I hate to be callous but let’s start off with, yes, some woman have some choices and some women don’t...however none of the baby’s have choices in any of these matters. Further, Kaitlyn did in fact have OTHER choices she made, which put her in this situation.

That said, I think Kaitlyn is instructive...here is a woman who had been having unprotected sex with a man she barely knew because he said he has a vasectomy. Is she aware there are other issues with unprotected sex? Did she consider how the lives of her current children would be effected if she got an STD, like HIV?

So yes, he was a scumbag for lying to her, clearly. However, she was extremely irresponsible in her activities and now she wants to murder her unborn child because of her blatant carelessness. Part of me has sympathy for her, but most of me has sympathy for her child which did not choose this situation but will now pay the consequences.

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I found it very hard to follow this article. Nevertheless, I think the point was that some people have the means to birth control and abortions, but others do not because of economics. This is true with many things in life. Some people can afford to buy a BMW, and others can’t even afford a used beater car. I think women should be able to have an abortion up until 15 weeks, but after that they are ending another human life, and causing extreme pain to the baby.

I find it curious that since the decision came down we’re getting stories every day about women who had to get an abortion, but no stories about the women who didn’t make that choice and are thrilled that they didn’t abort after having their babies. There are pro-life pregnancy centers in every state that will pay for your medical needs during pregnancy, arrange for adoption, or support the mother with diapers, formula, housing needs, etc. What does Planned Parenthood do for pregnant mothers? Have you ever seen their budget? They get hundreds of millions of dollars from the government every year, and many millions of dollars from donors. Pro-life centers can rely only on donations, yet they do more for pregnant mothers than PP does. Now that the states will decide, based on their voters, if abortions will be done and up until what stage of pregnancies, I think it’s time that women take responsibility for themselves, and act accordingly. Men have the same responsibility when having sex. True equality for women doesn’t depend on abortion. It depends on responsibility.

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I’m a woman who was only able to have one child because of some health issues. We wanted at least one other or maybe 3. We looked into adoption and it’s basically impossible unless you make high six figures annually. Katelyns story makes me more pro-life. This woman is careless to the point of it being laughable and I’m supposed to feel bad for her because she can’t kill her baby? Are you serious? I’m standing here screaming for someone to give me a baby and she thinks of it as garbage you can flush down the toilet.

Reality dictates that there are consequences to actions. Life is dealing with those consequences. Where’s the hard hitting story about women who want children and aren’t rich enough to make it happen? We are all products of our economic class. Where is the law allowing me to just kidnap babies to fulfill my family planning because I’m not rich enough to pay for a baby? Nowhere. I’m poor and I have to live with the reality of my situation and that forces me to be more vigilant about a lot of things.

As a pro-life advocate I’m not trying to force women to ‘give up their lives’ (as if having a child is only a net negative, which by the way, is the ugliest part of the pro-abortion movement) but I do want women like this to maybe take two minutes to think about the reproductive consequences of making extremely stupid decisions.

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Is due diligence a form of privilege?

The piece seems to be advocating that it is.

But honestly? I disagree. In fact—while I totally support access to abortion for every woman who wants one, no questions asked—Kaitlyn could be a poster child for the Right's contention that abortion is often misused as a backup for contraceptive carelessness.

I mean, I wanted to leap through the 4th wall of my computer screen so I could deliver Kaitlyn a little lecture on birth control: "See, Kaitlyn, there are these things called _condoms_. And never mind if the guy tells you, ‘Oh, _I_ had a vasectomy!' Or, 'Oh, I can’t use those things because my dick is reall-ll-lly sensitive!’ He is lying to you!"

Sorry, but this is not a Red State/Blue State thing.

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She had many choices, but she made bad ones. I feel for her but we can’t organize the entire society around people that constantly make bad choices.

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My first thought when reading this was where does personal responsibility enter into the conversation? This woman (Kaitlyn) is an unmarried adult with two children by the same man. She has unprotected sex with another man she was "dating" and (low and behold) she gets pregnant. I think Kaitlyn had choices here and frankly I don't believe that birth control methods are so difficult to obtain or are not covered by medicaid. She could have been proactive and made some difficult but intelligent decisions for her and her small family. Yes, there are hardship cases and we can emphasize them in any scenario but again...."my body my choice" she had lots of opportunity to honor that and make the right decision.

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What truly boggles my mine is statistically how HARD it actually is to get pregnant. If you understand the menstrual cycle, follicular cycle, ovulation, etc. then you know this.

Women have about 12 windows a year on average where they are fertile … you drop ONE egg a month at the most. You are the most fertile in the days leading up to this and you’re immediately out of the danger zone the minute the egg drops and passes out of your Fallopian tubes leading to a menstrual cycle a few days later. If you have knowledge of this and track your cycle, you can avoid pregnancy entirely by not having sex on your “fertile” days or AT LEAST using protection correctly. Condoms are cheap.

I thought sex education was supposed to inform people of all of this. There was a lot of lobbying to get sex-ed into public schools but we still have an astronomical issue with abortion. Make it make sense.

For me the bottom line is that it’s all about personal responsibility for both parties. And no one wants responsibility for ANYTHING anymore.

And for anyone who is going to mention rape/incest please at least acknowledge that is a statistical anomaly for abortions. We literally have the stats to back that up.

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Consider adoption? Why is this never an option?

