"In a press conference, DeSantis rather absurdly claimed that he’s just trying to address the border crisis by offering immigrants free transport to the kind of blue-state enclaves that claim to welcome them. "

In all seriousness, what is absurd about this, beyond liberal hypocrisy?

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I got about a few paragraphs in. I don’t care what your OPINION is about Desantis sending migrants to wherever. If you want to write about the events, feel free. I don’t care how you feel about them. Where I live there are far, far more illegal immigrants. It’s not like they are being cared for or someone has a plan. It’s not republicans making this happen, so it’s a little silly to talk about desantis taking advantage of desperate people. No one made them come here illegally. Martha’s Vineyard is a nice place full of wealthy people who all support illegal immigration. I’d say the folks who ended up there were very lucky.

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Great news summary. I completely disagree with your portrayal of DeSantis -- While I don't like using people as pawns, either, I would have preferred a different focus to the article. I hardly think he's "absurd." Such as the fact that the media has been mostly silent about the 2 million illegal immigrants crossing our southern border this year alone until 50 showed up in a sanctuary city beloved by the super-privileged. To me that is both very sad and extremely hilarious. And another hilarious fact -- right before all this (and Abbott's latest gift to DC) is that Kamala Harris said there is no crisis at the border. What a complete joke. Those of us who live in border states see the problems of unmitigated, uncontrolled, and illegal immigration.

(Not to mention that the Democrat city of El Paso has been shipping out migrants for months to absolute crickets in the press, or that the Biden Administration has been flying and resettling illegal immigrants all over the country for nearly two years-- quietly, in the dead of night.) We have an extremely serious problem at the border that has gotten worse since Biden. I love that DeSantis is shining a light on it.

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The big-boobed man has his mask below his nose. MURDERER!

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I'm not sure I care for DeSantis, but the Democrats would do absolutely nothing about the border crisis because only "ignorant red-staters" feel the pain. The border states are overrun literally by millions and Martha's Vineyard cries foul over 50? Making the limousine-Leftists in the "Sanctuary Cities" of the northern blue states to feel just a tiny fraction of the pain border states deal with every day is pure genius.

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I’m finding a sharp tone change in these comments. Anger. Less respect in disagreement and to the author. This is a good place where good people come to debate and disagree. Let’s keep it that way.

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You did good until you linked us to the Bovy article commenting on the Canadian teacher using his students as props in his sexual fantasies. From the op-ed:

It feels like the progressive thing to do is to support this teacher’s right to self-present in the classroom as she does, or at least to honour her side in the matter. But there’s something about treating her decision to wear enormous fake breasts to class as a reasonable form of self-expression that makes a mockery of countless young girls who’ve been told at school that their bodies – developing bodies they themselves are still getting used to – are a distraction.

The fact that even the most disgusting, most blatant attacks on womanhood and the female body can’t be unequivocally denounced and condemned by the Left without some sort of caveat and a whole lot of “but but THE RIGHT WING!!!!” is proof positive that there is no bridging this divide.

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"the media class for only jumping on the border crisis story when it was politically expedient, a point I will reluctantly concede."

Why reluctantly ? Were you thinking all the "right wing" press about millions of illegals pouring across the border was fake news ?

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I genuinely want to understand the liberal argument that migrants should not be sent to sanctuary cities and states. If a state or city has designated themselves a sanctuary city, why shouldn't they bear some of the burden of caring for these migrants? Why it is cruel to send them? It seems like complete hypocrisy to me, but maybe I'm missing something?

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Sep 23, 2022·edited Sep 23, 2022

It's not that the substitutes have been bad, but the last weeks have provided an illustration of just how superb Nellie is. I hope all is wonderful in your personal life, Nellie, and look forward to your glorious, and very unique weekly recaps on the weeks events.

Apropos to nothing in the column, here's another unique, and quite hilarious take on satire, from another unique comedian named Kyle Dunnigan who actually makes fun of all spectrums on comedy. This targets Joe Biden, but there's plenty of both sides of the spectrum, you know, back like National Lampoons, SNL (first generation) and others in the 60s/70/80ss.


