Wow...Two Things:

1) If only we had a leader (President) like Bibi. His moral clarity and conviction is amazing in today's world.

2) Bari, congratulations on an amazing interview. Rather than have these stupid presidential debates, all serious candidates should commit to a one hour interview with you! Maybe you could start with President Biden?

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Thank you for the transcript! And thank you for this wonderful interview!

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This stupendous interview makes many points of diplomacy clear. These quotes captures a takeaway that cannot be ignored:

"But if you told them the way you're going to secure democracy is by giving the power to the anointed few who will decide for the unwashed many? They’d say that's ridiculous. But that's a view of democracy that is penetrating Western democracies and is very, very dangerous. It's not going to sustain them."

"It would be a tragedy if the United States abandons its role and stops believing in its mission to be the beacon of liberty and the world. "

"Get on with a program of liberty."

Americans have forgotten the difference between liberty and freedom. We use them interchangeably. This is a mistake. Bibi implies that he, for one, knows the difference, and is putting it to work in Israel.

Freedom as the political program promises to hoodwink reality by making it someone else's job to guarantee your freedom of speech, worship, want, and from fear. Liberty is political freedom, meaning freedom from the polity (elected and unelected) who want to rule your life's every breath.

I am pleased to see that Common Sense is taking us back to the days of its namesake, when everyone knew the difference between liberty and freedom. Thank you, Bari Weiss for this important interview with Bibi.

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“You do not have a proper democracy by having self-chosen moral people who are above the public”


*Vegas jackpot noises


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I'm noticing Common Sense using the common mainstream journalism practice of regularly using the term "far-right" while never once using the term "far-left".

I'd love to see a thoughtful discussion of what those terms actually mean, where the center is and who defines it, and a sincere question to the CS staff as to whether they frame the right as radical on purpose or whether it's so normalized they don't think about it.

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First of all, Bari, thank you for listening and giving us the transcript.

But, more important, thank you for giving us Bibi. I wish that our own leaders were as thoughtful, as educated, as brave and as dedicated to their nation as is he. Israel is lucky to have him. We all are lucky that such men still stride the Earth as giants.

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I am thankful that you have the courage and intellectual curiosity to give this great man a platform to present his story without all of the stupid and insane background noise that many confuse with sense. Great interview, I learned alot. Thank you, Bari

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Thank you Bari and Bibi, and I ordered the book.

I just turned 60 and this completely confirms my understanding of: "The older I get, the less I know."

Bibi really gets subtly at all levels. In his former self, Bibi would have been done this interview and book promotion with Tom Friedman and The NY Times. Thank you Bari for being the new "Beacon of Light" for REAL journalism.

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Phenomenal interview. Netanyahu is an historical figure. Not just in Israel, but for the world. Like him politically or not, what he has accomplished, what he did in his life, and what he has done for his country- and the region- will have long lasting impact on the rest of the world. I have always wished we had a leader in this country, with such a clear understanding of his/her own nation, hands that got dirty defending his/her own nation, hands that helped develop his/her own nation. Instead, what we get here are preeners who leave us questioning whether they actually love their country at all.

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Bari, What a terrific interview and the courage to cover hot topics and a few softballs tossed in. I’m not an immediate fan of Bibi but given this interview I, for just one, will allow him the space to move ahead, not that he needs my blessing at all. I have same concerns about ultra religious and ultra nationalism making Israel smaller and less a force for good. Let’s see what levers Bibi holds and how he throws those levers.

I’ve shared this interview with about two dozen guys who monthly hold an ISrael discussion session which is rarely without disagreements. Thank you for your honest voice. And thank you for Common Sense.

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What a *coup!!* I'm sure there's a lotta people blind with envy. And a TRANSCRIPT! <kissing feet ;->

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I listened all the way through and that's saying something; I hate listening to podcasts, as a rule!

Bibi is smart, articulate, humorous, and focused on the mission. Attributes that our country seems unable to produce in our own leadership.

Perhaps the Afghan/Iraq war veterans now home and running for office, people like Ron DeSantis and Tom Cotton, can bring some of this moral clarity and courage back to our government.

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My husband and I moved back to the U.S. this summer after living in Jerusalem for two years and, as Prime Minister Netanyahu stated in this interview, the Israelis don't mess around when it comes to national security. It was so impressive to witness firsthand.

In May of 2021 as Hamas launched bombs toward Jerusalem and I huddled in our apartment's built-in bomb shelter, I never doubted for a second that the Israeli military and the Iron Dome were going to do what needed to be done to end the threat. Despite several terrorist attacks and the conflict in May, I generally felt safe in Israel because I felt like they knew what they were doing when it came to defending themselves and their citizens. The U.S. could use a leader like Bibi.

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Amazingly great interview. And thank you so much for providing a transcript.

I don't actually think the Palestinians are the tail wagging the Arab dog. I don't think anyone in the Arab world ever cared about the Palestinians until they figured out they could use them as a front for their hatred of Israel and Jews.

I'm a Jew, and I love Israel. Still. I think some more positive solution has to be found for the Palestinian problem. And that the day Rabin was assassinated was a sad, sad day for Israel, for the Jews, and for the world at large.

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Thank you for the transcript. Great interview.

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Wow. What a contrast with the caricature presented to us in the MSM!

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