The video on gaming on Meta is only a partial of the videos, as Mark Zuckerberg discusses other issues, such as more immersive meetings and participating in the lives of our loved ones remotely. Do not let your dislike to Zuckerberg's politics (and the handling of Hunter's laptop story) detract you from the likely significance of the Metaverse, and Facebook's (well, Meta's) decision to lead there.

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Young people like Bari and Nellie give me hope.

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Is England TERF Island? Isn't Britain Oceania? Hasn't it always been? ;-)

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Welcome. Some may look askance on your appearance here (you can't completely blame them; they've been betrayed by the RINOs who SAID they were on their side for years).

But, it's never too late to wise up. That's something that will happen to more and more people, as the Leftist domination of The Narrative (the Good Narrative, that all good Progressives believe whole-heartedly) crumbles.

I'm old - 70 last March. I've seen 'Saviors' arise, only to fall into disrepute once the finish wore off, exposing the tawdry materials underneath - JFK, RFK, Carter, BJ Clinton, Dan Rather, etc.

The only remarkable thing about that process is how little is learned from the deification of humans. Each time, the Left excitedly lifts Yet Another Savior (YAS) aloft, demanding that ALL worship him/her/zir. Kinda like Lucy and Charlie Brown, and the football.

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Carter? Rather? Ah well... Don't get out much... But, yeah. I just HOPE You're right, M. Fox, and at least some wise up. ENOUGH wise up, anyway.

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Whoa there, Nellie. Jordan Peterson is the GOAT.

--the mom of 2 college-aged sons.

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Thanks for referring us to the Frankl book.

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The Jordan Peterson NYT article was the straw that broke the camels back. I haven’t read anything from that “news” paper since.

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So much great opinion and information! BW’s substack is my go to now! Thank you for the hard work developing a great alternative to mass media! There is hope…

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Part 3, and GRAND FINALE for anyone contemplating that Matt has a working intellect: In his "About" from Part 2. You see THIS?

"the distinction between reality and our conceptual understanding of reality." He's not even a NEwBIE. FIRST thing I learned was that to pretend there even IS a "conceptual understanding" of something so broad as Reality? It's the worlds WORST oxymoron spouted, conveniently, by a MORON in Reality. That someone would put that in as a point in his FAVOR?

Well, the delusions Matt is suffering know ZERO, zip, nada, zilch, NO boundaries. Woke the least of it.

I'll cut to the chase, ,to save You all some time. From what little I know, the hardest thing about Spirituality is it tends to make someone get "the BIG HEAD." ConCEITED. And the first of the Religio-Spiritual PRACTICES that I'm aware of, and I've actually STUDIED very little, is to LOWER Your own opinion of Yourself. "Become as little children." "THere is no G*d but Allah." I never COULD remember scripture, and don't know much to boot.

Now, having SAID all that I have so far,, at least I RECOGNIZE that I'm GETTING the big head. Matt?

Weeeel, from the "About?" See here: "ignorance of this distinction is the the source of all of humanity's suffering and strife." Not content to eliminate how OWN ignorance, he proposes that he will relieve "ALL of humanity's suffering and strife." Whew! Me? I wouldn't attempting something so GRAND! But that's just me.

But I would point out just one (although the most OBVIOUS) flaw: It's got totally, completely, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what a person SAYS orally or in writing. ESPECIALLY not in writing. (Again, anybody say anything, anybody ;)

It's how a person actually LIVES their time on Planet Terra. Nothing else amounts to a hill of beans. That's where I rest easy. I've lived one truly SHAMBOLIC existence. Pathetic at times. But I go on each day, anyway.

Matt? Well, for someone who has eliminated ALL human suffering and strife, I would suggest he CREATES one "HECKUVA" LOTTA suffering and strife.

Granted, HE's not gonna see the contradiction, like he doesn't see the contradictions to being Pro-Woke and calling himself liberal. My only hope is that some-a YOU can just SMELL the contradiction on him, and not STEP IN IT.

Done for today, I'd imagine. Said MORE than enough. But I thought it best for someone to EXPLAIN exactly where is coming from, and where he's NOT coming from, and put the MAJORITY of people here's soul at rest (if there IS such-a thing as a soul ;).

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Oops. Mistakes, ALL the time. But this was biggie that needed corrected: SHAMBOLIC and pathetic should NOT have been put in PAST tense. SHEESH on me, daily. Ah well....

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"You know the old saying: To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

Actually, it makes more sense if it were the other way around.