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Anyone with the "In This House We Believe" yard sign are people who for some strange reason feel the need to convince others (and themselves) that they are decent upstanding members of the community - when it all just boils down to nothing more than a pathetic attempt at moral grandstanding.

Martha's Vineyard residents were quick to highlight it - 48 hours quick! They got rid of those pesky "asylum seekers" very quickly didn't they?

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I would like to know why the Iranian women freedom protests are not a big cause among the Prog political class and on campus, but BDS just the Jews is. Nothing from feminist Sandy Cortez, Boonie Sandas or the fake progressive Muslims.

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I see nothing wrong with DeSantis making what is described as an absurd claim. When it comes to the border crisis there have been a number of absurd claims from the current party in charge. Karine Jeanne-Pierre absurdly claimed “Nobody is just walking into the country.” Agents at the border were wrongly smeared for doing their jobs by Biden and his administration, and the media. By absurdly claiming they were whipping people -when in REALITY they were on horseback using reigns and doing their damn job. Then they get punished for it! When it’s disproven not a single apology.

Isn’t the VP the appointed border czar? Who is in charge?

I live in an affluent suburb with woke “In this house” signs peppered all over, in front yards of large homes. All are welcome here, except nobody in reality can afford price of admission. There is zero affordable housing or other resources. It’s a protected bubble where it is trendy to display how much one cares about the so called oppressed and to prove you’re on the “good” side.

What isn’t absurd in all of this?

So some migrants were disappointed they did not get on a plane as promised and were left sitting in Texas. They made it in didn’t they?

What’s next? The absurd claim immigrants didn’t get first class with warm cookies and a hot towel?

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You wrote: "One particularly remarkable thing about this development (freeing Adnan Syed): it happened at the behest of prosecutors, who usually rank only slightly below politicians on the list of People Who Will Never Admit They Were Wrong."


Have you not been following the story of "progressive prosecutors"?

Mosby was pandering to a particular class of people (yours, perhaps? I suspect you did not grow up poor or working class - just a guess) who will promote her career now that she has lost her election as State Attorney. Right before leaving office, she freed Sayed and won the approval of millions of "Serial" podcast fans who believe that trial by podcast is more accurate than trial by due process in a courtroom. This will certainly help Mosby's future career as a popular paid "consultant" on MSNBC.

What breaks my heart is that you barely give a mention to Hae Min Lee, the teenage girl that SOMEBODY strangled to death and buried in the dirt.

I can't imagine the trauma this "entertaining" podcast "conclusion" and Syed's release has put the Lee family through.

As Hae Min Lee's brother said "this is not a podcast to us.".

Someone strangled a teenage girl - Hae Min Lee - to death.

If not Adnan Sayed, then who?

None of the podcast fans seem to give a damn.

But Hae Min Lee was a real human being with a real family who are still alive and grieving and traumatized.

Is their pain not entertaining enough for a podcast?

Is Hae Min Lee's murder not important enough to be solved? Is she just a prop in Adnan Syed's story?

If so, then the podcast fans don't see her any differently than her murderer did: as an object to be discarded.

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"DeSantis rather ABSURDLY claimed that he’s just trying to address the border crisis by offering immigrants free transport to the kind of blue-state enclaves that claim to welcome them. He also called out the wealthy residents on the Vineyard for being a bunch of NIMBYs dressed up as open-borders progressives, and the media class for only jumping on the border crisis story when it was politically expedient, a point I will RELUCTANTLY concede. " (emphasis mine)

No need to read further. You are cancelled.

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"Is that sound you hear on a six-week ultrasound the pumping action of a fully formed human heart? No. Does that matter to the millions of pregnant women who feel a profound sense of joy and wonder when they hear it?" - Is an eagle's egg a baby eagle? It is illegal to destroy a fertilized eagle's egg BECAUSE it is an eagle. What is this so hard for science deniers (utopians that want their worldview made into the law of the land) to accept and apply with continuity to their belief systems?

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