. We are all doomed if he doesn't.

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