Remarkable how easily the men and women acting in good faith across the West have been taken advantage of by bad faith actors we had already conquered and pummeled into submission through the sacrifice of good men. It feels like we were lulled into a collective delusion that because we won, we wouldn't have to fight anymore.

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My understanding is the Wilders still needs to form a governing coalition. Can he find partners without diluting his message and plans? Or is he still toxic to mainstream politicians despite electoral success?

There is also the problem of the judiciary. I believe other countries in Europe and also the U.K. have similar problems. I believe plans to stop or slow immigration in Italy and the U.K. have been thwarted by the judiciary. Here in the US we had the bizarre situation during Trump’s presidency in which obscure judges would issue national injunctions that thwarted or slowed reform attempts.

While I am hopeful, I am also continual astounded at the resistance from the establishment at what seems to be both popular will and common sense. There is something behind this that is not obvious but seems nefarious. Why are these culturally damaging immigrants so popular with the establishment? That is the question that needs to be asked and answered.

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There were people two decades ago who saw (and spoke about) the suicidal nature of Europe's importation of immigrants who WOULD NOT integrate with the societies that they found themselves in. Immigrants with a high birth rate and a cultural bias against educating women (which tends to cause birthrates to fall). Combined with the refusal of native Europeans to have children, the end result was ALWAYS going to be the destruction of European societies. That is a simple matter of mathematics.

Even as I watch Europeans slowly wake up to the reality of what they've done to themselves in their efforts to signal what good and tolerant and caring people they are, I have difficult summoning up any sympathy for their situation. This is LITERALLY what they have been voting for.

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The author's lost me at the phrase ' ... consistent failure to draw a distinction between Islam and Islamism.' There isn't any.

Islam is proselytizing force that would not accept any other viewpoints as equal. History teaches that the Islam countries would allow other minorities as non-citizens, but never as equal 'brothers' or 'sisters'.

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This is really very simple - if you have eyes to see and a brain to process.

The elitist Left wants to tell you what to think, what to say and how to live. They even tell you what to eat, wear and drive. They are authoritarians. With cadres of Red Guards to enforce their madness. They don't believe in God or Country - unless it's to give full rein to the followers of the prophet of the Satanic Verses who are their foot soldiers in their mad quest to tear down borders and Western civilization, itself. Their thirst for wealth and power knows no bounds. Now they even coddle their followers to exult in the beheading of babies and rape of their mothers simply because they dare follow a religion based on justice and fealty to God.

In dramatic contrast, conservatives - whom they call guilefully call the "Far Right" - stand for ordinary, law abiding citizens who love their God and Country. Conservatives who stand for your rights - to worship as you see fit, to love as you see fit, to do and say as you see fit. To work as you see fit And to respect the long history and tradition of the West that has meant so much to liberty. I have been a conservative since I was a little boy and always stood gaping with incredulity as people swallowed the lies and fantasies of the Left.

Now, however, the world appears to be waking up. You can only fool people for so long. Sadly, our own beloved nation seems to be lagging but this, too, will change. The globalist, leftist cabal is now frightened. But more and more Americans can see that we are led by a senile imbecile who is deeply corrupt and exists only as a puppet for the globalist cabal. It is time to ask yourself this - "Do you love your country and is it worth fighting for?" Well......is it?

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I think that there is a lot at play here.

Yes, the center left and far left have been played for idealistic fools. They somehow convinced themselves that inviting in people who's fundamental values are in conflict with your own was gonna be ok because the new arrivals would give up their views and change. Bad bet.

Second, globalists want more labor and they want more consumers. They are not interested in the overall quality of life for any one group or nation. They want to mine nations of their economic value. That is it.

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What is the reason for bringing so many people from the Middle East into European countries? There must be a rationale, be it misguided or what. Could it be the low birth rate among Europeans, and an expectation of the incoming Muslims to fuel the economic system that would in turn support the growing faction of elderly requiring support? These are the same people denying population collapse while refusing to see the disparity between Muslims and Europeans that will irrevocably alter European culture. And because Muslim birthrate is high, Europeans and the values of the West WILL DIE OUT.

Rather than import a complete cultural overhaul, Europeans need to start having children again.

On another note, in conversation with a friend, I noted that this influx of mostly military age men does not bode well. They are isolated from the dominant culture, a petri dish for fomenting radicalism. They could easily become military outposts, Trojan Horses.

He scoffed at my "racism." Have you ever read The Art of War, I asked?

But their countries are in chaos! He cried.

Then they need men to overturn that, I replied. Instead, they are creating chaos in Europe.

But my mother was a Jewish refugee! He cried.

Did she come to the US to hibernate in a ghetto? To rape European girls? Piss on their children?

The Left's vision is one of complete ignorance to human nature. To be naive like this is to LOSE EVERYTHING.

A "right wing" takeover is Europe's only hope of survival. It's one thing for Muslim immigrants to come to the US (although there ought to be a moratorium on it, given the fiscal problems that NYC is facing now, with cuts to public services -- thousands of police quit, allegedly -- but O, let them in!

