I keep hearing that Sen..Scott is the only black Republican as if there are are many black Democrats in the Senate. Fact: There are only two black Democrats in the Senate.

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"My God, the crowd: three-hundred souls, give or take, squeezed into this ballroom at the back of a flashing, neon hotel-casino extravaganza on the edge of the desert, eating rubbery chicken breasts stuffed with a yellowish cheese. They’re weathered, wrinkly, suntanned, and they wear ill-fitting blazers and ties and pleated pants. There are a few low-cut dresses, fading tattoos that droop just a bit around the ankles and wrists, and the occasional American-flag bandana stretched tight around a scraggly, Jesse Ventura visage.

They’re angry. They’re angry about crime and critical race theory and inflation and the death tax. But most of all they are angry about being left behind, and even though this is supposed to be a GOP-sponsored forum where candidates share ideas about how to make California livable again, it’s really all about candidates venting the rage that the crowd so obviously feels. "

This came from a 17 May 2022 column by Peter Savodnik - I just came across it and posted it here because I believe is could be useful for some us us to see how obnoxiously condesending we can be.

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