I don't see the published story by Moynihan on the FP.

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"It also bled its backbone and its ethos. And the thing that replaced it? Well, no one wanted to consume it."

Are you writing the epitaph for the Free Press (aka The Democratic Party Rehabilitation Project) a little early?

I wonder how "relevant" TFP will be as they gingerly avoid Joe Biden's clear corruption and efforts to malevolently use the "justice system" to persecute his main political rival after a decade... Do you think this publication will survive another five-years of running defense for the left? Do you think people will continue to read TFP after we are treated to story upon story upon story upon story of leftists insanity while being told that these people all have "good intentions"?

Save this story Bari Weiss... and see if you can avoid the same fate...

The Democratic Party of America, DELENDA EST!

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