Thomas Sowell is a Liar and a Hypocrite — and His Acolytes Couldn’t Care Less.

Any Iraq War cheerleading jackass could issue his regurgitated garbage topped off with smug sloganeering.

And this — from “the great” Thomas Sowell? "Weapons of Crass Obstruction" is partisan hackery (which flies in the face of Maverick’s “follow the facts” mantra).

On the biggest and most costly lie in modern history, apologists ignored nuclear scientists in favor of professional know-it-alls.

These purveyors of poppycock never went anywhere near the evidence that mattered most — and distorted the hell out of everything else:


. . .

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Trump has transformed the Republicans but repeatedly telling the big lie about the election should prove corrosive for the Republicans.

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Interesting. For the anti-populist wing, look to the pundits: Jonah Goldberg; Kevin Williamson and others at National Review, libertarians generally. They loath Trump on a strangely personal level.

Beyond the difference between the Republican old and new guards, I’ve always felt the most difficult thing was to see Trump’s policies and goals apart from his personality.

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Kinzinger? you cite from that guy? I mean, I don't think I am a trump follower but I don't think most people who voted for him is in the Matrix. Let just compare the percentage of people who think economy is doing good. Independent Vs dems. Latest data: (I)22% Vs (D)59%. Who is in the Matrix???

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Personally, I see nothing wrong with the statement, "America first." Surely no rational person would wish to have a president, secretary of state, speaker of the House of Representatives, etc. who would not put America first. And yes, yes, I know, the appeal to "America first" can be seized upon and used by bad actors. But that's true of many political appeals—as our friends over there in the progressive fever swamps have demonstrated many times (see: "antiracism").

Nor do I see anything wrong in principle with the cultural conservatism discussed in this article. Surely by this point we have an overabundance of evidence that its polar opposite, cultural progressivism or Wokedom, is a terribly destructive force. It's difficult to point to a single cultural innovation of cultural progressivism that has had a positive influence on society. It corrupts and dissolves everything it touches. This has been obvious for a long time.

It's also obvious that cultural conservatism touches a chord with a broad majority of the American people—even with many who profess to abhor it. This is why more and more liberals of the more traditional type view Wokedom with alarm. They recognize that the irrationality and nihilism of people like Ibram X. Kendi threatens them and their children.

The real problem for conservatism is how to harness this powerful force and incorporate it into a practical political program. That won't be easy. MAGA showed us what can happen when an unscrupulous con artist grabs the controls. That's the big pitfall of populism.

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I came upon this piece about a year ago that talked about how Ron DeSantis didn't get caught up in "Does this policy in any way run counter to our vague set of general ideals?" (like stuff that "restricted" the private business owner), and how he governs by and results, not a lack of ideological hypocrisy (if that's even a fair term, it's more the ideology-standard as a vague stereotype, since there's always been subgroups within the GOP, many who widely differ in belief).

I really like this emergence of new type of approach discussed here, I think many Republican leaders have somewhat been asleep for a while, and for better or worse Trump caused a crisis within in the party (that ultimately is good for it: it made GOP politicians have to rapidly adapt, and also it shattered the assumption of "vote ____ no matter who," (one of the biggest structural problems w/ Democrats, as there's no real fear from their leaders that they might be upended by ANYONE like GOP was). It's good for politicians to be nervous!

(Piece I referenced below; I have no connection to the writer, but I think he's underrated!)


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"It’s because those corporations—like so many American institutions—have embraced a left-wing identity politics that, in their view, conflicts with middle- and working-class values."

"Middle class values" are keeping property values high because you own a home, favoring deflation to protect your retirement stash, sending your kids to private schools (many Christian) because you could care less about the kids who have nothing but decaying public schools and resent being taxed for their benefit, preferring less free or inexpensive healthcare/health insurance because you get yours through your job, enjoying cheap consumer goods without thinking much that they result from exporting American jobs, and being fine with Facebook, Amazon and the rest because they make your life easier.

"Working class values" are having enough income from your low-paying job to cover the rent (owning a home is out of the question unless, maybe, you inherit one), not seeking preventive healthcare because you can't afford it, avoiding thinking about retirement because you get no pension and don't have money to save or invest, keeping and carrying one or more guns primarily because everybody you know has them, and in general living under a cloud of ressentiment against vaguely defined others--government, liberals, universities, minorities, and now corporations--you blame for holding you down and ruining your country.

