Praying you land on your feet, with a big smile on your face, in a new career opportunity where intelligence is valued and bravery is rewarded.

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They will continue to say

“Oh please there are very few actual cases of cancellation. Bari just puts all of them on her Substack.”

and I will continue to remind everyone that this works the exact same way as my plan to end graffiti by punishing it with the death penalty because you really only have to kill a few guys before everyone else gets the message.

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May 12, 2022·edited May 12, 2022

Especially since the Summer of Love, one of the strictest taboos has been to not bring up facts or science to the party of "In this house, we believe in science".

I've long been sympathetic to the anti-police violence movement, well before BLM was an organization. I've marched for Trayvon Martin and half a dozen others. I think reform of the police, prisons, and criminal justice system are important and well-warranted. However, the simple fact is that there is no genocide of young black men. They are not being "hunted". It's not "open season". These tragic events are not rare enough, but they are rare. Police violence is also not something that only, or even extremely disproportionately something that effects black people.

Bringing up any of these facts was considered tantamount to "justifying white supremacy / genocide". These are really important conversations to have, but we need to be able to refer to the actual facts.

Edit: I encourage everyone to read the post that got Kriegman fired. Also, I'd be very curious how many people who viewed his post on the Hub clicked through to the links you provided. Was there a negative correlation between the number of links clicked through and negative engagement with his post? This seems like data that could be made available through discovery.


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How are we supposed to learn from each other and improve if we can't discuss data? All of our conclusions don't need to be the same, but if we all work together really seeking a truth answer, I believe we can find better outcomes. You are brave. Jordan Peterson is often asked why he's so brave at speaking out, even when it's unpopular. He then says it's because the alternative is so much worse if you really think about it. We can't be silent. Clearly you care.

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The problem is the C-suite leadership.

They are cowardly and feckless and have allowed this moral manic to roll along unimpeded.

There need to start being reputational costs for those at the apex of the corporations.

The midwit HR and DEI hysterics will do what they do, but it is leadership is responsible for imposing order and they have totally abrogated their responsibility.

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Shockingly, i had a pleasant experience recently.

we were having a real shit-storm of an online meeting and someone questioned "why are minorities being impacted more than others in this realignment?"

I asked "do you have data to back that up or just observation?"

the response was "does it matter?"

my reply was "yes, if it is racism we need to wipe it out, if however it is not factual we don't need the unnecessary conflict."

i got a surprising amount of support and the antagonist shut up... i could not believe it

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You were very badly treated and I hope you are reinstated and are able to pursue a whopping lawsuit for damages.

Let's be clear, your article was parallel to in late 1930s Germany, printing an article in the Volkischer Beobachter (the Nazi Party's national newspaper) using data and historical analysis to argue that the Nazi animus toward Jews was misplaced and not supported by facts or logic. An act of courage, truly "speaking truth to power," but bound to produce a crushing response.

And I absolutely mean that comparison with Nazi Germany to be as inflammatory as it sounds.

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Dont just complain to the government bureaucracy which will no doubt blow you off after taking years to “investigate”. Hire a lawyer and sue under the federal civil rights act. Sue the company and every person individually in HR. If people are personally held accountable, they might change their behavior.

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Fantastic piece, thanks. Something very weird is going on in the West, as Douglas Murray explains in his latest book. Wokeness is a destructive religion.

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Thirty years ago, when I came to the US, one the very first things that I had to learn about adapting to American corporate environments was to leave all politics at the door. I had worked in a communist country where any deviation from the ideological line imposed every day in the work place (and everywhere else) could cost you much more than your job, so I was reluctant to temporarily relinquish my newly acquired right to argue about politics for eight hours a day.

After George Floyd’s death, my American corporate workplace became much worse than my communist former job. Back then, we had the company management and the Communist Party local secretary enforcing the rules, and secret police informants snooping on us, but nobody really believed the ideology and you could always crack jokes among friends.

Today in America it’s not just the corporate management that would fire you instantly if you disagree with the new American ruling ideology; you also have to deal with the army of zombies that you used to think of as your colleagues, just waiting to tear you apart and eat you alive.

Dictatorship was bad, but the woke zombie apocalypse is much worse.

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Thanks for posting here. I completely buy the causal link going straight from the false accusation of racially-motivated police killings to tens of thousands of excess black murder victims. It's beyond tragic, and there's no way that there shouldn't be some kind of accountability for it.

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He promoted his views on an internal bulletin board, running afoul of an odious ideology that had infected the workplace. Then, after a prolonged fight against censorship, he was summarily fired.

This kind of thing is happening all over the country; a youth culture of intolerance and reverse racism has taken over campuses and corporate boardrooms to such an extent that it can hardly be said that we have freedom of speech.

"Speech" has always been a fraught thing in the workplace, however. These louts with their "tolerance for me, not for thee" are the ones who should be fired. Sadly, in the real world, it's the one who squawks the loudest who gets canned, while the mob just snickers and continues playing their games with people's lives.

I know it's easier to say than to do, but my advice would be to sue Thomson Reuters for several million dollars of lost potential income, defamation, and probably a few other things your lawyers can think up. We need to make it so expensive to do this to people that corporations back down. To just go away quietly, shaking in impotent rage, is to give them victory.

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This was beautifully written Zac, thanks for sharing. I hope that the individual sacrifices being made by people with a conscience will eventually coalesce into a counterwave of change against the disturbing degradations our institutions are undergoing.

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May 12, 2022·edited May 12, 2022

Zac, most of us like to think that we would have sided with the Resistance in Nazi-controlled countries, would have run stations on the Underground Railroad if we lived in the U.S. in the 1800s, and would have refused to cooperate with the KGB in ratting out our neighbors. You and Cynthia are among the few people who can honestly believe that you would have been on the right side. History shows that few people actually do the right thing when push comes to shove. Congratulations on being able to look at yourselves in the mirror.

One of our grandsons just turned down a scholarship to a prestigious American university. In explaining why, among other things, he wrote: “…colleges are no longer the beacon of science and rationality that they once were. Physical diversity is championed by colleges while diversity of thought is not even a consideration, often vilified. Truth can only come through dialogue. Discussion involves disagreement. No truth can come from an institution where those in it are scared to speak their mind if their political view is not "correct". What once were the centers of thought of the western world are now egotistical echo chambers of the delusional.”

His words are true not only for universities, but for news organizations, much of government and many businesses. While many virtue-pat themselves on the back, they are responsible for poverty, mental health problems and, as you write, even the death of those they purport to care about.

You and your wife will never know whose backbone your actions encouraged to do the right thing themselves . I hope you find organizations (that do exist) to help you sue; sadly, that is the way to get attention. Drop after drop, as more and more people speak up and hazard the consequences, we can cut away this rot in our society. God bless.

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It's so insane to me that people buy into this nonsense without researching on their own. I've known BLM numbers were a lie from the very beginning. However, I have also looked up the average IQ quotient of the citizenry, and I am not surprised that people just believe what they hear that day. It's kind of terrifying. Also, I hope you win and BIG.

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Thank you for doing the right thing. You are right about the increase in killing of minority Americans; it is unconscionable that we are looking the other way. All Americans are entitled to equal protection and this breaks my heart. You are a hero for taking a stand and doing the right thing. God bless you.

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