Contestants look for love on The Golden Bachelor. (Photo courtesy of ABC / Craig Sjodin)

For Love and Money: Desperate Housewives, Crypto Scammers, and More

Critic Kat Rosenfield on ‘The Golden Bachelor’ and ‘Naked Attraction.’ Plus: why Michael Lewis fell for SBF.

Today in The Free Press: two weekend essays, one about love and the other about money. Well, not real love or real money, but synthetic imitations: dating-show romance and cryptocurrencies. 

First up, Kat Rosenfield dissects two wild—and wildly popular—new TV shows. In Naked Attraction, contestants meet potential soulmates in a state of full-frontal nudity. In The Golden Bachelor, senior citizens compete for the affections of Gerry, a 71-year-old widower. Both shows are embarrassing, cringeworthy, and oddly freeing. Check out an excerpt below and click the link to read on.

Meanwhile, with the trial of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried underway this week, our second offering is a review by Patrick McKenzie of two books that try to explain the crypto craziness of the last few years. (Patrick has one of the smartest accounts on Twitter. Follow him @patio11.) Patrick has always been a crypto-skeptic. But does that mean he feels vindicated by the collapse in crypto’s value and the downfall of FTX? If only, he writes: “Vindication would imply that the war is over and that something has won. We still spent tens of billions of dollars, our society has still received nothing of value, and we haven’t even purged the rot!” Click below for more.

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