On vigilance/vigilantes; apart from self-assigned vigilantes are normal non-intervening individuals who, when confronted with a surprise crisis will suddenly act out of character by assisting. During 1989 SF earthquake, I stopped a person from running towards traffic.

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I live in SF and I ended a 33-year friendship because of Jordan Neely discussion with a leftist friend who has lived in NYC for 20+ years.

I enjoyed the thoughtful panel discussion. [Time 36:00] Q: Why can Mayor Adams not do the city-Gov change that voters want?

A: “APHA 2018 Policy Statement on Law Enforcement Violence as a Public Health Issue” is the blueprint that City-Gov in NYC, SF, LA, etc- used for Defund + much much more. It is a BLM-Utopian recipe, minus the police. Interference with prostitution, crime, drugs, homeless and mentally ill = capitalist oppression. The Equity Director inside each NYC department is essentially a BLM-dictator. Nothing will change until the mayor abolishes the Equity Program. Same for LA, SF, Chicago and 97 other cities.

I assigned SF Supervisors the tasks of transparency by June 30, 2023. They must name and describe each secret Equity Project for each city department- including Police, Schools, Public Health.

I informed SF Supervisors that APHA blueprint and Defund are fraud, but they ignore evidence and pretend everything is legitimate. (No Due Process).

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