This article epitomizes why I choose to subscribe to Common Sense rather than the New York Times; it educated me about a new injustice that I was unaware of and introduced me to an excellent reporter that I was unfamiliar with.

While it is a cliché to use the phrase “not covered in the mainstream media,” in this case, it wasn’t. So kudos to you both for letting us know about it.

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I appreciate the reporting on this. Ummmm…this phrasing though…” crisis pregnancy centers, which often pose as clinics providing medical services but, in fact, exist in order to deter women from getting abortions.”

I disagree with them “posing” as clinics providing medical services. And I do think it’s okay that clinics are out there to provide true choice to women. And pregnancy does require medical care, so there is no “posing.” And I bet no one forced these women to walk in to this clinics…so huh.

Again, I appreciate the coverage of the topic but this phasing is such a tell on the bias. If you are pro-choice then you are also pro women seeking services to keep their baby. Those services don’t have to be demonized as bad or manipulative.

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Just like no Democrat would condemn the George Floyd riots, none will condemn the attacks on pro-life centers, because violence in support of Democrat causes is justified, in their minds.

These are sick people, who, as the have shown repeatedly, are fundamentally anti-human.


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I find it hard to believe that the FBI cannot penetrate or get the goods on Jane's Revenge.

We are not talking about the Russian FSB here. Getting information on the owner of the website, associated emails, names etc, cannot be that hard.

Also, it seems to me, that Jane's Revenge has declared itself a domestic terrorism organization. Should its members not be on some form of list? Who has donated cannot be that hard to find out.

Has Twitter or FB banned them for promoting violence?

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We no longer have equal protection under the law. Not with this DOJ, not with the Governors and AGs and DAs elected since wokeness infected law schools and progressive administrations, and the media that turns a blind eye to stories like these.

So the argument is that it’s “patriarchy” to oppose abortion. Let’s consider what caused that unwanted pregnancy. Let’s put aside the rare cases of rape and incest. A consensual, probably unprotected sex act caused that unwanted pregnancy. Wasn’t it allowing patriarchy to let that happen? The woman could have demanded a condom and said no if one wasn’t produced. Or the woman could have said no because she hadn’t provided for her own contraception. She would have disappointed the man, but so what? That’s his patriarchy problem. The truth is that women want to enjoy all the sex they want (fine, go for it), but without a thought to the consequences. Sorry, biology leaves you holding the bag, so to speak. And there are so many inexpensive ways to get protection. But as long as abortion on demand is available, the need to think about protection is less important. It’s women wanting their cake and eating it too. It’s women being irresponsible and being OK with a 15 week abortion that requires dismembering a fetus. I expect better from women.

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I always find takes like the one of the Baptist “minister” on PP’s clergy board to be fascinating. It’s not violence to burn up buildings and make threats? That’s cute. Does this fall into the category of a “mostly peaceful” protest? If these idiots burned down her church, would she consider that non-violent too? I guess though that when one is in the abortion business, a little property damage is not all that worrisome-as long as it’s happening to the right people.

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I am really tired of the trend of assigning so much power to “the aftermath of the rise of Donald Trump and the reaction to his rise”. I am a well educated conservative and have been all of my life. Most of my friends and family are the same (yes I do have liberal friends also). We all agree that Trump did not ignite or change our feelings about anything. We don’t like the guy but we appreciate that he empowered conservatives that are typically not the loudest voice in the room to have a voice in the conversation. Progressives have pushed and pushed and pushed their agenda for years and we are finally tired of it, finally found our voices to say that we are drawing the line and the pendulum must swing back and come into balance.

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This is a well-written, balanced and important journalistic piece; however, the author lost me a little with this line “ in the aftermath of the rise of Donald Trump and the reaction to his rise.” Really? Years of declining American educational standards, where people are not taught to think and listen and engage in philosophical discourse, coupled with the absolutely toxic effects of social media for the past 10-15 years is what I think has polarized America and spawned violent tribalism.

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Remember, it’s only extremism if you wear a red hat with an innocuous slogan in white lettering. If you wear a ski mask and raise your fist in the air while taking a knee before, during, or after violent attacks that ruin or even take someone’s life then you’re merely on the right side of history.

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This is such an important story- thank you for covering it - this is exactly why I subscribe to Common Sense. Surprising that the story is described as being ‘at the fringes of the internet’ though - it has been all over Catholic and right wing Twitter for months!

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Thank You for this article.

I was kicked out of the Texas Handmaids for allegedly being a "transphobe" even though my son is a trans man.

