EVERY voter should be independent. Political parties exist for the benefit of the party. Assigning yourself to help them, almost exclusively at the expense of the actual voter, is insane.

Vote for CANDIDATES who you actually believe will follow through on their commitments (whatever they are and whatever you care about). Outside of federal income taxes, a two party system was viewed as the greatest threat to our freedoms by many of our founding fathers, and for a reason. There is no difference between a centralized government - exactly what the founding documents existed to protect us against - and two centralized parties acting as a duopoly to expand that government through mock competition

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Shelle Lichti, if you'd like to run for President, I'll support you with every bit of energy I have. An actual American who's simply speaking the truth formed by your life experiences instead of headlines.

And if you read this, please know that my restaurant is 5 miles off I80, in Iowa City, and you'll always eat free. I'll even scrape something up for the pup.

Bless you!

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The thing I found odd about this piece was that in several places, Savodnick uses "pro-civil-liberties" as shorthand for liberal. I don't know any Republicans or (especially) Libertarians who are anti-civil-liberties. I'm curious as to what he means by the implication. Surely, as Mr. Fleming says, Covid showed us the, shall we say, somewhat limited commitment the political left has for civil liberties overall. Only certain liberties are approved.

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I'm genuinely surprised that Wolan's marriage survived her telling her husband, "You’re never going to understand me, because you’re white, a man, privileged." Her husband is clearly more patient than I would be if my spouse said something like that to me.

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These are some interesting profiles of Americans that underscore the nuance in how we all approach politics. As a lifelong independent myself, I don't feel "politically homeless" - I feel free. I am not constrained by a party some of whose positions or leaders I might disagree with. Not belonging to a party, I don't have to hate the other guys. Those of you who belong to a party - what has it done for you personally? The way their positions morph tells you it's all about power, not principles. I'm surprised anyone falls for the whole good guy/bad guy party game. Within a political party, you are a pawn. Outside of them, you are free. America is my party.

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I'm looking forward to when The New York Times throws in the towel, ie, abandons its pretense of practicing real journalism. Every post by The Free Press brings that day a little closer.

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"Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, the poetry of Robert Frost, Mozart sonatas..."At the height of the decolonization narrative, people would say, ‘Why are you teaching them this? This is the Western canon"

Because P Diddy and the Transgenders have been making our world SUCH a better place. Maybe we should consult Claudine Gay, our nation's supreme educator, and see what she thinks?

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Well I guess I have been homeless for 52 years because since age 18, I am a registered INDEPENDENT voter. I am now 70. I don't particularly care for either party and I have a disdain for "party politics" particularly when senators and congressional leaders are pressured to toe the "party line" even when they disagree. I think I lean towards being libertarian. I believe in a small federal government, a strong military, responsible spending bills (which appear to be non existent), conservative foreign policy and have moderate social views. For example I am pro choice with limits but anti abortion as an expedient BC method. I don't care if people want to "trans" as adults but am against anything being done on children. The election is going to be tough this year because the two candidates I like will probably not be the front runners but I sure as heck will NOT VOTE for Biden. Democrat policies are NOT helping this country. WHAT TO DO❓

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Granted I’m biased because I agree with the premise of the article so take this with a grain of salt. But this seems to once again reinforce that if the GOP nominated anybody but former President Trump, they’d win a historic triumph and if they nominated DeSantis, they’d introduce an epoch-shifting change into our politics.

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Interesting, different people's perspective. I always considered myself, in the two-party system, a republican. Notably because I support gun rights, free speech and limited government. On the (D) side, that's somewhat of a classic liberal - I don't support what you say, but will defend your right to say it.

That doesn't describe recent (R) candidates like $&L McCain or Milquetoast Mitt (it's not a tax, it's a fee!). When the Bad Orange Man started his run in 2015, back when he was just a reality TV star/Rich Guy, I thought, based on his past, he'd be another RINO. The establishment hated him but then when he won, his policy directions were great but he was attacked from all sides - Paul Ryan and other (R), the Deep State and then the corporate media would only tell you have the story.

Now he's being slurred as a populist - like that's a bad thing? I guess in our crazy upside world where a man can put on a dress and instantly be a woman and where words are violence (or silence is violence depending upon the issue), that's probably to be expected....

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The GOP better get behind a better stance on abortion otherwise they will get smoked as the Democrats turn it into a women's right issue.

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Blah, blah, blah.

If people were smart and put political issues into a hierarchy, they would be better able to choose between the terrible two choices (democrat and republican) that we have.

The hierarchy is simple, in this order:

1. Economic,

2. Sovereignty, foreign policy, and

3. Social.

If you have a weak economy, you cannot protect yourself and project power, nor can you help your fellow citizens. Once the economy is strong, you must solidify your sovereignty. Only after this, can help your fellow citizens.

Simple, logical, easy.

Money makes the world go round.

A realist approach.

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I actually love this new alignment and new way of thinking.

We don't all have to agree on everything but there are certain things that, to me, seem incontrovertible.

First, we cannot have a country or an ordered, compassionate society, with open borders.

Second, and a corollary, we cannot have a country that ignores criminality and lets violent offenders roam wild to hurt and victimize our citizens.

An important third principle is that equal protection under the law is sacrosanct.

And Fourth, if we do not have Free Speech,, we are not America. This cannot be compromised.

Fifth, we must not devolve into tribalism No benefits or demerits for skin color or ethnicity.

Sixth, the new feudalism must end. The new oligarchs of our society have demonstrated themselves, for the most part, to be utterly incapable of ruling us or in directing our civic lives. The tax benefits that the ultra rich and the universities enjoy must be ended.

I'm open to any others. I hesitated to mention abortion. I am not a fan of it nor do I believed it should be criminalized or banned within limits. In any event, I do think we need a realignment of Americans dedicated to the principles stated above and political party that will doggedly be faithful to them. Meaning America first, no more spying on American citizens and no more foreign wars that weaken our nation.

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I call it the Treebeard Party: we're on no one's side because no one is on our side

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One thing i will add is that people shouldnt expect recent (last 3-20 years) immigrants to accept open borders and vote Democrat. Most that i interact with in NY and LA resent these new migrants who compete for resources and jobs and are handed FREE things while they all had to struggle to establish themselves in the US. The ones i know are favoring Trump to stop this nonsense (as if he will actually do something, who knows?).

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Very interesting as I also consider myself politically homeless being a life long conservative Republican. The new conservative group has destroyed our local party, one that my parents actually helped start. I don’t like their tactics or hypocrisy. I’m not 100% behind Trump but I fear no one else will win. I’m frustrated that the GOP seems blind and deaf.

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