Where were you in 2016 when the Democrats tried to stop the electoral college? Where were you in 2018 when BLM invaded the Senate Office Building to protest the Supreme Court Nominee? Do insurrectionists normally carry guns? Where were you during Trump’s inauguration when BLM set fire to Washington?

What fake arguments! I call bullshit on this whole partisan essay.

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My instant reaction on 1-6-21 when I heard the Capitol was on lockdown after protesters had invaded was “Good.” I was glad to see that the politicians were getting a taste of their own medicine. All summer, rioters burned, looted and assaulted regular citizens. On the streets of Washington DC, people leaving the White House were harassed and assaulted. Police did little to stop it. So, my immediate reaction - and even my reaction now after reflection- is that the politicians who allowed and encouraged riots throughout the US in the summer got what they deserved. They got to experience fear for their lives. The only difference is that when capitol police killed an unarmed protester, no one sympathized with the protester. Usually when a cop shoots an unarmed person -even when justified- it sets off a new round of riots.

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"the goal of a good argument is persuasion". No, it's not. The goal of a good argument is to get closer to the truth. Persuasion is something else entirely. If persuasion is the goal of the argument, what you are really talking about is propaganda. That is, speech whose object is to persuade.

This is the problem. Too many journalists and commentators think their job is to persuade. It's not. Their job is get to the truth and tell us.

We'll decide which of the truths is more important.

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Jan 6, 2022·edited Jan 6, 2022

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You are making this way too complicated. I can only speak for myself and my close friends, so take it for what it's worth.

In my opinion, the Left - meaning you and those of your ilk, Mr. Goldberg - cannot grok that Trump's support has nothing to do with his personality. If it did, his popularity would be - well, about where yours is - nowhere. He's a bit of a mean bastard at times, and most voters don't like him very much personally. I'd put myself in that category.

My appreciation for Trump is for his POLICIES. For his accomplishments, largely done while dragging Leftist ankle-biters like you along behind him. For his steadfast, unwavering support for policies that put America First - not last. For representing his nation, not the globe, most of which hates us and wishes us ill.

Personality? No. Accomplishments - and the promise of more to come in his second and third terms? You bet.

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The problem for people like JG is that their TDS blinds them to the reason for the behavior of those they do not understand. Fly over country is not blind or stupid. They know that everything you said about Trump’s behavior and character and competence are correct. However, they also know that under Trump’s watch the southern was border was closed, taxes were cut taxes and regulations were reduced, we had the best economy in a generation, we expanded our domestic energy industry to the benefit of the economy and national security, and we brokered peace in the middle east. When the pandemic hit, he spearheaded the only effective thing the government has done, which is accelerate the development and approval of vaccines in partnership with private industry. The reasons the left hates him so much are 1) that he actually did the above things, which every other RINO has promised to do and then failed to deliver, and 2) he is perhaps the least PC person on the planet, which is today’s parlance means he is the least woke person on the planet. This second point is an existential threat to the left, because wokeism is the cudgel that they use to cower opposition into submission to they can proceed with their utopian dreams like the adopting the green new deal, teaching CRT inspired curriculum in schools, erasing national borders, and granting cradle to grave entitlements to the world’s poor and hungry. If they need to pack the supreme court, do away with the electoral college, move to popular representation in the senate, add DC as a state, break the filibuster, or rule purely by executive order to do it, they will. Much like WFB standing athwart history yelling “STOP!”, Trump stood in front of the mob and said “Fuck off!” I condemn the violence of January 6th, and wish Trump would stop saying that the election was stolen by fraud. It was influenced by the changing of voting rules and the relentless partisanship of all media and big tech, not to mention the four-year debacle that was the Russian collusion hoax. But that’s just the game that Republicans need to play, so they need to get over it and win next time. But I understand the frustration of the people who are called “deplorables” and “bitter clingers” and who see BLM rioters and ANTIFA thugs called peaceful protestors, while they themselves are paying twice as much for gasoline and being told that they have to get vaccinated or get fired. So when their frustration gets the better of them, and they indulge in Trump’s nonsense even though they know deep down it’s nonsense, it is hard to blame them.