Aren’t there desperate couples who would gladly pay all her expenses and more for her baby?

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I know this will be unpopular. But maybe the answer is NOT doing this: " friend that she’d started hooking up with about three months ago." Maybe the problem isn't access to abortion. It's access to a little self-respect and self-control. There, I said it.

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This piece unwittingly illustrates the nature of the divide. The growth of a baby inside these women is not even an afterthought. Both women have choices. Both made choices.

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This piece is tragic on so many levels. The one that speaks most to me is how we have removed 'soul' from sex. I am not noticing people today frolicking in happy land as was promised when, as a society, we decided that restricting sex to marriage was archaic and backward. Why is being raped (let's posit indisputable rape when a man jumps on and attacks a woman) worse than getting punched? Because rape violates a woman's innermost being. Not only is it a physical offense to her body, but it is an offense to her soul. Yet, we have lied to women for decades, telling them that sex with their permission is only a physical activity. It isn't.

The dilemma of unwanted pregnancy and the abortion debate is part and parcel of a coarsening of society which has destroyed both women and men. We stopped honoring our human need for respect, love, and companionship. We took the words 'responsibility' and 'obligation' out of our common lexicon.

Abortion is in no way comparable to removing a wart. Whether you believe it is murder or whether you see it anywhere on the spectrum that accepts that it is the tragic snuffing out of a potential life that has already started (I have no common ground with those who celebrate it as a proof of a woman's control of her own body) the overwhelming majority of abortions would be unnecessary if we recognized that we have trampled on and disfigured the great gift of sexuality. If this Supreme Court decision forces more people to re-evaluate how they live, there will be more lives saved than just of the unborn.

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So now we hear that abortion clinics are to be set up on federal lands, like national parks, in states with strict positions on abortion. Just to poke the local hicks in the eye.

How about setting up free contraception booths everywhere instead?

Why is it always about abortion?

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“Others feel just as strongly that any regulation of abortion provides a woman’s right to control her own body and prevents women from achieving full equality. “ - the unreality of our times on display. Women are unique in their ability to bear children. So equality with whom? Does the father have any rights regarding the abortion choice? No, so much for “equality.”

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Why has no one stated the obvious? Had no one challenged the Mississippi law Roe would never have been overturned. But the pro-abortion crew couldn’t bare to see any restrictions to abortion- even those less strict than liberal Europe. Instead of letting things be they got Roe overturned in spite of the fact that they knew the composition of the court.

Oh well.

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I've always claimed to be firmly "pro-choice," but time and experience have tempered that position considerably. I have watched abortions being performed, even participated in several as part of training. I have also helped relatives schedule abortions for themselves and one male relative for his girlfriend - a couple who, by the way, have now been married literally forty years, have two adult children with children of their own - and have no regrets about aborting when they were teenagers, full of hormones then, but NO resources with which to raise a child. I have also seen potential moms who cavalierly treat state-funded abortions like a dental appointment, while their boyfriends bounce off to the next bed to "be a man."

We can work this out, but it must start with everyone sitting at the table and showing respect for the other side. It is not black-and-white, and IMHO anyone who keeps a hardshell attitude is only delaying a workable solution. Yes, young men and women need to be careful, but preaching at someone who is already pregnant gets you nowhere. It's an intellectually dishonest, easy, cheap shot. On the other hand, abortion is the ending of a potential life and IMHO getting one should not be easy; everyone must understand the enormity of what they are doing and have the incentive - like my male relative and his teen girlfriend, who I remember so very well as the most terrified pair I've ever seen - to make ONE time all they ever do it.

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This is intended to be a hear rendi g, oh life is so unfair article. The vey posting of it shows bias.

As others have written here, there are many things across and within states where people don’t have equal opportunity. You want everything the same? Give up your privilege. Go to the supermarket and eliminate the spice rack and all its variety. Adopt the slogan for each to his needs, from each to their abilities.

But here we are…..abortion has many hidden damaging features to it societally. It has played a big role encouragingly far more promiscuous sex than ever before. Hey hook up with someone you barely know, trust these people to tell the truth and then whine when you find out they lied.

In a world with AIDS, have unprotected sex.

But as you write this article, consciously ignore that far more women lie about their contraception status to trap men than the other way around.

Ignore how men who don’t want a child can be forced to have one and have their life changed dramatically forever, emotionally and financially. Ah, well, they should have kept their zipper up or known the possibilities. Right? But that applies to women too.

If you know you live in a state that’s hostile to abortion and you are pro abortion MOVE. Just like poor people figured out how to ice north in the great migration when the great society exploded welfare and similar benefits up north in the 60s and 70s, destroying the budgets of cities that flourished for hundreds of years and creating white flight not because they hated balls, but because they disliked paying for others who came for a free buffet.

It can be done,

And pu-lease, enough with the wealth entitled people stories who feel the pain of their lessers. It doesn’t make them good people, it’s actually a bit condescending.

Redirect the money that PPmspemdsmon abortion should (and not on adoption) to help these women move or do their abortion tourism thing.

But STHU about how states are so evil so as to restrict abortion. The people there have a right to their views and abortion is one of the only medical procedures for which there ever was said to be a natural right protected Federally. Not a nose job. Not reconstructive surgery after a terror attacker. Nope - just abortion, the wine and wafer of the left.

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