Oliver. The Districts must remain separate from the Capital of Panem. We don’t mix our ruling class with Lowers. You know this!! Let them kill each other by the hundreds each weekend while you (we) wrestle over bathroom choice. Eat more shrimp…

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Sorry. I believe that people should be allowed to live their lives. It seems nowadays that all of the emphasis has been placed on helping the "other than normal" at the extreme expense of the contributors to society. Nobody should be expected to walk to avoid human feces in their streets. Nobody should be accosted by people who think that it is their right to make other people miserable. Businesses should not have to close because of lawlessness.

Don't get me wrong. i feel for these people, many of whom have genuine mental illness, and many are long term drug addicts, but I don't think that the law abiding drug free majority should suffer because of them. Compassion and well meaning dolts are not solving the problem with their kumbaya attitudes. The old adage about leading a horse to water has never been so true.

Title IX is a joke. The administration is just fishing for votes at the expense of due process. It will be just as successful as banning oil leases and closing pipeline construction.

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It’s no “cranky old guy solution”. My former teacher opinion is that almost all behavioral problems in schools could be solved if school was just harder.

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"The new rules, which go into effect in August, damage due process in more ways than one:"

These are the same rules Obama had in place. The rules that destroyed several men's lives. See "Mattress Girl."

The goal, apparently! is to make the allegation of sexual misconduct a conviction without the need for a silly trial. Believe all women, yo!

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Hollywood should take it's cue from Davis, California. There is a noted liberal columnist named Marcos Breton at the Sacramento Bee, which is a paper that is very liberal. Mr. Breton called the Davis city council, "Liberal to the point of feckless idiocy." Mr. Breton could not be argued with. Perhaps he understated the matter.

Davis has built, and continues to build, designated low-income housing units. Guess who they populate those apartments with first? They put in professors they don't pay very well, and adjunct professors who would otherwise live in tents. Once in a while they might put a PhD student in low-income housing, but UC Davis and the city are just fine with grad students pitching tents or living in their cars. In one case, a woman grad student was sleeping under a tree on the main quad. This was found by... the Occupy Marxist protesters camping on the main quad to protest injustice. The Occupy kids in their Marxist wisdom, chased her off (she was black you know, and not one of them) and even denied her the free food that anyone else could have. I know, because I saw them do this. I said something to them, and got fish-eyed stares. Clearly, I did not understand the rules of the revolution---it's about equality and goodness for all!

There is also a famous (or infamous) "freegan" (now former) grad student of UC Davis in the transportation department who learned to get by living out of dumpsters and eating from trash cans. He was interviewed by Colbert in a truly sad bit that I can't find anymore. He still wanders around town living off trash. You can see PhD students at UC Berkeley eating from trash cans sometimes too. Math PhDs have done this because math doesn't get a lot of grant money. (One reason I didn't do a PhD in math, and chose a field that gave tuition grants to grad students. Go where you're wanted, you know. But I digress.)

There are plenty of intellectually brilliant people in the Hollywood area who would qualify, and mostly they aren't riff-raff. (Though, there was that infamous Stanford grad student in math who got so frustrated with his faculty adviser that he killed him with a ball peen hammer after 19 years of work that his professor sneered at. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Streleski ) These days, universities put time limits on how long a grad student can continue. After "Bang-bang Maxwell's hammer" incident, all the major universities took a close look and commanded professors to graduate students, usually after 7 years.

So. Hollywood and West Hollywood, do your damnedest to be like Davis! Universities will save you! Ben! Ben! Tell them Ben! Tell them about this bonanza. The truly dysfunctional and those that want to, they live in the ditch and the jungle until the rains come.

Yes, Ben. There are perfectly capable people who live in ditches, in homeless jungles, etcetera. Ex-cons, men on the sex offender list, men on the sex offender list who want to freely have sex with little girls and boys, retirees on a fixed income who stretch their social security by living in a ditch and getting free stuff. Women who made it by having two people, maybe 4 in a one bedroom apartment, then one or two die, or two of them lose their jobs and ... It's quite the variety pack. We call them ... riff-raff. and they don't belong in our low-income housing.

Oh, yes. And there are the crackers, cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs, psychotics and others (there are no words) people living in ditches and jungles. And many of those are meth burnouts.

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Yeah, it is great way for vengeance, for dismantling romance and courting. It shows again, how the victimization of few drives against majority interests of the population under the disguise of care for victims. How many time accusations turn to be lies? This will make abuse of rape accusations rampant among the most vulnerable, unexperienced people by assigning blanket coverage of categories. They play into the mantra of extreme and failed feminism: "men are beasts". Another DEI , BLM, Free Palestine, etc. agenda to build local tyranny and give legitimacy to the power thirsty individuals. And worse, it is just a beginning. It is testing ground to implement this kind of process denial in other spheres of human interactions like accusation of people in Starbuck by the location manager or the bakery by students in university town. Not the beginning but not the end either.

