When is Nellie back?

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I think a wood chipper would be a lot more problematic than a belt sander.

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Kat, the fact that you only "reluctantly concede" that the media ignored the border crisis until a politically useful narrative arose says it all. Reluctantly concede! I stopped reading your post at that comment.

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Kat should be ashamed of herself and Bari should be rethinking who, or at least what, she publishes.

In an article reputedly condemning "The Science" interfering with actual science. Kat found the need to somewhat justify Stacey Abrams so acute that she offered "Is that sound you hear on a six-week ultrasound the pumping action of a fully formed human heart?" as a soft condemnation of Abrams comment. Really Kat? Really?

What Abrams actually said was "There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body."

The actual science is that the human heart is functional and pumping at 21 days. Yes, the heart evolves over the full gestation period, but that is entirely off point. Abrams's claim has nothing to do with the evolution of the heart but rather that the heartbeat is a "manufactured" sound. That is simply a bald-faced lie.

The only appropriate response is total condemnation. From Abrams, as expected, and now Rosenfield. Shameful.

This "The Science"-ish soft peddling comes close to causing me to cancel. I can get this garbage on CNN.

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I like these “alternative” yard signs, which were at one time available on Zazzle.com, but suddenly became unavailable, I imagine, by popular demand:


In this house we believe that

simplistic platitudes

trite tautologies

and semantically overloaded aphorisms

are poor substitutes

for respectful and rational discussions

about complex ideas


We believe

People are individuals not categories

Censorship is wrong [!]

Energy drives prosperity

Science is not political

Police protect us

Freedom isn’t free

In borders and legal immigration

Violence is not the answer

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

This was a good first step by Desantis. This should be a model for all policy decisions that progressives love to force feed on communities like mine. Sex offender relocation, asylum housing, section 8 etc. The magic number always seems to be $250K. A couple of billionaires could purchase 20% of available housing stock in hyper progressive neighborhoods with Houshold incomes of $250> and make them available to accommodate all of the above. See what it feels like to have your schools and services push to the breaking point. How about reserving 20% of the vacant rooms at NY's plaza hotel, Waldorf Astoria or better yet anywhere in Park Slope. Screen cruelty to your brains pop out. The migrants are not offended because they know that progressives that come up with these policies are pathetic primarily self-flagellating white folk with “hate has no home here” lawn signs then kick's them out of MV.

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Please, Ms. Weiss, more KAT! Including her guesting on your podcast.

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Dear Bari--

Please highlight this very important piece from Jonathan Haidt. I see it as a seminal argument in favor of restoring integrity to our debates. Thank you!


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Thanks for posting this link- excellent article!

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The last person, Republican or Democrat, to do anything serious about immigration was Ronald Reagan, who promised that once amnesty was granted to those living here illegally the problem would go away. That didn't work out because Republicans also pulled, from that same bill, strict punishments for employers who hired undocumented workers.

Employers always say "no one else wants to do this work" but they leave off the last part, which is "no one else wants to do this work for the low wage we're paying." You pay enough and someone will take ANY job.

We need a multi-pronged approach. Strict penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers. Faster amnesty hearings for those seeking asylum. Make immigration skill based rather than family based.

As for the "dreamers," I'm torn. It's not really fair to send someone brought here at age two back to a place they don't know or speak the language, so maybe another amnesty is in order for them.

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“Meantime, in New York, a transgender social studies teacher has been fired simply because of being transgender—but nobody's talking about her.” As others have mentioned in previous comments, Kay’s left-wingism is showing. Did any one else read the link? Her words are totally misleading. This teacher was working for an Orthodox Jewish school. There are strict, meaningful traditions that separate men and women, boys and girls in this culture. A man who insists he is a “transgender woman” should not expect to be employed at a school like that.

I am actually wondering if the whole thing is a hoax.

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"He also called out the wealthy residents on the Vineyard for being a bunch of NIMBYs dressed up as open-borders progressives, and the media class for only jumping on the border crisis story when it was politically expedient, a point I will reluctantly concede." --Doesn't enhance your credibility to be reluctant about characterizing the media as they are: hypocritical, fundamentally dishonest ideologues who use their social leverage to try and force march society into their horrifying, post-human "utopia."

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Substack needs a way to search comments...and when there is a notification of a comment, the link takes one directly to it, not just to the comments section.

I wanted to see if anyone else read this and am making the same assesment as I, that this statement is a flat-out lie by the author: "Meantime, in New York, a transgender social studies teacher has been fired simply because of being transgender—but nobody's talking about her."

The *first* paragraph from the article: "A transgender woman left her teaching position at an Orthodox Jewish New York City day school this week, after an uproar over her identity." There is nothing in the article saying she was fired. Not a single line. It does say that legal representation was hired but that is a line towards the end of the rather lengthy story.

Kat, your fired. But thanks for this weeks dose of anti-semitism.

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Yeah, she screwed up. But, she was funny!

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Fun read, nice way to receive news on a weekend. Laughed out loud a few times.

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When I read “folx” I thought to myself, “Kat and I are gonna get along just fine.” Great debut TGIF!!

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Amazing job pinch hitting Kat! Love your balanced take on things and your hilarious humor! I can't wait to read more of your writing. And I will be sure to always go out covered in Vaseline while using AI-controlled anal beads to defeat NASA engineers at chess :)

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Find her frequently on UnHerd.

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Re: the canadian trans teacher (so embarrassing).

I have read many things on here from regular people who went along with the idea that the LGBTQ etc people are just like everyone else and just want to be left alone, but then the reality is sickness and perversity in public in pride parades and people like this teacher.

Don’t trans realize you are creating the backlash against you with this idiocy?

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The vast majority of them are mentally ill and attention seeking narcissists so no, they won't realize it.

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I have read many things on here from gay people who went along with the idea that straight people are just like everyone else and just want to be left alone, but then the reality is sickness and perversity in public in Mardi Gras parades and people like Jared Fogle and Mary Kay Laternou.

My point is, you can find bad and nutty people in every group. Selecting the worst (or the best) vs. the average is confirmation bias.

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Sep 24, 2022·edited Sep 24, 2022



The examples you list are people that we call out and condemn

We don’t celebrate them, so your analogy is wrong.

And what happens at Mardi Gras pales compared to current pride parades.

Again, it’s only partially about the behavior.

It’s mostly about the reaction to it

And the official reaction to this mentally ill teacher is to double down and defend him, to “celebrate his bravery”.

Thanks for playing the moral equivalence game.

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