"The major researchers on OpenAI, including Microsoft, Thrive Capital, and Tiger Global, more or less lost their minds at what had happened." - this should say investors, not researchers.

None of the external board members were investors in OpenAI, which is highly unconventional for a tech startup. Altman, Brockman, and Ilya were insiders. D'Angelo had previous tech operating experience, while Toner and McCauley do not. They are from shady ideological philanthropic organizations and would never be invited to join a for-profit company's board.

FTX, SVB, OpenAI - it's been quite a disastrous year for tech: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/sequoia-ftx-214million-disaster

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Saying that investors were angry is fairly ass backwards. The board of directors represent the owners of the company aka the investors. They wouldn’t have made the choice to boot Sam and then been mad at themselves. The “investors” that are being referred to must be small potatoes, meaningless ones.

It might be quite a logical move kicking Sam out. ChatGPT is a very valuable piece of technology. If Sam was going to run the company into the ground, booting him, even if it led to a mass walkout, could still be profitable when the owners sell off the underlying intellectual property.

I suspect Sam being an incompetent business man could very well be true. Since unless i’m mistaken he sold away a controlling interest in the company he founded. Not exactly a titan of industry now is he?

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The production and arrangement value of the “new” Beatles song sounds nothing like they’ve ever recorded. Honestly, not sure what the point of releasing that AI recording was. When once asked about a Beatles’ reunion, Paul was quoted as stating,

“ You can’t reheat a soufflé.” Kinda wish he remembered that!

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