A Little Perspective

'We're just a bunch of primates beta-testing modern democracy.'

Good morning, dear readers.

Your devoted team is spread across the West this weekend—one of us is kayaking and camping in the Channel Islands; another is visiting friends in Colorado. Nellie and I are in Marin County for a wedding and it’s hard to argue with California supremacists when you walk the beaches and trails of this slice of the state.

Anyway, we hope this post finds you somewhere beautiful or—just as good—cozy in bed with a good cup of coffee.

Sundays at Common Sense are typically reserved for longer essays and personal stories and excerpts of books we are eager to read.

But this week, something a little different: a pu pu platter of some things we’ve recently stumbled upon that delighted us, provoked us, and offered us a bit of perspective—and we hope will do the same for you.

A reader wrote recently beseeching us to “Edit the internet for me. Collect the best. Be my algorithm.”

So, Nicole (and everyone else!), here’s a first attempt.

Let us know what you think in the comments—and please share your recent favorite essays, books, podcasts, and movies with the rest of us.

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