Was this fiction, a parody or a recount of real events?

I can’t tell anymore.

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Jesus christ, these brain dead consensus -seeking affirmation-dependant dolts are going to be the death of us.

Get these criminals off the streets, throw em in jail. Who gives a shit, this fuckin experiment has gone on long enough. Turns out your classroom theory doesn't hold up well in the real world, time to try something, anything, else.

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God I’m so glad I live nowhere near these people. I feel like everyone but Moose deserves whatever he’ll is coming their way. They are either brainwashed or stupid. Either way they all deserve each other. The state of the left in America today is an unprecedented clusterfuck of compliance and entitlement. I pray no animals are hurt because of their stupidity. As far as they go, they get what they have designed. A world of smelling their own farts and feeling guilty for existing.

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Crime is a “construct” for most of the sheltered woke types until it happens to them. This variety are the reason I quit policing. There’s no winning with them, as this article clearly demonstrates. These are the folks that would have a community forum about a gang shootout where they try to out-woke each other, but also stand there with a phone videoing someone bleed out on the pavement instead of helping them. They’d then happily tell you how traumatized they are (I know, I’m ranting). It’s disgusting, and Suzy did a good job showcasing their incompetency.

This is also why people who live in rural areas laugh or cringe when folks living in the big cities tell us how ignorant we all are and how we are doing it all wrong. It’s like the court jester giving advice on how to run the kingdom. I’ve been to NYC, and I’m inclined to agree with Hank Williams Jr.

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Honestly I have hard time finding sympathy for people like Mr Nammack.

From reading this, I have a feeling that he was very active in voting for these policies and only now when the problem has hit close to home, there is call for action.

Giuliani managed to clean up NYC, make it safest big city in USA, after him, we had Bloomberg (who was Republican in Name only), Bill de Blasio (candidate for worst Mayor in NYC history) who have failed NYC on every step.

For years, situation in Big Apple was in downward spiral, people are regulary at attacked, pushed on rails in subway, and answer was always, Police is the problem, Criminals are victims.

Similar thing we see now with immigrants that are being send from Texas and Florida to "Sanctuary Cities", they loved immigrants until they showed up on their doorstep and were very happy to support them, so long they were some ones else problem.

long story short, you get what you voted for. In this case Mr Nammack saw first hand effect of policies he voted and supported. As always you get what you vote for. I honestly hope that Mr Nammack and his neighbors will vote differently in the future.

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On the one hand, this is hilarious. It reads like the dialogue from a Neil Simon play. On the other hand, it is a sad commentary on the state of our once-great cities. The choice for the denizens of those cities is becoming clearer each day: virtue signal in your dream world and risk your safety and quality of life daily, or grow up, live in the real versus your imaginary world, and change how you vote.

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An ax swinging guy who threatened diners and smashed up a McDonalds in NYC was paroled after 18 hrs. Lee Zeldin promises this will end when he is Gov. Can the democrats in NY bring themselves to vote for a Republican? Probably not.

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Wow! First thought is, please Lord don't let these idiots breed. These people have no concept of reality and live in some warped dream scape that the rest of humanity has no desire to enter. Every one of them is exactly why we have so many problems in society. I also worry that these fools are actually real people and not satire.

The entire conversations from them all just verifies what anyone else knows. They should be wearing a sign that says, victimize me so my privilege's are paid for. Please rob, beat me and tell me how bad I am because I choose to live life. If they all feel this way they should seriously consider a move to Iran, Russia and China where the beloved leaders will make sure they do not live in a well to do neighborhood and they can all serve the greater good and be the same as the next miserable soul.

If they truly are left of beloved Lenin the killer of millions, my question is why would Suzy not ask why do you support that type of thought? How well is Iran, Russia and China working for the average so called Bohemian artist, musician, or intellectual? The US for well over 200 years has and still remains a beacon of hope for all of those folks who would gladly trade places with you. I strongly encourage all of these fools to take that offer and go bow down to the lord and masters on Communism and Dictatorship.

It absolutely hurts my head to listen to any of this drivel and absolutely insane BS from people who are unqualified to hold the shoes of soldiers and all of the first responders who allow them to be as "Stupid" as they are. One day the evil will come for you and I hope it is very painful for all of them, as that may be the only thing to make them realize they are a threat to humanity. As for me and my family, we will continue to appreciate and love the USA and all of the people who sacrifice to let us enjoy our lives.

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We have become Godless people. The controls on our evil instincts are gone.

As Dostoyevsky said, When there is no God, everything is allowed.

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The average IQ is 100, which isn't that bright. This story proves it. These people are just plain unapologetically stupid. I've grown so weary of the attitude that critical thinking is a "right wing talking point."

The other day a colleague -- yes -- a "professor" posted graffiti that read "abolish the courts" with the caption YEAH! Abolish the courts!"

Finally -- though I embrace free speech -- I hit the "unfollow" button. The fashion these days is to be the biggest Useful Idiot on the block.

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When empathy is decoupled from reason, this is what you get. Everyone wants to burnish their liberal bona-fides (for social status/power or self perception) and nobody wants to actually deal with the problem.

Instead we get "redefinition" of the problem. And people willing to put up with absolutely appalling stuff because they want to label themselves something or see themselves a certain way. It could be happy horseshit but it gives them self-esteem and group identity. I'm a progressive, I'm not racist/sexist/whatever the label of the week is. And MOST OF ALL, I'm not a republican!