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BTW ... the word "insurrection" has already been shown to not apply in this case and no charges of insurrection or sedition have been brought against anyone. When I see the word "insurrection" applied to this, I see the uninformed maunderings of a partisan.

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“so too classic conservatives are finding themselves out of step with a right-wing that seeks revolution rather than conservation.”


I love the term ‘classic conservatives’. Reminds me of when people call themselves a ‘classical liberal’. What a bunch of self-aggrandizing nonsense.

Yeah Liz Cheney is really classical. She’s like the Mozart of politics. She’s a hack. She’s reading Sean Hannity’s text messages FFS. She’s getting revenge because she knows she’s losing. Tell her dad thanks for growing the government every single year despite being elected to do the exact opposite. Bunch of f***ing con artists.

Let me make this really easy for everyone. Conservatism is about conserving liberty. If you look at our current sprawling federal government, mostly unelected, and you want to conserve it, you are both a scumbag and not a conservative.

Now I will go eat the last chocolate fire extinguisher out of my Jan 6 advent calendar.


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The conservative movement is well rid of Jonah.

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Disappointing to see Jonah Goldberg here. He adds nothing of value.

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Goldberg is such a moron that he excoriated Youngkin for the I95 debacle not realizing, and this is a guy tuned into politics right?, that Northum was still the Va governor. When challenged this idiot said well in context I would have been right.

Oy vey.

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The problem with Goldberg is that he already staked out his position as a Trump hater, long ago. To try and belatedly make up reasons why ... well, it's too late. Goldberg is not a dispassionate reporter or observer; he is a partisan, and therefore he needs to get away from the Trump topic because everyopinion he gives is suspect. I like logic, not partisanship.

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We just heard that January 6th, when people put their feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk and her laptop was stolen, was like Pearl Harbor or September 11th. Grotesque.

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Goldberg and Cheney, that's a hell of a gruesome twosome, grifters if I ever saw any.

This essay misses the mark widely. Trump no doubt has his supporters who think he can do no wrong; I am against those people completely, but I think people like Jonah and most of the left exaggerate their numbers greatly. Trump as a phenomenon exists not because people think he's great or perfect, but as an F You to the left who has been spending the better part of the last decade calling them racist sexist homophobes. Privileged while their jobs are shipped overseas and their sons are lost to drugs. Actually it isn't good vs. evil; it's choosing amongst two bad choices, and making an assessment of which is less bad. Anyone who doesn't understand that doesn't deserve much of an audience. Pretending that's not the situation just makes everything worse.

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Bari, I don’t come here to read pastor French or this jerk. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that you allowed this slug to spew on your site. Mr laughs at his own jokes because no one else does and uses 10 words when one will do is a con artist. A “principled” conservative that wouldn’t recognize conservative accomplishments if they came up and bit him.

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This article represents the first time I’ve been disappointed in the quality of content within Common Sense/Honestly post. Did not ring true as honest or common sensical.

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What is an appropriate sentence for insurrection? 20 years? 30 years?

What do the prison sentences for the "insurrectionists" look like so far?


15 days. 45 days. Misdemeanor charges for trespassing and illegally protesting in the wrong place. The most serious charges are for assaulting police officers and interstate threats, not attempting to overthrow the government.

If the US government through the auspices of the DOJ is not interested in furthering a narrative of an 'insurrection" for the incident on January 6 then who is?

A few weeks ago the House took up the important business of whether or not a Photoshopped clip of the Japanese anime "Attack on Titan" represented a serious threat of violence to House members.

Think about that for a second. "Adult" human beings, at the highest level of government, engaged in serious debate about teenagers making meme clips. Is it any wonder that any actual adult considers government at this point to be some kind of sick joke?

How is the endless flogging of January 6th any different?

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