I will ask again: why do you want Biden to win? He is obviously suffering from advanced dementia, pretty obviously takes bribes, and he was not all that bright in his prime. He's a glad handing, girl sniffing fake. He is being used to foment a completely pointless war with Russia, which is not our enemy in any way I can see; and to advance all the causes of Communist (really, Fascist: they haven't been Communist for some decades) China.

The President doesn't decide whether or not abortion is legal. All the overturning of Roe v. Wade did was push the decision back to local voters, which is how it was always supposed to work. The basis of our system is that people should be able to govern themselves in relatively small groups, with the States being the most logical bloc.

I am gratified to see that some of the hallucinatory spell is seemingly fading for some of you, but would ask the hold outs why their long standing habits should continue to stand in the way of basic decency, basic support of equal justice for all, and truth in whatever form it happens to manifest, however inconvenient for your narratives it may prove to be.

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Yes, Biden the great United went hard left as a progressive and lost our vote. Combine that with the fetish for gender policies and the border situation and we now vote red.

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I am one of the 1 in 10 Biden 2020 voters who will switch to Trump in 2024. And I live in WI, the purplest of purple states. I can’t take any more of the (at best) downplaying or (at worst) denial of bad policy, corruption, or plain old mistakes. One example that beautifully sums up my disgust: Right after assuming office in 2021, while many schools were still closed, the Biden-appointed CDC Director sent over school reopening guidelines to the president of AFT (teachers union) for her review and feedback.

The road to my red pilling started with Covid and hasn’t let up. I’ve pulled my kids from public schools and scrutinized where I get my news. I’ve discovered a love of liberty that was buried so deep within me for too long. With this realignment, I’m firmly an Independent.

Also, I do not believe October 7 would have happened under Trump. Biden was/is too soft on Iran. I’d like to see a Trump administration get rid of the Iran sympathizers currently influencing the Biden administration.

Neither choice is great, but I do prefer Trump over Biden this time.

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“Then the latest survey from The New York Times and Siena College, published over the weekend, painted a grim national picture.”

No. The grim national picture is millions of illegal immigrants pouring over the border, spending twice as much as I did four years ago at the gas pump and grocery store, idiots blocking the streets go celebrate the rape, torture and murder of Jews, rising crime rates, homelessness, and fentanyl deaths, while the senile authoritarian in office illegally cancels student debt. But you think Biden’s complete and utter shitshow of an administration leading people preferring Trump is the “grim national picture”?!? What the literal fuck is wrong with you?

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So one our of ten Biden voters plan to vote for Trump? Meaning, of course, that nine of ten Democrats remain hopeless retards unable to connect cause to effect. Or probably even understand much of anything else

Is there a particular reason why someone (Bari?) decided we should be subjected to increasing content by Oliver [not a] Wiseman? Democrats slowly waking up to the chaos they create is nothing new. Problem is, once infected with the bacillus of "progressivism" they remain in a childlike state for life. Note NYC, which - disgusted by the destruction of Democrats - installed Giuliani to fix things. Once fixed, they reverted to Bloomberg, then to Big Bird and now to the completely inept Adams with the rotund, comical,, Soros-kneeling Alvin Bragg to top off the return to the Days of Dinkins. Wash, rinse, repeat. So it goes with Democrats. Opining about everything; learning nothing.

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I've always been a center-left Democratic party voter. (I'm in my 50s. Twenty years living and working in NYC. East coast my entire life, now in the mid-Atlantic. Three young kids.) Voted for Biden in 2020 (and Hillary in 2016). Then came the repeated red pills, especially the imposition of DEI and gender ideology in schools. That one really takes the cake. When an ideology and those who support it are brazen enough to come after kids, there's something deeply wrong. While it's complicated (when is it not?), I anticipate voting for Trump in November.

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The real definition of a progressive is one who makes things worse. Takes what works and destroys that

That’s why I call them what they actually are - regressives

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Lets see; why run as a Republican, although by default over:

Can't say men can have babies.

Can't say men need women supplies in the bathroom

Can't say some loser guy who sucks as a male athlete should be allowed to grow their hair and play against women

Can't say rapist should be allowed to ID as a woman and be put in a women's prison, fox in the hen house

Can't say a kid of 12 should decide to cut off their goods top or bottom based on mental or parental issues

Can't say tax dollars should be spent of Federal Law breakers crossing the border versus for American Citizens

Can't be Baghdad Bob and say border is secure

Can't support a failed Nanny State to keep the minorities impoverished and dumbed down so I can get their vote each election

Can't say global strip mining for batteries is good

Can't say we should hug Iran that hangs, stones, and shoots women who fail to act like cattle

Can't support Hamas or Hezbo that believes in constant war versus peace and has squandered like Billions of Dollars in Aide to set up an impoverished region while leaders live like Kings

Can't say the world will end in like, now 8 years due to Global Warming

Can't say regulations on stoves and A/C will save the planet while China and India continue to increase pollutants

Wait - running out of space but not out of reasons.

Final reason, I have a brain and don't want to be a Lemming and I realize 2/3 of life is common sense and street smarts versus just joining idiots who want to destroy in the name of saving.

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It’s me. I voted Biden in 2020 and now plan to switch to either Trump or rfk jr. I am from a family of Chicago democrats and believed my whole life that republicans were mean and bad without ever thinking about it. Then once I actually started paying attention to what the democrats believe in I realized their priorities are all backwards.

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I am a 10 percenter. Until Covid, I favored liberal news sources and rooted for Trump's demise as I watched Rachal Maddow. It is hard to ignore the failure of the Trump witch hunts and not recognize the vast reach of a deep state and Trump's role as the most durable aggressor to it. The left is crumbling, the elite hold on institutions are under real threat and America is waking up. I have learned that MAGA is real and it is not a naughty word, it is essential. When Covid erupted, I abandoned Gretchen Witchmer's police state of MI in favor of Ron DeSantis' land of the free Florida. Best move I ever made.

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“Kamala Harris calls for Hamas to accept an immediate cease-fire.” Because, you know, Hamas really respects the opinions of women.

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I’d like to offer a counterpoint to the headline Don’t learn to code” from Jensen Huang. The analogy I will draw is on my admittedly 45 years ago undergraduate experience. After studying the design of nuts and bolts, we then moved to the machine shop where we were expected to manufacture, a nut and bolt and then pull them to failure. In the real world, nobody ever manufactures their own bolts, but buys them from a bulk manufacturing plant. The real value is in the experience of taking my theoretical and modeling work and applying it in the analog real world. Similarly, while today, a “coder” might dump a Boolean diagram into an AI, and receive perfectly syntaxed C++, if they don’t know the process, nor the underlying theory, well, let’s just say they’ll deserve the results they get.

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Biden lost my vote when he handed Afghani women's rights to the Taliban.

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I have been on a road trip through WV, VA, PA, and OH. All Trump signs. Not a single Biden sign. Or Nikki for that matter.

Those “angry white males” are multiplying.

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Bari, I know it's meant to be a quick news roundup but I hate the "What we're reading". Why is Oliver recommending MSM articles? I sub to you to escape those lying gaslighting propaganda. Nellie's TGIF is more useful than this weekly list of MSM nonsense. If I even want to see their headlines, i can do a DDG news search myself. (Sorry no Google for me and everyone else should quit that giant evil corp too.)

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One of the biggest flaw with Biden's administration is his suspension of freedom of speech of anyone who dares to ask challenging questions on:

- covid

- climate change

- transgenderism

- woke racism

This is an abbreviated list. The compliance of the MSM is abominable.They push the narrative that DT will "end democracy". But as far I'm concerned, Biden already has.

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