needless to say that was regarding the Apple Vision Pro

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Ollie, I am starting to have a love affair with The Free Press, you and all the contributors. I joyfully look forward to the morning email with the article of the day. Please keep up the great work at The Free Press.

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The ultimate irony? According to polls, in the general election Nikki Haley would probably beat Biden, and Dean Phillips would probably beat Trump.

But hey, what's the fun in that? It's way more entertaining watching two aging titans duke it out. To paraphrase Ben Shapiro, with Trump he's on fire but the world isn't, whereas with Biden he personally might not be but the world most definitely is. I know which I would pick if given the choice.

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Congratulations to TFP and particularly Sam Quinones for getting this article published on 1440 News.

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Go ahead Muslims in Michigan and put Trump in White House. You guys are brilliant.

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Who will be better for the country ( Trump Biden?)when the Muslims start stabbings on college campuses;

At bridges and tunnels;

Use suicide bombers on buses; at supermarkets; at pizza parlors;

And similar ____

What will you do at that time

What will you do to deal with this now;

Clearly no one is prepared for this

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"Apple released its Vision Pro goggles last week. The $3,499 headset...."

And the porn industry gets its biggest tech bump since the VCR!

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My first thought with these Apple goggles was a flashback in time to everyone at my kids’ school events, or at sporting events, etc. holding up their giant iPads to take photos and bugging the crap out of everyone around (and behind) them. Now we have to deal with people twitching and “keyboarding” in front of us while they watch who-knows-what in their goggles? Geez!!

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A story of hope and recovery. It’s nice to leave it at that. Thanks Sam!

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Two (glaring) statements that I take issue with (tho admittedly I AM NOT the expert Mr. Wiseman is).

First, “jobs surging” Research shows that job numbers are up BECAUSE people have finally gone back to work after spending all their COVID relief money + a lot of people are now working 2 or 3 jobs. So, ONE person working 3 jobs, I guess this Biden Regime wants to take credit for 3 New Jobs being added to their “success” numbers?!

My 2nd issue, Biden overwhelmingly winning in South Carolina??? Ha! Did anyone else read the data on the LOW TURNOUT OF VOTERS.

Just as an example, if only 100 people vote (out of 4,000 registered) and Biden gets 96% of the 100 … Hello!

Again, I’m NOT the expert here! I do read & research extensively. And although I AM A LOYAL COMMITTED FOLLOWER of The Free Press, occasionally their Left Leanings sound a lot like the MSM, which we know serves as the propaganda arm of the Democrats!

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Sorry, but if you read Oliver Weisman's pieces for several weeks, you come to the realization that (1) he is an expert about nothing and (2) he is riven with biases - they are easy to spot.

I think he is Bari Weiss's avatar for her time at the NyT. She hides now at TFP but gets Weisman to write her real thoughts.

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I’m not as doom and gloom about the Apple goggles as I usually am with new tech. Imagine putting up extra bookshelves or art on my wall and then grabbing the goggles to watch a movie.

But Kiran made the more persuasive argument overall. I don’t need look at an iceberg or Everest, without the sounds and smells of being there as well. Like watching videos online of cute babies is great. Actually playing with my cute baby is unparalleled.

There is a definite need to fix our constant screen culture, but I’m not going to walk around my house with my young children with these things on. A) terrifying, and B) what a horrible image to have of mom. I’ll wait for the 5th gen device before making a judgement call.

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I'm confused by writers who insist that Biden employs "staunch" support of Israel or cares about antisemitism. This is the same Biden who dismantled the Abraham Accords and has done everything in his power to build Iran as the unquestioned leader in terrorism throughout the world.

When he approves strikes in the Middle East and against Iran's proxies in Yemen and Iraq, he's essentially blowing up some of the product he already purchased for Iran. Meanwhile, he has made it likely that Iran can employ nuclear weapons in the near future. We talk about the tail wagging the dog. In Biden's case it's often the dog biting his own tail.

No, Biden does not support Israel - or much of anything these days other than the destruction of our economy and energy capacity. I see no evidence he's even capable of understanding what he supports and doesn't support. In that sense, his current capacities are identical to the current capacities of his imagined good friend, Francois Mitterrand.

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When November comes around, will the Free Press scratch its collective head wondering how all the polls got the election wrong? TFP shouldn't. Independents won't vote for Trump as evidenced by the turnout in New Hampshire. People will vote against Trump by voting for Biden. All the progs whining about Biden will fall in line to be against Trump. Let's be a little more skeptical about these polls.

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In regards to the economy, you have to look beyond the numbers. What you see is that the private/public partners like Amazon are doing very well, the middle sized and small companies not so much. The employment numbers are pumped up by healthcare and government hiring; manufacturing, agricultural,, service industries and the rest of the private sector, not so great.

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Feb 7·edited Feb 7

Just say No!

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A word to the wise. Don't post proof of your severe Psychosis / Schizophrenia online. Quotes from Comprof2.0.

"Easiest non-white immigration experience ever!" (referring to Japanese-Americans)

"Easiest non-white immigration experience in American history" (referring to Japanese-Americans)

“A 2-4 year stint living on a military base” (referring to the internment camps that some Japanese-Americans were sent to)

“Geography is irrelevant”

“The GI Bill is what made them successful” (in California where most JA men didn’t get it)

"Yes. Easiest. Can you tell me of any other group that had an easier immigration experience?" (referring to Japanese-Americans)

"I've explained the tremendous advantages given to J-A immigrants over all others"

“Police shootings are irrelevant’”

I wrote “Saying crazy stuff (‘police shootings are irrelevant’) Vivid hallucinations (‘ONE GROUP’) Delusions of grandeur (‘You're buried’) Blaming others (‘upset’) These are all classic symptoms of Schizophrenia. See help ASAP.” The mental health links below might help you. You badly need them.





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