This week the President said he has f-15's for domestic opponents and was flanked by the military while he gave a speech that usually proceed a purge of society by one faction over another. There is a sense of denial in many that this actually happening but just look around and think about what has been normalized. The establishment of widespread censorship regimes between the Fed and their corporate allies would normally have led to outrage and anger, now its a shrug of the shoulders moment. Well here is a thought for this Friday: The FBI or other law enforcement agencies are likely monitoring this sub stack and the comments here and taking notes accordingly. Substack and the infrastructure that supports it is most assuredly being looked at in case it needs to be curtailed and last but not least all of us who pay for any sub stack would likely have our private information subpoenaed without any knowledge of it occuring. That is the modern reality and when the crack down occurs here where will be the next outlet to discuss and speak? Will there be one?

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The visual choices somebody (or several somebodies) made for Biden's speech were...in a word, SCARY. The red light and soldiers at attention invoked a lot of images, none of them good. In addition to the most obvious comparison, I saw people recalling scenes from V for Vendetta and the First Order of the Star Wars sequels. My husband asked if there had been anyone singing, because it looked to him like it only needed a chorus of hyenas to be The Lion King.

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We civil libertarians ARE raging over the Facebook censorship scandal. But no one else seems to be. The apathy is astonishing.

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The irony of Biden saying that anyone else doesn’t follow the Constitution leaves me shaking my head.. This man has been leader (or empty dementia shell of a mannequin, teleprompter reader of those behind the curtain) of movements to curtail free speech, impose mandates on medical interventions on penalty of job loss, keep kids out of school, and not enforce laws regarding national borders and domestic crime. The democrat party has become that which they claim to hate. One wonders how such a campaign speech is allowed to occur by a sitting president with free airtime in the media? Oh, nevermind.

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I really enjoyed Biden’s speech about saving the soul of our democracy. His entire Presidency has been about restoring our nation’s soul. For him it is a labor of love.

Biden’s decision to become a candidate for the Presidency of the United States, according to Joe, and according to all Democrats, and according to David French, was made after Joe Biden saw the horrifying events of Charlottesville.

That’s when Joe Biden, and people with deep moral convictions, who demand decency, like David French, decided that Joe Biden had to save the soul of our nation. Joe Biden decided that very day. It was his duty as a patriot to save us. Joe Biden has made this precise claim, publicly, on numerous occasions………..

About one month after the events of Charlottesville, on September 21, 2017, Joe Biden and his wife, Sandwich Artist Jill Biden, were allocated keys to the DC office space they would share with Gongwen Dong of the Chinese Communist Party, who was their business partner in a joint venture with CCP-controlled energy company CEFC.

Dignity. Patriotism. Unity. Christianity. Decency. Humility. For these reasons we must stop the MAGA Republicans and restore the soul of our nation.


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The surgeries on children are sobering in the extreme. Freakish behaviour by adults. The reckoning is proven to be suicides within a short period of years. Hysterectomies? The drs should be removed for practice for going along with this is minors. Their parents? There aren’t words.

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Sep 2, 2022·edited Sep 2, 2022

The unhinged, militaristic, screaming obscenity of last night’s diatribe by the dubiously-elected President of the United States trumps (sorry, couldn’t help myself) anything else that happened this week. Anyone who isn’t frightened by what happened in Philadelphia last night isn’t paying attention.

Our government is headed in exactly the direction the President projects onto his opposition.

Legitimate checks and balances on the process of voting--practiced by many other civilized countries--are decried as racist. (How insulting is that to our fellow citizens of pigmented skin?)

A growing community of medical professionals, educators, mental health “experts” are treating a generation of children as lab rats.

Lascivious, depraved, mentally impaired people who can’t figure out the intended use of their genitals are allowed to present themselves before little children as objects of admiration.

Good teachers are leaving the profession in droves--or want to--because they are forced to recite or affirm oaths to the insanity of pronouns.

We are all being herded toward a “greener” economy without ever having the opportunity to vote on massive changes based on questionable science. No, I do NOT prefer strip mining of precious metals for EV batteries to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. And don’t even get me started in the ludicrous notion that petrochemicals can just magically be dropped from myriad other production processes.

People voted for Biden for a return to “normalcy.” Anyone who thinks what we have now is normal needs some serious therapy.

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Sep 2, 2022·edited Sep 2, 2022

Interesting that there is no mention of entire Jon Stewart/Disney/Ukrainian Nazi fiasco that happened this week. It was by far most hilarious thing that happened in long time. Long story short, not only are we sending billion of $ to that corrupt country, but now we are even giving Ukrainian Nazis prizes in Disneyworld, by no other than Jon Stewart and US Department of Defense. I honestly thought this was some Babylon Bee or Onion article, but entire thing is on tape.

