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As pointed out, Jordan Peterson has enough fuck you money to tell the CPO just that. What they don’t realize is that JP will not let this pass. They may take his license away but in doing so have written their own epitaph. He will claim his pound of flesh by exposing the danger they represent to all free thinkers on his and other social media platforms and I have to assume, with extreme prejudice.

Taking Peterson’s license may prevent him from private practice but he has and will continue to reach a larger audience and change peoples lives with his books, lectures and through social media.

CPO’s singling out of Peterson is actually a good thing. Someone needs to lead the charge against these free speech Nazi’s. I cannot think of anyone better to take them on than Jordan Peterson.

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“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

-Voltaire, 1765

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As bad as this is, the new California law allowing physician licenses to be revoked for simple speech is far worse.

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I truly hope that Peterson can win a suit making this behavior illegal.

But after watching Canada seize the assets of protestors in the trucker strike, it seems unlikely.

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Correction: Jordan refused to adhere to a government mandate on pronouns (bill C-16), he never refused to use a person's requested pronouns. The mandate on language is the truly shocking story behind his rise to fame (infamy?).

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A clear cut example of how wokeness has led elite institutions to make belief in absurdities a litmus test and loyalty oath. This is a cause of great distress for those who wish to advance themselves professionally but prefer not to parrot absurdities and submit to self-righteous, censorious dogmatists who use the threat of reputational damage to impose uniformity of opinion on people during a time when careers largely depend on reputational capital.

In this way, wokeness is essentially a form of “soft” authoritarianism. It operates through social pressure and the threat of ostracism and unemployment.


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As Neeraja points out, this isn't about Peterson, per se. This is about sending a message to all licensed clinicians in CA ... STFU or get a new career. And this is ultimately why it's not simply good enough to speak out. Force needs to be met with force. In this case, that's political force. Maybe there are better ways than what Abbott and DeSantis (among others) are attempting by using the force of the state to push back on these censorious lunatics. Maybe. But I haven't seen it.

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The College of Psychologists of Ontario are absolute fools, and not only that, they are sycophants to a current prevailing ideology, held hostage to whom they think are watching them. But they are wrong - they will turn Peterson from the hero he already is to a martyr, being figuratively burnt at the stake for repeatedly speaking his mind. Not all psychologists think the same, as it should be, but Peterson has a habit of publicly stating how different he thinks instead of keeping it safe and quiet within the confines of his own mind. That doesn't work in group think land.

It's gone berserk because the perpetrators of this narrow minded trash, all from the academic or medical establishment, as per the examples cited by the writer, believe most people watching will be receptive.

But soon they won't be, since the re education aspect of this is so chilling. It will turn off everyone. And I personally think the College will backtrack once the public pushback comes around. But, I have been wrong before..In the sense, will enough people care?

Anyone remember the re education camps of the late 1970's Cambodian Khmer Rouge?

That's what this makes me think of.

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“living off their rapidly decaying legacies to conform to the whims of the mob.”

Literally true. Large public universities are starting to feel it where it hurts. I am hearing that donations from prominent alums at Penn State are way off, and they’re starting to back off of some of their woke initiatives because of it. We’ll know next summer when the financials come out.

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Correction: Peterson didn't say he wouldn't use "gender neutral pronouns" in 2016. His beef was with proposed bill C-16, which would make refusal to use preferred pronouns a human rights violation. Peterson said he had no problem using people's pronouns if that's what they wanted, even though he did find them to be silly. His beef was with the proposed law, in that it amounted to "forced speech": a person would be required to say certain things under penalty of law. This is what he was complaining about.

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Didn't the College of Psychologists of Ontario violate its own professional standards by a) claiming to diagnose a mental disorder without having met with the subject, and b) making the diagnosis public instead of preserving professional confidentiality? If so, the organization itself should lose its accreditation.

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Sadly, the ideological capture of the mental health profession here in the US continues apace. It makes sense, this is fertile ground, mental health is one of the most left-leaning professions around. I have worked in the field for 9 years (suicide prevention) and with the exception of the Veterans Crisis Line (staffed by military), I've met maybe 5 conservatives. Yup, that's it. And that's being generous. And I'm not even that conservative, I can just see it.

The Masters in Social Work (MSW) is on the most popular degrees to get on the way to being a therapist. I would like to bring everyone's attention to the growing ideological capture of MSW programs across the country.

There is a WONDERFULLY brave woman who is a student at Antioch College's graduate program who has taken a stand against this and posts youtube videos about this. Her page is as follows: https://www.youtube.com/@theradicalcenter

In addition, she has brought therapists on to speak about the problem. One among them is Christine Seifen, who actually resigned her professor position at Antioch in response to this. She has posted a video for the Foundation against Intolerance and Racism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Pyb5wJGRus&t=1s

I am sharing these resources with you so as to raise awareness and perhaps FP staff could at some point reach out to them for an interview.

It BREAKS MY HEART that my profession - and the sacred space of the therapy (which saved my life and the lives of countless others) - may be corrupted by an ideology that doesn't see the individual, but groups only. It is wrong, it is immoral, and it does a disservice to those in need.

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Peterson's fighting back is not actually so he can keep his license. He doesn't need it anymore. He is fighting back so as to shine a light on the whole insanity of it all, and to encourage others to fight back to whom this may happen. This article in the Free Press is also a part of the fight. Thank you.

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If negative comments about Trudeau are not allowed I will vanish from the planet shortly as I own that patent to an extent.

Lots of discussion on Free Press and elsewhere about the true health pandemic at least in the USA, obesity, the one that leads to everything else. Most of you’re Covid deaths are actually due to obesity

So good on Peterson for not normalizing obesity with the “plus size model” (that in itself is using language as a weapon, she is fat and unhealthy), he is a health practitioner, praising obesity should be malpractice.

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As I posted earlier in a Nellie Bowles TGIF article Jordan Peterson has some very important things to say about our current mental and political situation in the West. I recommend anyone to watch Jordan's Youtube podcast with Chole Cole and conclude that Peterson is the one with a problem. (Transition of Minors is Malpractice | Chloe Cole | EP 319)

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I've a Canadian friend - a very successful retired engineer - with whom I maintain close contact. He believes that for the foreseeable future, Canada is lost.

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