I don’t know if Bari will see this. I’m not tech savvy at all!!, but I was impressed enough with Bari on the interview with Ben Shapiro on The Sunday Special, that I knew I wanted to sign up on her site!

I really admire & really want to support people like Bari; who are BRAVE, CALM, & STEADY. It’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of all this MADNESS, to hear people say SENSIBLE things. Keep up the GREAT WORK Bari!! We are at our wits end up here in Canada too, with the direction things have been going!!😩

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Sir, this essay made me feel a little “fuck yeah-ish”. Well done. With three young sons, I feel the same way more and more every day.

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This could be the best guest column you have posted thus far. Thank you for sharing this - it truly hit home tonight.

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Perhaps the most important point in this article is that we no longer teach. In Oregon they've taken that to an astounding low by pretty much eliminating any basic skills requirement to graduate from high school. If I were a citizen of Oregon, I'd be clamoring for an elimination of the public school system - it is no longer needed and I'd want my tax dollars back.

Why have we stopped teaching? Because we have had it beaten into our heads that anything, ANYTHING, that remotely smacks of "superiority" is immoral, if not evil. Certainly, teaching is an act of displaying some type of superiority in hopes that it will help others. But it doesn't matter why. Any superiority is wrong. (except for "ours" of course because "we" are the chosen ones)

We have bought into so many solipsisms that we have abandoned reason and objectivity. Again, we have to ask "why?". I believe it is because it is simply easier, and easier is now always better. When someone says "watch what you say because you must be accountable for how others may act based on your words", what they are really saying is "I want to blame everyone else for my mistakes so I will create a code that states the words of others define your actions." What they don't understand is that this has two other very, very bad effects.

First, people stop talking to each other. We used to say "hurt me if you go to, but don't be telling me no lies". (excuse the grammar - it's a direct quote from one of my favorite tunes from the 80s) Now we say "words can kill, so keep quiet".

Second, in order to maintain this false civility we will require "someone" to be the arbiter of what can be said. And guess who that will be: "The Ministry". And we don't need to speculate about how that will turn out.

We are at least one full generation from recovering, if we can at all.

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Joe the eggplant looked at his watch during the ceremony at Dover. Totally disrespectful. His enabler wife should at least make sure he didn’t have a watch to look at. Guess he was thinking it was time for a nap.

Then he goes on to FEMA where he once again showed he’s not in charge. “I’m not supposed to answer any questions, but go ahead. Afghanistan, I’m not talking about Afghanistan”. Where are the supposed reporters to question who is actually in charge?

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In order for Peter Savodnik to earn income from the article-writing business he must feel

that he has to criticize the Right and the Left. His comment that the "identitarian right"

has no concern for the Afghan interpreters is A BALD-FACED LIE. I guess Peter Savodnik

never watches FoxNews. I watch FoxNew as I feel that I get a healthy dose of truth, reality,

and facts. Many on FoxNews express great concern for the future safety of Afghans who

worked with Americans, but on FoxNews they are willing to expose the Biden/Blinken

con game of building-up the numbers-the numbers are built up so Biden/Blinken and

their followers can tout the numbers. The numbers are built-up by flying out many

Afghans who NEVER WORKED with Americans. This creates a very dangerous situation

for the United States of America since these Afghans are leaving a lawless country and

it is very difficult to vet them.

Another point which nobody mentions it was the destructive Left which turned

Guantanamo Bay into a political football. It is a perfect place for cold-blooded-murdering-

Jihadists. Guantanamo Bay SHOULD HAVE BEEN the destination of those five thousand

prisoners at Bagram. To Biden/Blinken to do that it would have been an infamy.


Harvey Bennett August 29, 2021

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Much gratitude for posting this thought-provoking, discomforting article by a brilliant writer and thinker. But then I read in even more despair the responses that attack any open-minded approach to thinking about how to save our beloved country before it crashes and burns into near oblivion. Hatred for Biden now approaches what I thought was insurmountable hatred for Trump. Is there no sense of community left? Without it, we are truly doomed.

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Now it’s being reported that four Marines and sixty Afghans killed by suicide bombs. I was in New York on 9/11 and I’ll never forget the desperate, empty feeling that day that we had crossed a line and will never be the same. I feel that today with this blundering mess of a withdrawal.

My social media feed was polluted for four years with Trump posts. I do not like him and didn’t vote for him. But the utter silence over this horror is utterly hypocritical. I’m sick today over what has happened to us as a people and as a country.

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We are not a laughingstock or a punching bag. We are caught up in a divide which began after 9/11 and still is without bridges of any kind. The simple facts are that our leaders have not yet taken the lessons taught to us by bravery and sacrifice of our military people on the ground. The message is simple …. Service is about gendijgntonthebgrewtwrbgood and NOT about re-election and pork!!!!! Political parties must find the common ground in an effort to actually serve the interests of the people. This is the most imperative concept. Let’s work harder at this ! Suss

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"Incompetent" suggests we and our leaders share the same goal . . .