Here is video from The Hill


Here is article by Grayzone (i know they are far left but in this case they have some funny pictures of Ukrainian Nazis giving Nazi salutes in Disneyworld)


For a country that has "very little" Nazis they sure show up quite often. But no worries billion of Tax dollars are in safe hands in Ukraine, after all 10% is for the Big Guy.

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Portland cannot catch a break?!?!

They made their own breaks. They are not victims.

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Libs of TikTok: plucking low hanging fruit from a rotten tree.

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My favorite part about Rodent Joe Biden’s speech, aside from the background which was appropriately red, as I have been calling Democrats ‘Bloodthirsty Pagan Collectivists’ for 20 years, was the fact that I literally not figuratively got a push notification *during the speech* from my CNBC app that said the following:

“CDC clears reformulated COVID shots targeting omicron in time for school”

You are absolutely a fucking barbarian if you inject your child with these shots. You’re also retarded. You’re a barbtard. Anyways, I was really enjoying the speech, pulling my mask up between bites of Mac N Cheese. I was especially enjoying the part where he waddled out with his whore wife Sandwich Artist Jill Biden, but then he got to my favorite little flourish where he screamed “It’s who we are!!” for the 17,000th time.

There is no “we” here, Josef. Hire your goons to cut another confused young boy’s dick off while you’re at it, you pedophile daughter-molesting piece of shit. Whatever this decrepit cocksucker is, I am the opposite. “We” are not the same. There really isn’t a single person on earth I have less in common with than the individual who is currently at the top of the organization in charge of stealing half of my money and using it to buy votes from other similarly useless people who, history books being in short supply, are chasing utopia via force once again. Human scum.

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“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.” - uh huh... riiiiigggght. Typical tactic - claim your opponent is doing exactly what you are doing. Shall we look for examples?

1. Run away Inflation (to be fair, the GOP deserves blame here too - at least most will admit it). If/when the US dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency a lot of people will learn the hard way that there are actually constraints to spending.

2. Extremism: and what are the saintly identity politicians selling? gender affirming care, white supremacy/systemic racism - with a sidecar shot of defunding the police, and pushing for not only no limits on abortion - but in CA actually looking to pass a bill that seeks to ignore infanticide? (somebody has to follow up on that and see if it is at is seems to be), and my favorite - having taken over most public and private universities, taking these ideologies into K-12 classrooms with the "gingerbread person" and "The 1619 Project"

3. Um, I'd say 1 and 2 truly threaten our republic

But why stop there, Mr. Biden? "Biden went on: MAGA Republicans have made their choice...

4. They embrace anger - says the man screaming at the camera some time back about how modern voting is worse than Jim Crow and claiming that ANTIFA is "just and idea" - talk about revealing your cards....

5. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies. - says the man representing the post-modern, SJWs who erase boundaries and poison language specifically with the intent of sowing confusion and fear.

-- "Progressives" used to describe regressive policies, one example: to create "affinity groups separating whites, blacks, latinos"

-- "gender affirming," i.e. 'teaching' children with interests not stereotypical of their 'gender' that they are trans and should have mastectomies and hysterectomies, take hormones to avoid puberty, ya know easily reversible things.. oh, and don't you go telling the parents now (as high school's principle said "our second big mission is emotional support since 'come on you know that their are things your kids will not talk to you about, but they can come to us'

-- "loan forgiveness" = because using our taxes to support getting a college education is a sin, obviously

-- "right wing" = fascist since you know, the government directing big business, restricted speech, banning books, free education (promoting the state's morality over parents'), 'free' health care... proves George Orwell correct once more - "when the radical left comes they will likely call you the fascists"

A primary feature of fascism is a central government control of the economy through public-private partnerships. In WWII Germany's case, the government spoke and their puppets controlling industry and the economy acted as directed. For example, the head of the Krupp, the German arms manufacturer, was an enthusiastic follower of the Nazi government.

In our case, ideological alignment of MSM, Big Tech, and as importantly, Big Finance (Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street) via ESG activism, are delivering fascist outcomes. Obama got the ball rolling and now it is a boulder crushing anything or anyone it its path.

So, yeah - "The MAGA republicans, represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic."

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Funny how language works: What was once called "Female Genital Mutilation" is now called "Gender Affirming Care."

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Re: Biden speech in Philly

“… it’s a really scary ratcheting up of emotions and pyrotechnics that will, no doubt, exacerbate the already polarized electorate.”

Which pretty much nutshells the strategy and intent of the speech going in.

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Great round up, Meghan Daum. I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully Nellie has her feet up etc as the last few weeks of pregnancy are never that much fun in my experience.