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Excellent article! The Republican base is not abandoning the free market, but more objecting to the ability of well-connected lines of business to evade open-market competition by having laws passed in their favor. We enjoy cheap consumer electronics because we canbuy in the intensely competitive world market. Why does every attempt to allow us to fill our pharma prescriptions in the Reaganite open market get automatically stripped from every bill, Republican or Democrat, that includes it? Why do airlines get to impose draconian self-serving rules on the public while being insulated from world competition? Why can't we declare the online access supply chain to be a public utility, so that social media companies saturated in the California culture can't prevent alternative voices from sharing their space on the Internet?

My vote is going to the first populist who, unlike Trump, can bring maturity and vision to the job. That will be the person who could fix this.

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“The goal of conservatism, Masters told me, was not to protect the sanctity of free markets, but the family. “

This is where the party needs to be, and needs to message that well. The Republicans who have been around for a long time do not represent that. I’m encouraged by the younger generation conservatives coming forward. I am hoping more of them are veterans too who bring more to the conversation also.

“ My kind of dark possibility is that Trump runs in 2024, and it’s him against Kamala, and he wins.”

I am hoping for younger than Trump who can tame their messaging and know when to let someone else speak, or someone who does not giggle on the world stage or with fake accents, will not let the country be run by White House staff, and actually knows how to lead and inspires people rather than making us all apologize all day long for something on the world stage and within our own country. Is it too much to ask ??

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Point of order. Kyle Rittenhouse's father lives in Kenosha, he was a lifeguard there and spent quite a bit of time in the city, so yes, it was 'his community'. Carry on.

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This Conversation Will Self-Destruct in 5 seconds:


It never ceases to amaze what people are willing to believe in order to preserve beliefs that would fall apart with the slightest objective scrutiny.

"There is no curiosity in them. There are no questions in their minds. There are no 'what ifs?' or 'maybes'"

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I like where this is going

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Rittenhouse works in Kenosha. He was invested in it's survival and didn't want to see it burn down. And for that, it's so much more his community than any of those that sought to destroy it. That's what was meant by "his community"

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The Following paragraph is the heart of the story but gets part of the point:

What they are are nationalists, and the fear that binds them together is that the nation—the American people—is falling apart, succumbing to its many economic and political fissures, splintering, losing its sense of self. To the extent that they sound like class warriors, that's not only because they're angry with the corporations that have outsourced jobs and replaced humans with robots. It's because those corporations—like so many American institutions—have embraced a left-wing identity politics that, in their view, conflicts with middle- and working-class values.

Trust is the fabric holding a country and its people together. Trust is built on values based on behaviors that bring people together. Values like trustworthiness and behaviors of (don't; lie, cheat or, steal, be faithful to your partner, your family, friends and, co-workers, be on time, do what you say). Another value citizenship has behaviors of (volunteer, help those in need, vote, be aware, pay your taxes, no loopholes or hiding money, don't pollute, treat others equally, don't pollute, respect the environment). These are some values that create the trust that holds our society together. Values to build trust must be performed with consistency, competency, and care.

Teaching values in society has fallen by the wayside. We do not hold politicians or the wealthy elites to the task. The wealthy do not pay taxes that should be paid since the Reagan 1981 Economic Relief act tax rollback. Profits were not invested in this country, but we're invested overseas with NAFTA. China grew, and so did the wealth of its people. Wages in the United States were stagnant for 40 years as we went from manufacturing to a service economy in sustained economic decline. The wealth gap between the top 1% and the rest skyrocketed—no wonder the WARRIOR CLASS is nationalistic.

The wealthy, through their philanthropies, fund Social justice narratives that, want to destroy the family, treat all with equity according to skin color. Competence is shunned; an idiot with the right skin color will be taking a job from more qualified. Being on time is now not to be expected. Lying, chatting ad stealing is Ok depending on politics, your wealth, or your color. Not paying taxes at a patriotic rate is ok'd by politicians who are in the pockets of the wealthy. The moral fabric of society is gone.

The Antifa, BLM, Elites, and Government are trying to normalize society to not having values dictated by postmodern philosophies. Well, it's 5% of them to 90% of us; it's a slow burn, but once the fire gets going, watch out.

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