The War on the West

A conversation with Douglas Murray

We typically reserve Sundays for our favorite reading material. But today we encourage you to pop in your headphones, put on your sneakers, and go soak up the sun while listening to this conversation with the brilliant Douglas Murray. 

Douglas is a writer. You can find his byline in The New York Post, where he has a regular column; The Spectator, where he is an associate editor; and also in The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, The Sun and more. He is also the author of seven books, including his latest, the New York Times bestseller The War on the West. (His friends wonder when he sleeps.)

Douglas is also, as you’ll hear today, one of the most articulate and passionate defenders of the West and all it has given us: rights and freedoms unimaginable in so many other times and places, but also music and art and cities that elevate the soul.

We recorded the conversation a few weeks back in L.A., but as you’ll see, the themes we discuss are ones that define our epoch. I always learn from Douglas and hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as loved having it.