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I hope you will turn your attention for at least one article to the (lack of) evidence behind the medical treatments for kids and young adults with gender dysphoria (yes, of course I support the rights of trans people, I don't support medicalizing young people with gender dysphoria who are either 1) likely to grow out of it, i.e. those who had it early on and haven't yet finished puberty or 2) may have developed gender distress from some underlying other condition, which may apply to many if not most those who first feel it strongly at or after puberty while still not a mature (>25) adult. The New York Times has nothing but glamor pieces about people who medicalized, many of whom are still in the "honeymoon"/placebo period of 4-10 years post start of treatment, and does not tell anyone that most young kids grow out of it, that exploratory therapy works for many (no one can tell who will be helped by it ahead of time, but certain comorbidities do seem to be associated with gender dysphoria, where the latter resolves when the former are treated or taken into account), and that kids *won't* commit suicide if they do therapy and/or wait to grow up a bit instead of rushing to medicalization. The NY Times readers as a result are.....medicalizing their kids en masse. There was already a great whistleblower article here on Bari Weiss by Shrier about this, a month ago, mostly about girls, but both boys and girls are now falling into this at a crazily high rate (girls twice as fast as boys, but in the UK in 2009 there were about 50 kids a year at their main clinic, now it is up to 3000 a year, it's jumped wildly). Between the lies about suicide risk and the fact that kids and parents think medical intervention is the only way forward, the more writers casting light on this, the better. It's not a left or right issue.

I'm on the left, but that doesn't matter. It turns out these drugs don't check the politics of the kids before they go after their bodies. I know some adults find their best way forward in life by doing the surgeries and drugs, and I wish them much happiness, but young people who are misinformed, in great mental distress (disqualifying for the Dutch studies used to justify medicalization of kids), changing rapidly, these are not people whose bodies should be irreversibly changed given the lack of reliable studies and the wide range of outcomes, some of which are tragic. I encourage you to look into it!

Check out the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine if you've already read Stock's book Material Girls, Shrier's book Irreversible Damage, and Joyce's book Trans. Those are mostly or all about girls in some cases, but boys are around 1/3-1/5 of the kids involved and the rush to medicalize them all is horribly misinformed and tragic.

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I had the two but hadn't heard-a the Joyce. But I gotta SAY I have literally 1000 books I've already PAID for, and it's a fact that I'll never read all-a 'em in my lifetime. But TYTY, M. Parent. These three are in the top 100, mebbe.

And when I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I actually didn't think it was POSSIBLE for the NYT to give a fair hearing to ANYTHING that's against the Fundamentalist Wokeianity Religion. GLAD to be so wrong, in fact: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/07/books/review/trans-helen-joyce.html

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Yes that was a beam of sanity,but then they stopped. I have not found articles besides that one mentioning most kids grow our of it or any mention that psychotherapy helps some recover from gender dysphoria.

Their essays on puberty blockers, gender dysphoria, etc., are just plain incorrect. The NYT reporters seem to be only talking to activists and not anyone who actually has carefully read the papers they are quoting! Or reading the papers themselves. They're actively spreading medical misinformation from what I see. It's surreal to watch.

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Ah. Can't say it surprises. Gave up on them tho I still have subscription. Was just surprised about THIS review.

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And if you want the personal angle, head over to Genspect, which is a voice for parents.

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Welcome to the free world, Nellie!

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I use “M.” like the French do, for Monsieur but ALSO for Mesdames and Mademoiselle EQUALLY. ALL CAPS are ITALICS. I don’t read what I type before I post, so errors are expected.

I never claimed to be on top of things. Personal life? SHAMBOLIC.

i THOUGHT I got a link to a book from this article or comments. Doesn't appear so. Nevertheless, having just finished book, thought it might be of interest to Liberals (or to Conservatives, come to think on it.) https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17675448-the-revolt-against-the-masses

As it turns out, where we are, right HERE, right NOW, is the apex of Liberal thinking. As Goodreads "says" the Liberals were first formed in the wake of WW I. The basic fundamental proposition of Liberalism, as we now know or SEE, is that the middle-class and the businesses...

...Those who PAY THE TAXES, are to be totally, completely and ABSOLUTELY DESPISED. And they're to be ruled by the Liberal elites and the Public-Sector Unions. Government and Public-Sector Unions both now being special interest groups in their own rights. The BIGGEST special interest groups that exist in the good ole U. S. of A.

To be voted into office by the folks whose votes are bought by the trough that feeds them. Granted, hard to argue against success.

Now this may seem to be off-topic, but may be a point of interest anyway:

Something Liberals have NEVER mastered is basic ARITHMETIC. Well, Conservatives too, if I'm gonna be honest about it. Do YOU know what a $Trillion is? Both parties throw these dollars around like a $10 tip, right?

