Vivek is awesome. He has my full support. Every time he goes up against the media or a Democrat he completely dismantles all their BS. It is great to see.

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Vivek is spot on.

The persecution of Trump is politically motivated and designed to eliminate a candidate who poses a direct threat to the political establishment. Not to the government - to the political establishment - which are very different things. Whether you like Trump or not, the unrelenting political persecution of Trump, together with the ongoing suppression of the Biden family corruption scandal, pose a grave danger to the future of our democracy.

Vivek brings a refreshing new voice to the discussion for 2024 and beyond. Thank you for interviewing him.

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If Americans listened to this guy carefully they would vote for him. Why is he so easily dismissed?

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I didn't read the full interview, and am heading out the door, but wanted to repeat that JOE BIDEN STOLE THAT ELECTION. Period. No honest investigations were done outside Arizona, and in Arizona they found hundreds of thousands of ballots that should not have been counted, in a State Biden supposedly won by 12,000.

A cop friend told me once that the person who appears to have done it usually DID do it, and what appears obvious based on common sense usually is exactly what you think it is. Not always. That's why we have trials and gather evidence. But usually, and I think we all know this.

Jan. 6th was filled with FBI agents whose identities and activities Christopher Wray has actively concealed.

In my particular part of the world, if you want to not be viewed as an idiot, you have to admit that at a minimum what I am saying is defensible and plausible.

It IS true though that a third of the nation becomes OPENLY psychotic when Trump is in office. But nothing has changed: it is merely an open expression of a latent reality.

It would not hurt my feelings if this guy was President. A door post--which could neither make things better or make things worse--would be better than Joe Biden. But we need to be clear that THE PROSECUTIONS OF TRUMP ARE BANANA REPUBLIC POLITICAL HARASSMENT OF OPPOSITION.

Fascism, per Mussolini, is "Everything inside the State; nothing outside the State; nothing against the State." Biden's people are trying to make that a reality, while he eats ice cream and keeps trying to find the corner in the Oval Office.

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I view Trump as too old and toxic, Vivek as too young and inexperienced. On the other hand, Ramaswamy has a great future and should be part of the political firmament for a long time, perhaps even as president. But unless DeSantis gets his act together, Trump will be the candidate.

Bari, on the other hand, reveals much when she exclaims "[a]nd yet, I look at the way that Trump dismantled the moral guardrails that keep bigotry to the fringes, the way he normalized things that should be stigmatized, the way that he played to people’s basest instincts. I believe there could be no policy that is as important as keeping civility and unity in our democracy." This is utter nonsense. Trump's actions were not bigoted. His hatred of illegal immigration is principled and fair. He appointed many minorities but touted their credentials not their skin color. Moreover, Bari's class of NY Times-influenced urban elites were the ones who made it impossible for Trump to govern and incited his worst excesses. The machinations of Strzok and Page were not made up. The constant anti-Trump drumbeat of the leftist media was not an illusion. The incessant insubordination of the deep state was no figment of the imagination. The suppression of truth by the media and tech giants against Trump is no canard. When people are deceived and misled for four years, their baser instincts tend to come out. But who were the liars and practitioners of legerdemain? Not Trump but the chattering classes to which Bari still clings, apparently.

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I have never been excited about any politician in my life...until Vivek.

He combines the best things about Trump (his visceral awareness of what America needs and how to communicate it) with the focus to make those changes happen.

We would be fortunate to have him as POTUS.

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Aug 2, 2023·edited Aug 2, 2023

Bari, with all due respect, you sound exactly like the folks at the New York Times or WaPo when you always have to preface Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with “unprovoked”. It’s demonstrably true that they were provoked, and yes, two things can be true at the same time: it could be an illegal invasion, and also could be provoked. By analogy, if Russia had been doing the same things for two decades in Canada that the USA was doing in Ukraine, you can bet that the US would not be standing by idly. And regardless of your view on whether or not it was provoked, conducting a reckless proxy war with the nation with the largest nuclear arsenal the world has ever seen is far from obviously in our best interests.

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“And I think the part that’s most persuasive is the truth: thirty percent of this country becomes psychiatrically ill, maybe deranged, when Trump is in office.”


This is the closest to the truth you will get from a politician. The actual truth is that they simply *are psychopaths* and when Trump is in office you can just see it better.

In Washington DC, which is 95% Democrat 5% Bill Kristol, the psychopath number is closer to 100%.

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Vivek gets something right that John Durham also got right in his report. John Durham essentially said “I’m not recommending any reforms because the problem here is the people.”

Aviation experts are important and necessary but that doesn’t mean you should keep the Luftwaffe.

