The contours, and causes, of the Trump phenomenon had already become apparent by 2016, eight long years ago. The chattering class looking stunned and sounding like Wallace Shawn in "The Princess Bride" ("Inconceivable!") is a tired routine that hasn't served anyone well, including liberal voters. Speaking of which, it's hard to believe that any political movement has as one of its priorities a porous, chaotic border. But every week, there it is.

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I do think that is part of the Trump derangement syndrome. Woke progressives had captured higher education and nearly all legacy media. They thought their victory was complete but then Trump arrived and they realized they ignored the wisdom of the movie Fight Club

My favorite scene in the movie is when they trap the public official who is going to clamp down on Fight Club(s) in the restroom. The Fight Club members were the waiters for the event unbeknownst to the public official.

They pin him to the floor threaten cut his nuts off then Tyler Durden delivers the killer line:

"Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on, we cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us."

Heck, i'll post a link to the clip.


Thats what Trump voters did to the elites in 2016 and the elites have never forgiven them for it.

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Shorter version... the GOP hates the voters and we are just returning the favor.

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Maybe the vote for Mr. Trump reflects the anger and hopelessness of seeing everything illustrated in Bill Bennett's "The Book of Virtues" (both volumes) repudiated, mocked, vilified, trampled on. Not that Mr. Trump is a very shining example, of course. But at least he thinks we ought to be a country with border control. That we should support civilizations shining star in the Middle East, Israel.

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Here's what people don't remember about when Trump first took office. He got all the big retailers a tax break, and made sure all the big retailers gave their bottom level hourly employees a dollar an hour raise.

He told all those employers, if the little people don't see this raise, you won't see this tax cut.

Hillary Clinton sat on the board of Walmart, did she ever get anyone a raise? No.

The little people remember this.

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I may not be an "average" GOP voter but I am a lifelong GOP voter who hates both the current idiot-infested GOP and President Trump. I will vote for Trump in the general if he's the nominee but I don't want to.

Trump is a symptom of America's long slide downward. The working and middle classes want someone who cares about them, listens to them, tries to make a better country and one they can be proud of. Trump has made these folks believe that he cares about them and so they'll vote for him.

Maybe more importantly, they loathe the woke, progressive left and love that Trump isn't afraid of them. The head-melting, incoherent, continuous "worse than Hitler" babbling from the Left is music to their ears to the extent they're engaged in politics.

At any rate, I'm thankful Trump has plowed the GOP under and has revealed the true nature and character of this country and its political parties. I hope when he's gone, the GOP factions can see how much we need each other if we're to save this country from something we can't come back from. I fear we're already too far gone for that.

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Are we indexing too heavily on Iowa in the wake of the first election of primary season? I live in Calofornia and I’m from Florida, and I know plenty of Republicans who are college educated and wealthy that somehow find their way to supporting Trump. Perhaps Iowa’s classes are split in a way most other states are not?

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The Trump voters I know did not pick Donald Trump as their #1 choice in 2019 to be the GOP candidate. It was the other 16 or so candidates that made Donald Trump the choice. The establishment GOP elected and unelected folk are not our friends. No Bush, McCain, Romney please. These folk are what way back when we would call Rockefeller Republicans. They were not our (Republican voter) friends.

We are stuck with Donald Trump because most if not all of the others are not trustworthy or appear not to be trustworthy to defend the citizens of this country .

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I gave up the Republican party when George W. was President. Final straw for me. Full Republican control and none of the smaller government stuff they been spouting since Reagan. People can spot phonies pretty quickly.

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This article talks about Trump supporters hating the GOP. I am a DeSantis supporter who will vote for the GOP nominee, whoever it is. I despise the National Republican Committee & Ronna Mcdaniel for being ineffective and not taking responsibility for losing elections. Ronan has lost or underperformed in 4 in a row. She has neither resigned in shame nor been replaced. This is ridiculous! It doesn't matter how well you raise money if you can't use it effectively to win elections. Where were the GOP counter suits to all the illegal alterations to election laws made by court order in 2020 and continued in 2022?

The GOP needs to sue using civil rights law. We can't overturn elections, but we can claim that Maricopa County had a conspiracy to deprive GOP voters of their right to vote on Election Day, when accidentally loading new software caused 4 hour waits to vote in a very Republican county. We can ask for remedies like banning the voting machine vendor, replacing the machines and firing the county officials responsible.

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Rasmussen polling supports this analysis. By a margin of 2 to 1, Republicans are unhappy with their representative in Congress. Democrats love their representative.

We this dynamic play out during Trumps first term. He was of course at war with Democrats, but also with never Trumpers in the Republican party like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney.

Basically the elitists in the Republican party have lots in common with elitists in the Democrat party. They can agree that a few illegals in the US is a good thing, because you know, "good help" is so hard to find. For the American construction worker, plumber, corrections officer, truck driver, not so much.

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I disagree about the free markets. Lowering tax rates while broadening the base, which Trump did and Art Laffer and Larry Kudlow are constantly boosting, is definitely pro free market.

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Thank you for the compliments.

And thank you also for keeping it civil, and interesting.

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Jan 17·edited Jan 17

I detest DEI with a passion.

I agree it is tearing us apart.

It needs to be eliminated root and branch.

I detest the political left, and have for decades .

I’ll still never vote for Trump or any of the politicians (spineless cowards) who have repeated his lies and defended his insurrection.

The Republicans need to become a political party again, and purge the personality cult.

Preserve democracy:

Defeat Trump now.

Defeat DEI later.

Personal note about DEI:

The only people who ever forced me to take “diversity training” courses (at work) were Republicans.

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The thing liberals don’t understand about the average Republican voter in 2024 is that they hate the Republican Party. The average liberal feels well-represented by the Democratic Party because the Democrats’ base, like the party leadership, are college-educated elites. They share the same list of priorities. But the average Republican voter is working class and truly loathes the Bush-era version of the Republican Party, which meant tax cuts for the rich, failed wars, and an economic agenda that outsourced jobs to China.

JEEZUS H CHRIST... the Bari Weiss Democratic Party Rehabilitation Project (aka The Free Press) is desperate to find any way possible to remind people to Vote Blue No Matter Who...

Just remind everyone of the single point of faith that can NEVER be questioned: Republicans are still bad... obviously. Democrats are still good... obviously.


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As a proud Only-Trumper, you hit the nail on the head! The liberals are trying to sell that Trump is a threat to democracy as they ignore the border, crime, and walk us into WWIII! Trump may be a threat— To Them!

The man is utterly loathsome, but also a real man at last. Fake as hell, of course, but absolutely real in that sense.

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