I am most surprised at where are all the other students in the class? This phenomenon will stop only when the majority students, instead of seating silently, will speak and rise up themselves, to defend the science and the professors they came to learn from. It can't be that all these presumably cream of the crop students accept this idiotism and oppression from their peers.

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The transgender business is a big money maker for hospitals, doctors, and big Pharma. So called puberty blockers like Lupron are only FDA approved for prostate cancer, endometriosis and a rare form of early puberty. No clinical trials have been done for transgender use. The drug companies don’t want to do that because they know that the side effects such as osteoporosis, vision problems and heart problems would disqualify the drug for that purpose. The British, Finnish and Swedes already know this as the lawsuits have begun. These drugs cost a fortune and the drug companies are making mega bucks. Unfortunately many of these drugs and expensive surgeries are paid for by the taxpayers.

The surgeries are expensive and have serious side effects that are very painful. Uterine atrophy occurs when estrogen is replaced and this is extremely painful. In many instances the patients will never have a normal sex life and will most likely be sterile. The zero population advocates who are anti family will see all of this as a good thing.

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Jul 28, 2022·edited Jul 28, 2022

When it seems as though the whole world has gone off the rails, when rank and file professionals are capitulating to vocational threats, when leadership in professional organizations have been become purveyors of mass psychosis while Pied Pipers of gender delusion and race hustlers groom our children - all of which is supported and promoted by the present administration - one thing gives me hope for this country. That one thing is the courage of the minority of journalists who have not sold their souls and who refuse to be silenced.

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I am sure I would not want to go to a doctor who didn't acknowledge that human beings are two sexes: male and female. Or believe any of the other nonsense such as trans women are women.

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But the issue is not whether the statement could be considered transphobic; the issue is about the certain need for a fearful apology without which the professor would be punished and possibly fired:

“I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant and I most sincerely apologize to all of you.”

It wasn’t the first time Lauren had heard an instructor apologize for using language that, to most Americans, would seem utterly inoffensive. Words like “male” and “female.”

Why would medical school professors apologize for referring to a patient’s biological sex? Because, Lauren explains, in the context of her medical school “acknowledging biological sex can be considered transphobic.”

Now you older readers can remember a time when nearly all language referring to human beings used the male noun or pronoun. "Man" or "mankind" also meant women, too. And even when the women's movement came into full force and professors and others sought to use female (excuse me!) -inclusive language, it was not done out of terror of losing one's job.

There is no denying that the political correctness now ruling the nation with an iron fist--a fist wielded on behalf of only 1% of the population in some cases but strengthened through political alliance with other minority groups --has become dictatorial. While the Left rails against Trump for trying to destroy the democracy on Jan 6th-- just how can the new self-appointed language Stasi possibly claim they are not trying to turn this country into a dictatorship of the minorities?

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Thank you Bari Weiss. I began rereading your article in recent days as I am trying to familiarize myself with the details of the CRT problem as experienced by others. I already know how I experienced the problem inside my life. The indoctrination content seen by others elsewhere is striking similar to content I have seen inside my life up-close. This demonstrates a problem that is both severe and far-reaching.

I am still in the process of reading and listening to documents that you attach to article. I am doing this so as to respect your hard work and to better contextualize the references in your story. I dive deep in this manner as I am trained as a researcher. Other journalists should take note about the role of investigation, verification and research in journalism. Thank you for reporting. While continued CRT indoctrination is a problem, patterns and trends reveal to investigators- more information about the nature of the problem.

Moving forward- I present 2 strategies to scientists who seek to explain the problem to normal people (friends, family and others). I use “scientist” as reference to any human who requires evidence and data is part of story. (1): Given that we all stand beyond a glass wall with an information assembly line on the other side with assembly workers’ back to us, we never see what actually happens at any assembly line step. In this scenario, many normal people imagine good and ethical behavior at each step. The discussion must at some point reference specific sentences in a specific CRT document/article. Such discussion is optimized by 2 or more sitting down at a table in-person and pointing to the yellow highlighted sentence on identical copies of a paper- one copy for each person. (Talmudic scholars please step forward). Present at discussion should be a “science judge” who is recognized as having science/logic knowledge superior to others at table. The science judge validates or rejects each sentence spoken by CRT critic.

(2): A scholar recently said on video that we must get beyond labels- “John Doe is a bad guy” and instead say “John Doe said or did X, which is wrong or untrue because Y”. While I desire to name scholar for contribution, I fear that bad actors would try to cause information harm or reputation harm. We must encourage others to assign relative weight to the actual words typed or spoken by John Doe, compared to reading in the New York Times that “John Doe” (who may in fact by Jewish as in person X) is a “White Supremacist. We must demand evidence of the actual activity or behavior of John Doe in connection to alleged “wrong doing” in our discussions.

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There is a term for what's happening in medical schools, our institutions, academia, and media: shared psychosis. Yale professor Bandy X. Lee wrote excellent articles on the contagious mental illness of Trump and his supporters. Unfortunately, the garbage ideology of the morbid trans&identity psychosis is just as contagious, and it will probably get the Trumpistas faster back to power than any BS Trump and his team of psychopaths can come up with.