But when I think about what's a-happenen' — our open southern border with a Covid-positive percentage of the immigrants entering freely, the debt and inflation, the heavy emphasis on "systemic racism" and CRT, and the stunningly brazen double standards — I have to wonder: "If our government were deliberately trying to scuttle the country, what would they be doing differently?"

What motive could they possibly have? Ideological? Personal profit? Blackmail?

All of the above?

And then, I ask: who could influence them?

And my answer to that is: Who would benefit from the collapse of the US and with it, liberal western civilization?

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It is a powerful statement. How to make it the wake-up call?

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With all due respect, I haven’t heard anyone on the right suggest we shouldn’t get our interpreters out.

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Hillary Clinton ran the country when Afghanistan fell. Biden went camping David to process it. Millie or Austin should fall on their sword


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"It cannot see that the “toxic masculinity” it decries extended the lifespans of Afghan women and shielded them from their would-be rapists and enabled their daughters to go to school." This is such an amazing observation from this writer that I had to quote it and hope many will consider sharing. I would add as I watched the images of the chaos at Kabul airport that many if not the majority of soldiers captured on screen were white kids. White people comforting children, helping the sick and receiving newborns into their arms because Afgani mothers trusted them. But here in my state the new Ethic Studies Curriculum signed into law by the gov says that those white kids are oppressors. That they are the embodiment of all that is evil.

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If you're told enough times you're a white supremacist you just might become one.

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This has worried me for quite a while. At some point the CRT model of society will be felt as a struggle between factions, each for itself... and we know where that can end up.

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"The identitarian right wonders aloud why America should absorb the Afghan interpreters who helped us prosecute a 20-year-war in their country. It cannot see that admitting these refugees is a matter not of immigration policy, but of honor and integrity and preserving these values that, it claims, are central to the American character."

That it claims? Which values are these?

What are likely to be the consequences of admitting tens of thousands of Afghans for resettlement in the United States? Will Afghan men get a pass for sex crimes?

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No one ever seems to point out the brutal rapes that afghans perpetrate in Germany to the extent germany is now deporting those people. No one points out Turkey is hardening their border against afghans and Greece is building a border wall against them. Afghans should go to neighboring countries that share their Muslim sensibilities and are close enough they can go back to either fight the taliban or resettle when things die down.

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I agree with everything you have said. You articulate the demise well. There is one point you are missing. That is, NOBODY has any morals anymore. Morals have been eroding from our society, and laws, mass media, and elites suppress a reasonable person's free will. One of my moral values is tolerance; they use repressive tolerance and crush anything you say. Their society would use meta-ethical Relative Morality by dictating up with an EQUITABLE solution to a social grievance. Citizens of the US were brought up on Universal Morality. which is based on religion, where everyone is treated EQUALLY in a rationally discussed trial where your peers make decisions.

Relative Morality leaves regret. It is selfish, racist, biased, sexist, and will not lead to a good outcome because it leaves regret and resentment. We must take a stand in positive moral values again. Create laws that do not limit the free will of the common reasonable man. The laws are in the culture; they are not laws yet. Let me give an example.

Gov Cuomo (bully) created a hostile and abusive work environment for 11 women. He also may have been responsible for the deaths of 1000s of elderly: the social constructs aged vs. women, Injustice death by incompetence vs. sexual harassment. The number affected 1000s vs. 11. His sexual harassment charges were SENSATiONALIZED, and he lost backing because of it. The deaths of all those people seem to have been swept under the rug. I assure you it will stay there because he is a Democrat, and a Republican brought up the argument. I could go on about Antifa vs. Proud Boys, allowing protests but banning church services, and on and on.

Is this justice? I am confused and outraged that several women could outweigh thousands of elderly. This is an EQUITABLE treatment. This is repressive tolerance. Justice of this kind is what Social Media , Mass Media, corporations, and Government want. Justice is induction (you should have guessed productive, oppressed women have more luster than older people that, look like melting wax and, offer no productivity). NOT going after.

We need to get back to basics. EQUAL treatment, not EQUITABLE treatment. Get rid of the E in DEI. How can anyone in society support EQUITY? Stand in defending EQUALITY, free will, tolerance, logic, a reasonable man concept, foster the family, cooperation, empathy, duty citizenship, honesty, gratitude, fairness, respect, politeness, perseverance, self-control, and trustworthiness. The woke, if you check them out, HAVE NO MORAL VALUES. Relative Morality believes in no morals. By the grace of God, this is how to defeat them.

Paradox You can't treat them with tolerance. You have to shut them down. Use visceral words that studying ethical philosophy and logic philosophy provide. Let them stay in the praxis of using Woke mumbo-jumbo. It gives us the psychological edge.

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