And here is my TGIF foreign correspondent type offering about the UK:

This is Northumberland UK calling 2 9 22

Having had the UK August Bank Holiday weekend last weekend, the UK slowly stumbles towards the end of the silly season and resumption of normal news. But first…

It’s fore poorer as golfers cause damage to listed wedding venue. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/golfers-mis-hitting-balls-into-grade-i-listed-wedding-venue-cost-council-20k-tx5r8vdqz

Speaking of golf, the University of St Andrews in an effort to decolonise its curriculum has decided to apologise for golf being imposed on the rest of the world. Whether one objects to this imposition may depend on where your latest drive just landed or how much your other half enjoys the game. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/28/stop-paying-universities-teach-rubbish/

Speaking of poor academic ideas -- A major meta analysis of trigger warning data finds that they don’t work and only increase anxiety. https://osf.io/qav9m/

A landmark study shows 25% of UK children being brought up in lone parent households. Families of Asian descent most likely to be headed by a married couple. Black African and Black Caribbean families are 44 % and 57% lone parent households. In white families it is 22%. “The research shows for the first time that family provides a shield from life’s challenges . . . That is why the government needs to prioritise how they can put families at the heart of all of policy decisions.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/decline-of-traditional-uk-family-revealed-in-de-souza-report-mfphw7vhl

Snooker engulfed in transgender issues after transwoman who did nothing as a male player wins a tournament. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/snooker/2022/08/31/snooker-engulfed-transgender-row-former-world-no-1-calls-jamie/?li_source=LI&li_medium=li-recommendation-widget

After only mentioning ‘birthing people’ and not women the NSFT Mental Health team gave a rather novel apology. Word choice was apparently down to the number of characters twitter allows and to save space. Woman has five and birthing person 14. Perhaps the person composing the tweet in question was not very good at math. https://twitter.com/NSFTtweets/status/1564553811485761536

In the fight for the soul of the Society of Authors, John Boyne, the best selling author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas weighs in about Joanne Harris, the Society’s controversial chairperson, suffering from internet trolling and many other things. His latest, the long waited sequel to The Boy, All the Broken Places, comes out in the UK on 20September. “ “People often say what the trolls want is to destroy people’s careers, but I don’t think it is. I think they actually want you to die. I think they’ve grown up with video games, and their mentality is: ‘If I can get a kill, I can move on up to the next level.’ They’re people without any moral compass whatsoever, and I’m glad to be rid of them.”

Boyne deleted his Twitter account in May this year, on the day that the paperback of The Echo Chamber, his satirical novel about social media (soon to be a television series) was published. Having endured endless death threats and people posting pictures of his Dublin home online, he says that he would not advise any writer in a similar position to look for help from the Society of Authors, the writers’ union, under its controversial current chair, Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat.

“The way she speaks about and treats other writers online – it suggests to me somebody who does not like writers very much. I feel some sympathy for her because I think she’s addicted to Twitter and addicted to publicity – I think she makes David Beckham look like Greta Garbo.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/what-to-read/john-boyne-interview-say-trolls-want-destroy-career-think-want/

JK Rowling’s latest Robert Galbraith The Ink Black Heart hit the bookstores this week with a now-predictable denunciation in certain quarters of the internet. Rowling decided to take decisive action against false and slanderous rumours. The tweet thread by LA Times journalist Kathryn Brightbill has now been deleted as per the request. Brightbill has protected her twitter account. https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/bogus-tweet-posted-by-kebrightbill/

https://unherd.com/2022/09/j-k-rowling-sees-through-her-enemies/ is about Rowling’s book whose main victim also had trouble with internet trolls.

Who did tell Meghan Markle about the Mandela comparison with her wedding? Several South African creatives involved in the Lion King Project have different recollections to the Duchess. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2022/09/01/meghan-markle-lion-king-composer-lebo-m-nelson-mandela/

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be in London next week, but the Queen is determined to remain in Balmoral. Again recollections as to the precise reason for remaining in Scotland may differ. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2022/08/31/queen-host-prime-minister-boris-johnson-balmoral/

Liz Truss remains the overwhelming favourite to win the Conservative Leadership election. This Matt cartoon from earlier this week sums up the country’s mood: The good news is the Second World War is over, the bad news is the Conservative Leadership election isn’t. https://twitter.com/MattCartoonist/status/1563560900627697664

Latest rumour about Kemi Badenoch is that she will get Education. Although some want her to have DCMS (culture).

Yesterday was the final day of the current football transfer window (next opening in January), various deals were done. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the biggest deal and moved to Chelsea from Barcelona. Man U got Antony from Ajax. Whether they will make much of a difference remains to be seen. Manchester United are playing better (hard to play worse than at the beginning of the season though). https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2022/09/01/transfer-deadline-day-2022-live-latest-rumours-loans-signings/

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend – with hopefully barbeques, parties and lots of late summer sun.

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As with every TGIF, so much to say. First, I never voted for Trump, either time, but holy crap the dumpster fire that is the Biden administration. I feel truly politically homeless these days. If the damn Reps could *please* get Trump out of the pic, I might have someone to vote for. Second, go ahead, call me a person with a vulva again, and let’s see what happens. Ain’t gonna be pretty! Finally, Americans are dying younger. Really? Given our crappy diets and obsession with streaming TV, is anyone actually surprised?!?

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