Numerous medical studies and “patients liken body integrity identity disorder (BIID) to gender identity disorder: "Patients’ anatomy is at odds with...internal sense of self, causing intense discomfort.” Will these woke medical educators and future physicians suggest to parents of a child with BIID that the "treatment" should be to validate little Jenny and Jamal’s ideas that their left leg is “wrong” and make preparations for amputation?

The damage done to people with sex dysphoria with this trans crap is enormous, although not as great as the damage to science and our democracy, which we are certain to lose to the Rethuglican Party thanks to this smug, stupid, insufferable identity bullshit. I wonder if these twits think Trump and his coterie of criminals will be sympathetic to their cause. Don't laugh, it really is not funny...



"nonhomosexual MtF transsexualism represents an erotic target location error...persons suffering from BIID explain the desire for amputation in analogy to the desire of transsexuals for surgical sex reassignment...Neurological results suggest that BIID is a brain disorder producing a disruption of the body image. If BIID were a neuropsychological disturbance, which includes missing insight into the illness and a specific lack of autonomy, then amputations would be contraindicated and must be evaluated as bodily injuries of mentally disordered patients. Instead of only curing the symptom, a causal therapy should be developed to integrate the alien limb into the body image."

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The fault here is primarily that of the administrators of medical schools. Were they to back their tenured faculty in making the curriculum adhere to science, ideally including expelling a few students making trouble for the faculty who use "male" and "female" as biological terms, the woke mob would either settle down to study medicine or retreat into disciplines where their enthusiasms would do less harm to their fellow men. (Oooo! I just used "men" in the old generic sense. I guess I should have posted a trigger warning before starting the post.)

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This substack post has provoked discussions around the world.

Reddit had a thread titled "Article circulating on social media about medical school endo classes "denying biological sex"". So far there are 618 comments. The moderator (am_i_wrong_dude) is clearly upset that anyone would dare to discuss a non-PC topic. The top comment (with net 1.5K likes) is from Rarvyn and the author states 'Reducing cis women - who make up 98% of women - to their organs when they almost certainly identify as women, as mothers - is wrong.'

Another r/medicine thread is titled

"Question to our OB-GYNE friends or ID specialists- what's your consensus regarding the right vaccine for pregnant women?"

I commented "'Pregnant women'? How shamefully transphobic."

I was then banned from r/medicine. Typical woke intolerance of divergent opinions.

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Transphobic: Fear of the trans mob

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If worse comes to worse - this may end when scores of now teens and children wake to the reality of their sterility and, feeling less-than on account of it, start to hold the medical professionals, drug companies, and - perhaps most severely - their parents, who sent them on this path no questions asked.

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I don’t get it. Why don’t the Schools and the professors simply say “NO”. We determine what gets taught, amd how. And if you don’t like it, leave.

Why so simply supine?

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Cultural Revolution II is well underway.

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I realize that you won’t want to hear this, but once you get away from a firm, long term, moral framework(Judeo-Christianity for Western civilization) then you are truly “adrift”. Anything goes. If you think this will stop at our current “Trans psychosis “ you are sadly mistaken

Mutilating surgery for children is child abuse

We have turned a very sick corner

BTW there are LOTS of worse things you can do and be then “offensive”

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Please publish the names of the schools where this is happening - I'd like to avoid any doctors they produce.

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Finally! Katie Herzog broke through the media's ban of silence on this topic and in doing so became the bravest journalist in America. We must all have her and Bari Weiss' backs.

Perhaps now Americans can at last engage in the sort of robust debate that's been going on for several years in Europe. The UK and Sweden have done a 180 regarding their policies for prescribing puberty blockers and gender surgery but you would never know that by reading the NYT, Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, etc.

The mainstream outlets make it seem as though the only people disturbed by this madness are far-right evangelicals That is bullshit. I am not a right winger, far from it. I am a liberal feminist who would never vote for any candidate who doesn't support women's rights and women's reproductive rights 100%. I am a former researcher and fact checker who worked years ago for a well known investigative reporter (alongside a number of Ms. Weiss' senior colleagues at the NYT). On a personal level, I am also the spouse of a highly respected beloved primary care physician and mother of a young adult daughter. These are my "lived experiences" and as such, I find the insane destructive lies particularly infuriating. Enough.

The gob smacking amounts of money funding this delusion and the accompanying effort to shut down any and all related debate must be investigated. Millions have been used to buy off the ACLU and to hijack PP, NARAL and every other major women's rights orgs. Does anyone besides Herzog have the balls to dig into this? Matt Taibbi? Barry Meier?

I will urge everyone I know to read this article and to watch the 60 Minutes episode about

de-transitioners as well as this witty brilliant summary of the whole mess:


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That rap song video you linked to was hysterically funny and all too true. I urge everyone to watch it.

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Glad you liked it. It's short, entertaining and 100% accurate.

Please send it to anyone you think might appreciate it.

Here's another rap he (Francis Aaron) released a year ago:


(All the gender "symbols" are Pokemon Unowns.)

I believe he's currently working on something related to girls sports issue.

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This will change ONLY when the lawsuits are filed and won. When a woke doctor misdiagnoses a female or male patient because they are uninformed/ignorant/undereducated about and fail to diagnose, the lawsuits will be filed. Same with all of these young trans who many will detrains. I'd love to see the angle of future medical malpractice insurance. Either there will be push back from insurers or doctors will be unable to pay the enormous rates.

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