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So, I live in a liberal college town with an ordinance that all peripheral development has to be approved by the majority after they had passed another measure that adds a property tax supplement that they use to partner with USDA funds to buy and lock peripheral land into permanent farmland or natural habitat if lower grade soils. The university has been growing without housing. The cost of housing is through the roof. The NIMBYs are driven by wealthy liberal progressives that virtue signal their demands for affordable housing and claim that infill is the only way. The traffic inside and around the city is already some of the worst in the region. But they not only block all peripheral development, they also find ways to block infill development.

There is also not enough commercial space. The tax revenue per capital is almost half the state average as residents flee to neighboring cities to do their shopping and entertainment. The small downtown center caters only to students for cheap food and drink, but with traffic and parking problems driving out other retail and higher-end establishments.

The city budget is a mess. Roads are not maintained. The parks are not well maintained. Homeless camps are all over the city. People with severe addiction and mental health problems fill the downtown. Property crime is high. Sexual assaults are high. The city has fewer cops per capita than any comparable city.

Living here for decades and trying to work with city leaders to make things better has shaped my understanding that the average liberal progressive is a hazard to the human condition when they are part of a majority rule. There is something broken in their objective thinking apparatus that causes them to not consider or understand long-term negative consequences for their immediate wants that are largely emotional impulses of concern for personal impacts of aversion. They are afflicted with a scarcity mindset and oppose the abundance mindset. They would rather live in a financial dystopia, I think because they have enough money to weather it, than to accept the change that comes with growth and dynamism.

Frankly, they lack the ability to visualize a future state except for a feeling of fatalism. I think there is something filtering in the wiring of people that make them collect, identify and vote as liberal progressives and then this problem gets memorialized. They become a power of statism combined with stasis.

We need to larger government at the state and national level to set rules for housing development that override the liberal progressive NIMBY power at the local level.

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Interesting... So land acknowledgment doesn't quite satisfy the homeless. The gall some people have! Next thing, they'll demand actual housing.

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I know this comment is not directly on topic with this particular article, but this issue of men being allowed to compete in women's sports came up in the comment section below and I wrote this response there and decided to post it also as a main comment because it offers a little different perspective.

I am a member of a native American tribe which plays a sport called stickball, similar to lacrosse only traditionally it was far more violent. It was called the 'little war' back in the day because players could be severely injured or even killed. According to our oral history, in ancient times women use to play stickball with and against the men, but at some point far back in time, women were outlawed from playing. Why you might ask?. Well because women players were so violent they killed and severely injured far too many other players. When a woman is in a potentially deadly contact sport with a man it's not going to be just a game to her. She is going to go for the jugular and try to take him out as quickly as possible. She cannot afford to mess around because he is so much bigger and stronger. So my ancestral line of women would have fixed this whole men invading women's sports thing by ganging up and taking him down hard and fast and not worrying about his survival. I'll betcha every single one of those pretend women/male jocks would leave women's sports so damn fast there would be a trail of smokin hot skid marks. So maybe we need to reverse the narrative that these pretend women/males are endangering the real women/girls and instead point out that it is not conducive to the continued health and well being of the pretend women/male jocks to play in the same games as the real women and girls.

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Title IX: I can be suspended without a hearing if a girl thinks my asking her on a date was harassment, but I have the right to identify as a girl and shower with the girls after a swim meet. Do I overstate the case?

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“If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace.”

Is that a Columbia student speaking? If so, then the school needs to check verbal scores more closely.

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I hate to think what the environment for Jewish students is like at my alma mater SFSU. You know, that quaint public university where students once heckled and shut down a speech by the mayor of Jerusalem and, more recently, falsely imprisoned swimmer Riley Gaines after she dared try speaking about women in women’s sports. The NERVE, am I right?!

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I say Dems don't get to beat everyone around the head and shoulders with abortion when Roe probably doesn't get overturned if they didn't nominate the least popular candidate in history (until now) using a rigged primary process in 2016.

So now you get to vote in favor of kids getting gender affirming care from elementary school teachers without their parents knowledge, male college students social distancing from females for four years while never opening their mouths, and girls sacrificing their athletic scholarships to brave "women" who are turning their athletic mediocrity into championships and NIL deals, in return for the possibility that the first pro life Democrat President in 50 years will restore abortion rights.

It's like they are trying to make Trump look like a good option. It really is.

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The so-called Biden administration is an administration by progressives, for progressives. The rest of the country can go take a hike as far as they are concerned. This stuff is straight out of Orwell. "The party told you to ignore the evidence of your eyes and ears. That was its final, most essential command".

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I clicked the West Hollywood city web page. I learned two things:

-It's a very very gay place

-It's VERY proud of its rooftop amenities

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What is more cringo-schadenfreudeish: Mr Kawaller's discoveries that Not His People are actually sort of actually human, or his discovery that His People are not?

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