“...FTX and SBF offered us many reasons to be hopeful—a brilliant young billionaire with a heart of gold...”

Why are folks *still* giving this conman so much praise? Because he gave $50 million to Democrats and promised to flood our elections with a billion more in 2024? Because he bought a stadium and a Formula 1 team? Seriously though, this asshole never did a single thing to better humanity, every last one of his investments was nothing more than a vanity project and now he’s scammed tens of thousands of people out of their money entirely. He’s disgusting. He’s contemptible. He’s likely a sociopath. He’s a lot of things but “golden hearted” ain’t one of them.

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I’d bet my Bitcoin that if this leech had been a big donor to the GOP, this story would be dominating the mainstream news cycle. I can just hear the talking heads now. But since he’s a democrat, it’ll be excused, or worse….be called “out of context misinformation”.

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“By the end of this midterm election cycle, he’d become the second largest donor to the Democratic Party.

Over the past few days, all of that has come spectacularly undone.“


How did it become undone? They just won the election. He screwed a bunch of people over so that Democrats could get elected and then screw people over even more. Mission accomplished.

It’s a tie between him and the destitute child molester who DeSantis arrested after said molesto was rounded up to illegally cast a vote by the Democrat nightclub promoters and street hustlers who round up votes that shouldn’t count all across the country……….except for in Florida where they actually have laws and Democrats lose by 20% as they would across the rest of the country if not for the aforementioned nightclub promoter and street hustler strategy.

Fetterman chased a black guy with a shotgun. Enjoy your day. Namaste.


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There are two types of cryptocurrency: Those in which the scam has been uncovered, and those in which the scam has yet to be.

That's my view, until proven otherwise. Thoughts, anyone?

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You gotta hand it to the Dems, promise college debt forgiveness, reparations, get a crypto billionaire to bankroll your party only to have it all DISAPPEAR days after the election - just think of all the fools who fell for the Dems disgusting lies.

Maybe they'll find solace in enjoying their collection of NFT art - if it hasn't already disappeared as well...

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James Joyce in Ulysses asked the question, "What's in a name?"

Who could trust a "crypto banker" called "Bankman-Fried"?

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Nov 14, 2022·edited Nov 14, 2022

About a year ago, we were moving and I remember the guys working for the moving company talking about their crypto investments. At the time, a little bell went off in my head recalling what a finance guy said right before the 1929 Depression - "when your grocer and your tailor are talking about their stock investments, it's time to pull out of the market" or words to that effect. So this was entirely foreseeable. Just like the tulip bulbs of earlier days. And yet these fools keep thinking that this time will be different. Hobnobbing with Clinton and Blair? Sellers of different snake oil. But no surprise this "Madoff in shorts" gave massive amounts to the Democrat Party. Just another monumental grift.

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The video that SBF made of himself has to be seen to be believed. He was concerned only with the welfare of the world and doing good. A Toyota Carolla was good enough for him....

A flood of printed money has made many bad enterprises look profitable. A flood of sanctimonious drivel (and money given to lefties) makes the regulators and the great and the good look the other way while the grift goes on.

Odd that he could be described as a libertarian, given his history of donations. Just another example that everything we read and see is a lie.

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Random questions from someone who still has no clue how crypto works:

Who created this narcissist? And did mom and dad never have “the talk” with junior? You know, the one about right and wrong, as opposed to gray areas of the law?

In his Tweet-ology, SBF said, “Hopefully things can find a way to recover. Hopefully this can bring some amount of transparency, trust, and governance to them.

Ultimately hopefully it can be better for customers.“

Gee, Sam, define “this” and “things.” Shouldn’t “this” have been “I” and “things” have been “my company”from the get-go?

If you can’t explain the product, do you really think it’s wise to invest in it?

New spelling for SBF’s name: Bankman. Fried.

What’s the difference between a short-wearing, shlub-socked, twenty-something crypto-brat and a hoodie-wearing, tattooed, fifty-something thug-turned senator? (Hint: not much, but We outsiders are going to pay for their snake oil one way or another.)

Alameda Research’s assets were held in FTT tokens. What percentage of the Fed’s assets are held in US Treasuries, which seem to become more illusory by the day? https://www.federalreserve.gov/data/intlsumm/current.htm

If something’s shady, why are the Clintons always lurking?

How long before Hunter’s name pops up?

Why not just let the invisible hand of the market deliver a sharp slap across the collective kisser of this charlatans and his enablers?

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He’s sorry. Oh, right. The guy is a fraud and should rot in prison. But you gotta wonder about the so called smart people who bought his schtick.

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Human nature never changes. Whether it's the Dutch tulip craze, the .com bubble, or crypto, there will always be con artists preying on people's desires to make easy money. Many cliches come to mind: buyer beware, there's no such thing as a free lunch, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, etc. Words of wisdom, but somehow people never learn.

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There are no angels among humans—maybe a few who come close, but that random business mogul probably is not one of them.

If you don't understand crypto you probably should not be buying it. I keep a small amount of bitcoin around and would be willing to buy more if it were more broadly used as a currency. The bitcoin I own is primarily for charitable purposes (like the truckers in Canada who had their money stolen).

BUT, immediately after I buy crypto I transfer it to an off-line wallet that I control, not some guy pretending to be helping me. It's still buyer beware, as it's always been.

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I enjoyed your article but I want more. I would like to see more reporting about the “aid” money that was voted for by American lawmakers on both sides of the aisle which the Ukrainians invested in FTX. Sam has admitted that FTX was a money laundering scheme for Ukraine. The money goes from taxpayers to Ukraine to FTX to the Democratic Party.

I also want to know more about DeFi. The fact that this young visionary


was found murdered after telling the world he was about to be murdered for discovering the pedo ring in Bahamas is more than a little compelling. But it is getting zero coverage.

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I've got most of my money in things that pay a boring 3-4% a year. The libertarian rebels who invested big in crypto crap look so stupid on this one. I get a warm feeling over their loss of money.

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“Effective altruism”. How many people got conned because they bought into that nonsense? I can’t say I understand crypto but I’m sure sick of progressives claiming the moral high ground and then turning out to be rodents.

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This article may be a good synopsis. What I am waiting for is the diagram that shows the 1 degree of Bankman-Fried...like all the connections that his parents had, where they worked, who worked with them and also in the government. I haven't taken notes because it is mind boggling. The image I get is tentacles or neuronal connections in the brain. Too many to know where they go. It seems this started right around the time the dems needed money, and ended, well, you guessed it, when the dems didn't need the money....and what about the girlfriend and her family. It is quite a story. Can't wait for the conspiracy documentary to tell us the truth!

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