NYC will have to fall out of love with all these moronic, misguided attempts at public safety reform. Starting first with the phenomenally stupid bail reform. Which could have been a good thing of it were properly executed. Which it wasn't. Because of course it wasn't.

It's gonna take a while. There's an old saying that it's easier to fool somebody than convince them they've been fooled. I figure on at least half a generation.. 10 years at least. Though at the read this generation is having kids it may actually be 15;)

So yeah. Buckle up. And protect yourself. And hold onto the dear things in your life. And enjoy your time on this earth. Let the idiots buy into their happy horse shit. It gives them self esteem and group identity. And nobody is giving that up anytime soon.

And one last thing.

May God bless Moose. May he have cuddles and walkies and limitless treats where he is now. RIP

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Brilliant reporting and a terrifying glimpse into the mindset of the insane Left. I was heartened to see the Post piece about a neighborhood watch group, only to find this was the reality behind it. Reads like an Ayn Rand novel, with the characters running headlong off the cliff. Problem is, they’re taking a lot of good people with them. And a dog named Moose. 😡

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This is what happens when the leftists take over the schools at all levels, when the drug-addicted homeless take over our public spaces, and when you have political leaders who don’t give a fig about public civility and safety, so they hamstring law enforcement. Anarchy ensues. Society disintegrates. Rudy Giuliani is in bad odor these days, but NYC was a vastly better, safer, place when he was a mayor making public safety a priority.

I shudder to think that the people Suzy describes, some of them at least, are voters. SMH

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If you tried to write a satire of the Brooklyn woke that is funnier than this real-life tale you would fall well short.

Truly these people - Democrats all - are insane. Caricatures. Feckless freaks. There is no helping them. No hope for them. If you want to know why our cities have fallen apart, look no more deeply.

These are the very sort of people who have turned our lives and our country upside down. They are the same lunatics who insist that gender is fluid, that borders are racist and now - in the most unimaginable and disgusting foray in long list - insist that we must call pedophiles MAPs - minor attracted persons. You are not dealing with normal, sentient beings. Laugh at them if you must But they are not your friends.

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Just keep voting for those Dems in NYC. They are getting exactly what they voted for. Zero sympathy...

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Sep 20, 2022·edited Sep 26, 2022

Honestly, if this reads like parody, it's because Park Slope is perhaps the most absurdist caricature of the Dystopian Lunatic Left that currently exists on this continent. I read the story and nodded along in sympathy.

I experienced my own mini-cancellation on the (much-lampooned) Park Slope Parents listserv run by Head-Fascist, Susan Fox, in the summer of 2020.

At the time we were holed up out of state due to the pandemic and I was anxiously watching news reports of skyrocketing crime and made the mistake of posting on the forum about my concerns regarding crime and safety. We were pretty sure we would need to return to NYC at some point in the Fall, and I was seeking solutions for our family.

What followed was the most vicious display of virtue-signalling and word-salad regurgitation that I've witnessed to date. Most of the posters actually DENIED that the crime rate was rising, and then Susan Fox rejected my attempts to back up my statements, with, you know- facts.

When I was finally *allowed* to post the crime data, which naturally showed an UNMISTAKABLE and dramatic uptick in crime, I was told that the stats aren't real. They're all made up. By racists of course. Oh, and also, even if the stats *are* real- well, white women's tears and all.

I was called a racist and a sexist and all sorts of lovely names for simply NOTING that NYC was having particularly bad moment for crime. By my neighbors. And fellow parents.

The shameless parade of (mostly female) white-knighting name-callers was absolutely grotesque, and I recieved private message after private message from other parents who were sickened by the display, but told me that Susan Fox would not permit them to post any defense of me.

I closed my computer that night and told my husband, that we were done with Park Slope, done with NYC, and done with living around lunatics. I also threatened to write an article calling out the "Taliban Wives of Park Slope," but my husband put the kabosh on that.....

We never returned after the pandemic, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I want to dance a jig of joy every single morning that I wake up NOT in Park Slope. I can't describe how lovely it is to live around people who are firmly rooted in reality and the world of facts.

The irony is that the people who engage in this sort of behavior aren't good people. Far from it. They're spiteful, superficial, status-seeking narcissists who sidestep COUNTLESS opportunities to actually do good deeds every single day. I know because I lived among them and watched their behavior over many years.

And yet- if there's a good ol' tarring and feathering in the town square, they're happy to show up with their fangs bared and their claws out. They substitute screaming about how bad others are for actually trying to BE GOOD themselves.

For the last few years before the pandemic, I'd found my neighbors and fellow parents to be just FULL of misinformation and terrible ideas. And of course, this is not a group that entertains heterdoxy very well. That trend accelerated after Trump and Covid, and now most of our American cities absolutely TEEMING with these mentally ill, truly malicious imbeciles.

It's tragic and it's a sign we're heading for a real Dark Age.

I'm a lifelong classical liberal, and nothing about my positions has changed. The Overton Window has simply shifted in a truly terrifying way over the past few years. And anyone who hasn't woken up to the fact that the modern Left in the Western world has taken a dark and malevolent turn is simply not paying attention.

Believe me- this article doesn't even scratch the surface of the depth of crazy that currently exists in Park Slope and places like it.

A couple of years prior to the pandemic, when I was complaining about something insane that a fellow parent had said, a friend wisely noted, "You're wandering around a mental institution asking why everyone is acting so crazy. Stop hanging out in mental institutions!"

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