College presidents (from left) Liz Magill of the University of Pennsylvania, Claudine Gay of Harvard, and Sally Kornbluth of MIT at a congressional hearing this week. (Photos from Sipa USA via AP)

WATCH: Safety First on Campus. Except for Jews

Our video on the hypocrisy of college presidents.

By The Free Press

December 7, 2023

Safety first. 

That’s the approach taken by university administrators these days. On campuses across the country, “safety first” has birthed a whole new moral framework—one that treats rhetorical “microaggressions” as acts of violence.     

It’s safety first when it comes to edgy Halloween costumes. It’s safety first when a professor writes an email in which she says, “Black Lives Matter but also, Everyone’s Life Matters.” And it’s safety first when a professor fails too many students in his class. 

But when it comes to threats and calls for genocide against the Jews, it’s a different story. Not safety first, but anything goes. 

Here at The Free Press, we’ve been reporting on the ways in which college leaders have failed their Jewish students in the weeks since October 7—and pointing out the flagrantly uneven enforcement of their “safety first” approach. 

And if that double standard wasn’t already obvious, it was crystal clear in Washington this week, when the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and UPenn testified before a congressional hearing on campus antisemitism. 

Instead of more double standards, how about free speech as the standard? 

Click below to watch our video on the hypocrisy of the college presidents.  

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