Sorry, no. Stay home and fix your own country, and leave us to fix the mess we've made in ours.

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The otherwise good article made no mention of the Dutch farmers who are in open revolt against the draconian climate policies of EU mandated restrictions enacted by the Dutch government. That would have been an interesting aspect of this story to know what impact the “Dutch farmer revolt” may have had on Wilder’s success. Hopefully others will address this issue in the Free Press.

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“While the elite obsess over climate change and “woke” identity politics, ordinary people face crime and an untenable cost of living.”


And it is getting worse with the flood of illegal immigration and a Biden Administration that cannot be trusted on virtually any issue.

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Denmark, in its polite yet unapologetic manner, is razing the Muslim immigrant tenements and redistributing the inhabitants throughout the country, where they will be expected to participate in work, learn to speak Danish, and hopefully will embrace the Danish set of values. They are tactful and pragmatic in this: they state that they do not want what they call parallel societies, and do not want to sacrifice the Danish way of life. No surprise that they are rated one of the happiest countries on earth. Their extensive social benefits rely on a long-standing culture of hard work, universal, participation, and outstanding family and Denmark, in its polite yet unapologetic way, is razing the Muslim immigrant tenements and redistributing the inhabitants throughout the country, where they will be expected to participate in work, learn to speak Danish, and hopefully will embrace the Danish set of values. They are tactful and pragmatic in this: they state that they do not want what they call parallel societies, and do not want to sacrifice the Danish way of life. No surprise that they are rated one of the happiest countries on earth. Their extensive social benefits rely on a long-standing culture of hard work, universal participation, and the resulting outstanding family and individual benefits. A very good life. Why would any country sacrifice this to immigrants who do not share their values? And in the name of tolerance, far too many in the west are afraid to state this obvious and pragmatic truth. To our peril.

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These elites who turn their noses up at those of us who "cling to our religion and guns," have ruined the west.

They have allowed a fifth column into our world, while giving themselves kudos for being multicultural, whether through some misguided belief in altruism (Kindness to the cruel, is cruelty to the kind), or because they are ensconced in their little gated communities unharmed by the barbarians at the gates.

These elites really thought so little of the average person, that they are surprised by the body politic hitting back in some way. If those in power truly want to do something helpful they need to start clamping down on those who wish to destroy the western ideals of the enlightenment from both the right (political and Islamist) and the genocidal illiberal left.

This, of course, would take introspection, unfortunately, something the political classes in the EU and the US, do not possess.

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Read article by Alison Pearson in today’s Telegraph on recent riots in Dublin. It seems that Ireland is as badly affected by immigration as the Netherlands & France

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The description of what's happened in Holland is indistinguishable from the situation in the UK where major political parties continually promise to take people's concerns seriously while blocking effective action to address those issues at every opportunity. A new party is growing in popularity - the Reform Party- who promise - as Geert Wilders promises - to take action to address these issues.

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There are many important points in this article. In terms of "practicality", the incompatibiity of open borders and a welfare state is the most important. Immigration is highest (by miles) to the West (US / Europe / UK) yet the West dominates charitable giving: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/most-charitable-countries) so the West cannot be accused of being hostile to lending a helping hand.

But WELFARE is not charity. Welfare is not good will generosity. Welfare is the forcible taking from some to give to others. And when there are legitimate concerns about inflation, cost of living and the futures of one's children, it is only natural to expect backlash about forcibly taking domestic tax money to give immigrants. Adding to this, when it can be easily observed that there are sectors of immigrants who do NOT assimilate and are hostile to Western values (and the so-called "elites" preach cultural relativism and refuse to condemn such behaviour and instead pour scorn on "deplorables"), you get Geert Wilders.

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On its face in its most simplistic form the differences between Progressives, (the woke) with their illiberalism and normal everyday citizens who are somewhat conservative (meaning slow down on your remaking our country) are easy to understand. One side believes that others, the elites, the government is best suited to run peoples lives. The other side essentially says individuals are best suited to run their lives. Clearly anarchy is an awful state but at its end point having a totalitarian government can be just as deadly.

Unregulated migration, immigration from poorer countries to wealthier nations with generous welfare policies is going to cause friction. Migration of people who have divergent ideas about the freedom of women, belief of a religion that taken on its face says to kill infidels is problematic. Holland cannot afford to feed, house, educate tand provide jobs to the world. Neither can the US. Those who hold power don’t care and they do so at their own peril.

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"Today, although most Dutch voters do not wish to leave the EU, there are growing concerns that, especially when it comes to migration and borders, too much authority has been ceded to supranational institutions."

Any time that you give up existing culture to a competing dangerous one you risk the possibility of national death! People need to recognize the threat, and then deal with it! Put aside the fallacy of "open-ness" and deal with the real threat, an acknowledged goal od Islam "reclaiming the world for Allah"! Borders MEAN something! Enforce them!!!

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