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How ungrateful are these people in East Palestine! Dont they know that Joe Biden is busy giving blank check to Ukraine, who elected him to represent their interests. Ungrateful Americans should know their place, that is to pay taxes and shut up.

Not without sarcasm, if anyone had any illusions, now little our politicians care about Americans, hopefully this illusion has been shattered last week. Entire administrations has been avoiding Ohio like it is infected with plague. Mayor Pete is nowhere to be seen. Jesus, did we ever hand such incompetent person in government?!? Kamala is missing in action last 2 years, when I thing, better to keep it that way, she is probably only person who is even more incapable than Mayor Pete.

But cherry on the cake was Joe Biden, to have audacity to go for Photoshoot to Ukraine, while we have disaster at home and people in need. He is American President. At this point, our congress will help everyone but not people at home.

Sometimes I think that we live under occupation, there is no other way in explaining, how little our politicians care for problems at home.

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Joe Biden never stops talking about his son dying from ‘burn pits’ because his son was once in the same country as the alleged ‘burn pits’.

And now Joe Biden wants Americans to move back into a neighborhood with the world’s largest ever burn pit. Because of science. You can’t make this shit up.

This reminds me of when Democrats exploited a child with a speech impediment at the 2020 DNC to garner sympathy votes while Democrats nationally implemented masking policy that would create an epidemic of speech impediments.

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What’s going on in East Palestine follows the same script as most events that which occur that the government wants the public to ignore or forget about.

Step 1- Don’t acknowledge it happened

Step 2- If it gets traction in the public, ignore the event to the greatest extent possible and provide only limited information

Step 3- This will inevitably lead to people believing there is a cover-up of some kind and they will throw out a bunch of accusations...some right, some wrong

Step 4- Seize on the wrong ones and call those people conspiracy theorists who can not be trusted.

Step 5- If things don’t die down then, make the most modest appeal to make it seem like you care (ie- show up at an accident scene 3 weeks after the fact)

Step 6- Give the “what else do you wants us to do” shrug.

Rinse and repeat.

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Well of course they are being ignored by Biden and the elites, they voted for the other guy! They are not American citizens, they are MAGA's and so too bad, the elites have other things to do for people who matter, like college professors and tech companies.

And they are right, the media will get bored and move on and that will be the end of that.

Then we can all get back to policing pronoun violations, canceling people for dead naming, and wearing pussy hats while calling for trans feminism. Really important stuff, ya know.

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The same people who wore N95s alone in their car are on here telling us vinyl chloride and phosphene gas - nO BiG DeAl —RIIIGGGHHTTT

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This is an accident that is a tragedy for East Palestine, but also one that has resonance for all Americans, because it is easy to imagine similar accidents and similar fallout happening almost anywhere.

It was a mistake of the Biden Administration not to show up. As well, the combination of Biden's trip to Ukraine plus his failure to show up in East Palestine does no favors for American support for Ukraine.

In another contrast, I find it absurd that we are not responding to this accident to figure out how to reduce the incidence of other climate ruining accidents while spending vast sums trying to lower global temperatures slightly many years from now. Like the Ukraine visit, doing both is fine, but doing one without the other is galling.

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Where is the coverage of What Changed, or What didn't change but should. Railways are not new technology. There have been management metrics for decades on train composition, track maintenance, enroute monitoring, etc. Who owns the railroad and what has their ownership changed?

This whole disaster coverage seems to be tribal bickering. When will we see coverage of the details of who are the owners, what are their connections, what changed, and what needs to change. Railroads are going to run through untold thousands of East Palestines. What should be done to reduce this sort of problem? Having spent a life in tech, I see the explosion of low cost microprocessor technology that should be applied to monitor bearing temps, side loads indicating track problems, etc. I suspect that it is not being applied because of the Woke fixation and the incredible incompetence of the Boomer Democrat leadership in government and industry.

Obviously the first line of responsibility is the ownership. Who owns it, who is in charge of setting policy for managing this? There is almost zero coverage of that. I suspect there is a huge story of insider connections that should be reported.

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Nothing to see here, move along! Doesn’t fit the narrative of corporate media, and not the flavor of the day.

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In the past, the Republicans were often accused of being apathetic to the needs of the masses.

And then the Democrats looked at them and said, "Hold my expensive, limited edition, organic IPA."

Humor aside, I thought I couldn't hate an administration worse than I hated W's, but wow. From the top down, it's nothing but a bunch of incompetent, self-entitled a-holes, and worse of all, the media gives them coverage. If I have to see one more headline about how "brave" Biden was to go to Ukraine, I may need a new computer.

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Excellent piece in DOOMBURG(another Substack that mostly deals with energy issues) on this disaster. We have a terrible infrastructure problem in America(wherever does that money go that the FEDS keep shoveling out????). It is disgusting thst we can blithely send 100 BILLION to Ukraine and do so little for OUR people.

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Surely there are independent toxicologists who can assess the presence of toxic chemicals in water and soil and air. I hope they are running their labs at full tilt. We need to know the persistence of those chemicals and their breakdown products in the soil and water. The people of E. Palestine need data and a press conference, followed by lawyers. Oh, yes, they will be showing up. That might get people’s attention. Where is the Ohio AG?

What was the movie about a woman going after some company that inflicted environmental damage?

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Where’s Greta Thunberg and the rest of the environmental chattering classes who want to control every aspect of our lives, but are nowhere to be found when the real stuff happens? Where is Canada’s virtue signalling prime minister Trudeau, and his environmental intelligentsia guru Steven Guilbault? Canada is just across Lake Erie from Ohio. Winds and currents surely have brought these dangerous chemicals into Canada already. The Liberal party in Canada is like the Democrats on steroids. The boss you around, control every aspect of your life, take your money and send it to their globalist friends in Davos and Kyiv political parties who are big on talk, and little on any action that actually matters to the hard working citizens, you know “those people” the ones WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES.

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The elite class could care less for these people.

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This disaster was the result of bipartisan incompetence and corruption. Nobody paid it much mind until they figured out the publicity angle, and once that's been spent the people of this town will be on their own. And corporate media can't fathom why people are angry and don't trust them or the government. I think CNN should send Don Lemon and have him report back to his co-hosts; they will get to the bottom of this mess.

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This article is fundamentally dishonest. Biden didn't show up because he offered DeWine help and DeWine refused it. Also, the train derailed because Trump repealed a rule put in place by Obama that required better braking systems on trains carrying hazardous materials. That repeal happened because Norfolk Southern, among others, lobbied Trump and made big campaign contributions. That's the real story, not your republican talking point crap that ignores the truth and spins it to look like Trump is the white knight riding into town to save the poor damsels in distress.

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Thank you FP for hosting Zito here. She channels the spirit of “Middle America” like no other. I love her stuff

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