Now if You made $1000 per day, seven days a week, at least 365 days a year, You'd be ecstatic, right? To shorten the story, just imagine how long it would take You to make a $Billion. Cut to the chase: If You did this every year from the time You were born to the time You died...

...Well expand that to the time CHRIST was born and the time You died? Three-quarters (3/4) of $Billion. You may, or may NOT, be able to guess my opinion of that. But that's not where I'm going THIS time around.

This Social Welfare expansion? Biggest since LBJ and FDR? I think I've pointed out here or, if not, elsewhere how LUDICROUS it would be to set Biden next to LBJ or FDR, right? And I ask the obvious: Where did he get the MANDATE for FURTHER EXPANSION of the lamest PRODUCER of anything good (or anything HONEST, come ta think on it)?

Two THOUSAND (2000) $Billion. I just ask who's gonna pay for this? Mostly LIKELY it'll be YOUR children and grandchildren.

For the sole PURPOSE of buying votes and growing the tentacles of Government.

Off-topic, or point of interest, either one: I've been mostly reading this book this day and I played. "The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class."

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"It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but you can lose it in a minute." Will Rogers

It's been horrifying to watch the NYT, the "paper of record" abandon all pretense of journalistic integrity and professionalism. To so casually throw out the public trust that took 170 years to build - it's just astonishing.

Many reasonable, moderate voters, especially women, vehemently oppose the following:

- Having a vocal minority of neo-religious, anti-science activists ram misogynistic, homophobic ideas about sexuality down their throats.

- Having their free speech rights trampled on and being bullied out of their livelihoods by the same authoritarian group if they refuse to swallow.

So Dems, if you want to win elections, it's probably not a good idea to force-feed voters more neo-religious propaganda. But I wouldn't be surprised to instead see them - and the ideologically captured media - double down and adopt and advocate for this advice from our dear girl across the Atlantic, Titania McGrath (Andrew Doyle), as the next chapter in their War on Women, Words & Free Speech: "Any words that uphold cisgender or patriarchal privilege are a form of hate speech." Do not address your dog "as 'good boy' or 'good girl.' This kind of gendered language is normalising the myth of canine sexual dimorphism, and delegitimises the lived experience of trans dogs." Take that, people, or we will punish you good.

"Never miss a good chance to shut up."

Will Rogers

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Seems like right NOW is good-a chance as I'll get today. :)

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Welcome all the best. Anyone who hangs out with Bari (Wink! Wink!) will be elevated -- such avoiding leshon hara while attempting to be an objective journalist. Avoiding leshon hara is the velvet of a velvet-gloved fist. If you're indeed serious about it, IMO, you have unfinished business with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

As for an interview topic, bone up on Rabbi Manis Friedman (lots of YouTube lectures on his channel), on the subject of intimacy (his signature topic). He's on the short list of the most articulate expositors of Chassidic philosophy and the Tanya available in English. He co-founded the Bais Channah Institute for Women' in Minneapolis 50 years ago and the stories he can tell are remarkable. I'm biased, as I, a non-Jew, have studied with his brother for 35 years.

Welcome and wish all the best for your next journalism chapter.

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This has to be one of the more unusual comments I've seen on a general-audience site. Can it be that most people here know what "leshon hara" means? (It's "slander", btw.)

Anyway, it certainly made my evening more interesting.

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Mr. Berkowiz, can you imagine a social media experience were leshon hara, in all its forms, were avoided? Not even by the wink of an eye? This reminds me of how gracious the language of the Torah-minded person is generally; someone (specifically) is not "ugly", they are "not as beautiful as Chava (Eve)."

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No, I can't really imagine a world where everyone is good all the time. Still, I'm reasonably satisfied with my own record regarding slander and intend to keep it that way.

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This from link of tweet by Jordan Peterson in comment below. Leads to M. Bowles: https://chosenbychoice.substack.com/p/learning-how-to-and-how-not-to-kill

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Thank you for sharing this. I'd suggest that everyone here, particularly those upset by her article on Peterson ((I've not read it), should read her thoughts here. She has or is still struggling with being a "journalist." It's a hell of a responsibility.

I think what has happened these days with "reporting" was that people who are driven to be "reporters", to get their "journalist" degrees, are not looking to just "report the facts" but to effect change. They think they can make a difference. And some most definitely have and continue to do so. But most don't. And for most, their bias taints everything they write.

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Like a lot of the commenters here, I did have quite a bone to pick with you over the Jordan Peterson interview. That said, we all make mistakes and it seems that you have been delivered from the clutches of liberal hysteria, so welcome.

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