Why am I a "transphobe"?

Because I said men can't get pregnant and women don't have penises. Apparently, that made me a "Nazi".

Anyway, they had been protesting Crisis Pregnancy Centers as part of their "mission".

When I was kicked out of the Handmaids, I protested on my own outside of the crisis pregnancy centers.

One day, a very kind woman came outside and invited me to come inside the clinic.

Unlike the Handmaids, she did not treat me like a pariah because I disagreed with her on a political issue, even one extremely close to her heart.

What I saw inside the clinic were pregnant women, most of them young Hispanic moms, with other small children. The clinic provided 2 years worth of free diapers, new baby & toddler clothes, parenting classes, free childcare, referrals to doctors that accept medicaid, and other resources helpful to low income moms.

The director of the clinic admitted that about 90% of the women who come to the clinic have already decided to continue with their pregnancies. She also admitted she wished she could say she changed more minds than she actually did.

I will always be pro choice, but I will never be pro abortion.

Real choice means enthusiastically supporting women who choose to have their babies, no matter how poor they are. That's what the crisis pregnancy centers do.

When pro abortion fanatics destroy these clinics, they are taking resources away from poor mothers and their children.

That is vile.

Now more than ever, poor moms in Red States need these clinics to provide them with what they need to survive. In reality, poor women have not had access to abortion for years, because an abortion costs almost a full paycheck for low income women, and that is not a "choice".

The Wokerati don't give a crap about that, because poverty is not an identity, and they clearly value identities over human beings.

Anyway, this pro choice woman supports crisis pregnancy centers 1000%.

The people who attack them should be arrested and stopped before they kill one of the young mothers who go their for support.

How many free diapers is Planned Parenthood giving out?

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Oct 19, 2022·edited Oct 19, 2022

You say that crisis pregnancy centers (I’m going to skip the unwarranted scare quotes) “pose as clinics providing medical services,” and later refer to one that has an exam room. For the non-existent medical services? a reader might wonder.

Although I can’t speak to this specific location, some CPCs do in fact provide medical services such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, with licensed providers. Not providing abortions doesn’t mean they’re “posing as providing medical services.”

The majority of them, though, specialize in material support. I’ve donated to them - mostly Birthright, my favorite chain - since 2010. Someone blowing up a crisis pregnancy center is depriving babies of diapers and clothes. I’ve seen pregnant women in CPCs with a couple of toddlers in tow, hoping they can get another small pack of diapers to get them through until pay day. Or carrying babies who are seriously underdressed for the cold weather, hoping someone’s donated a snowsuit or at least a thick sweatshirt. (If you want to delight everyone at a CPC, get twenty or thirty bucks and raid the clearance baby clothes at Target or Walmart for them. They will love you.)

Underprivileged babies - the born variety, the ones everyone agrees are babies - lose desperately-needed supplies when terrorists blow up CPCs. Gee, looks like some people “don’t care about babies after they’re born.”

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I may be pro choice, but this is actual terrorism plain and simple.

What the hell has happened to the left? Its switched sides. Todays woke left have become the intolerant evangelical Moral Majority of the 1980s.

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Chiming in on the DOJ’s prosecution of Herb Geraghty under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. If you search a legal database for that act and look at the cases that have cited it, there’s almost nothing, suggesting that prosecutions under that Act have been somewhere between rare and nonexistent in the past. That supports the idea that prosecutors now are acting politically in a way that they didn’t used to.

Interestingly, Geraghty is also an atheist.

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Crisis pregnancy centers don’t “pose as” anything. That’s MSM-speak that feeds the violence against them.

Crisis pregnancy centers offer support for pregnant mothers, the depth of which varies depending on the amount of funding they receive and the personnel they have on staff -- everything from prenatal nursing care to food to housing to adoption referral to baby supplies. They do not “pose as” anything other than what they are, and the reporter of this piece does them a tremendous disservice by alleging otherwise.

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The FBI will get to the bottom of all this right after it figures out why the cameras watching Epstein “malfunctioned”, and after it admits it knew all along the charges against Trump were baseless, and that ample evidence exists to indict Hunter and Joe both.

In other words: NEVER. The FBI exists to protrct a status quo We The People do not really understand, but which obviously feels contempt for the average voter, the rule of law, and basic decency.

Pick your name for that status quo. Deep State works as well as anything.

It remains astonishing to me, though, that the people who obsessively talk about “threats to our democracy” fail to see that the true threats exist in the people who installed Joe Biden as their puppet, and who control both our Intelligence and “law enforcement” agencies.

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