Of course you can list a bunch of important things the CDC might hypothetically do. But they tried to eliminate private property rights and OSHA tried to forcibly inject you with experimental medicine so the threat these people represent to freedom far outweighs any benefit.

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I have been impressed with Vivek since I first heard him. And what he says about a third of the nation and how they react to Trump is true, they go psychotic! Should I vote based upon the tantrums of this third, no! But as much as I like everything Trump did as Bari mentions and would prefer a President like Reagan who unites the country through a love and appreciation for the idea of America, I can only say that Reagan was a rare gem and I do not look to my politicians for moral guardrails. And just to emphasize here I saw the moral guardrails coming off back in the 80's with what the Democrats did to Bork and Clarence Thomas led by our dimwitted leader Joe Potato Head. (maybe I go a little psychotic too!)

I will vote in the primaries for Vivek or DeSantis because of their ideals and character, but if it comes to the general and Trump is there, he will get my vote. My concern with Vivek and I believe it was Trumps failing as well, is the naivety with regard to the political bureaucracy of Washington. Trump having experienced it once already may be in a better frame of mind the second time around to take it down. Vivek may be too inexperienced like Trump was in 2016 to see the real corrupt nature of the "deep state".

As a retired 30-year public school teacher, I can say unequivocally, take out the Department of Education. I saw no evidence in my career of their ever helping improve the standards of education. Clip the wings of the FBI. So many other centralized bureaucracies need to be neutered!

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Vivek’s posted on Twitter, er, X

I just filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice following its failure to substantively respond to my Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to uncover what White House officials including President Joe Biden communicated to Merrick Garland & Jack Smith about the unprecedented indictment in the classified documents case of a former U.S. President and one of Biden's political opponents in the 2024 Presidential election. I’m also filing a separate FOIA request with the DOJ to uncover any similar communications relating to the just-issued Jan 6 Trump indictment. We should demand accountability and transparency.

In U.S. v. Alvarez, the Supreme Court held that political candidates have a First Amendment right to knowingly make inaccurate statements. If you're going to indict a former president and leading presidential candidate, it better not be based on unprecedented legal theory. Further, it's more than a stretch to call something criminal if someone is seeking legal counsel from their own lawyers.

Jack Smith has created a dangerous precedent by criminalizing the behavior of Trump's lawyers who offered him legal advice, labeling them co-conspirators instead. This jeopardizes the future of our legal system. If we fail to admit the truth, Jan 6 will just be a preview of far worse to come. We must reunite this country, but the path forward will not be easy.

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I do not support Trump and do not condone any illegal thing he has done, at all! But I do not give a damn about anything the left has on him when they will do and have done nothing about the horrendous corruption on their own side of the aisle for decades. Their corruption is why/how we got Trump in the first place.

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Good interview. You really need to drop the "Trump is a racist" nonsense. That is a propagandistic fabrication that was pumped via the state and media.

Trump did not increase racism in the country, the left, the state and the media caused that division and tried to hang it around Trump's neck. Biden is on the record for YEARS, clip after clip as being a deeply bigoted man, Trump is a Boy Scout on this issue by comparison and nobody talks about Biden. The Obama administration that we are essentially still living with, entrenched racial identity division in this country and within our government agencies.

Trump is childish and provocative in his rhetoric but the real issue is that Trump's policies threaten the state. You need to really think about that. Everything that was done to or said about Trump was nonsense produced by the state out of pure and deep fear. Don't be a victim of the psyop.

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I'd love to see Ramaswamy team up with Kennedy and run as Independents. That would throw a beautiful monkey wrench in the whole damned thing! Oh to dream......

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Such a fresh and yet unapologetic new voice for conservatism. For me, Vivek strikes a lot of strong chords and I have no problem with his defenses of Trump. It is politically savvy not to alienate the MAGA crowd and Trump did accomplish some great things for our country.

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Kudos to you, Bari. You really are a top-notch interviewer. It was clear that many of Vivek's ideas make you uncomfortable and, honestly, I don't think you are in sync on many issues and ideas with most of the people (like me) who read your Substack or at least those who comment on it. I don't think you quite 'get' a lot of us. I am a passionate voter and conservative and I voted 3rd party or left blank the president choice for both Romney and McCain. I understood exactly what Vivek was saying about that. I was in tears of frustration for most of the Romney campaign. Not apathetic at all.

Vivek has been in my peripheral vision for a while. Your conversation answered many of my questions and gave me grounds on which to think seriously about him. You asked great questions and allowed him to answer them fully. Thank you.

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