"And that the former president is criticizing American Jews for being ungrateful, commanding them to show him proper respect—and issuing a veiled threat if they do not."

But this isn't an accurate summary based on what he said. Trump is basically saying "Jews should stop voting for Democrats, it's me that has been helping Israel." And I agree with Trump - Democrats have absolute Anti-Semites in elected office.

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A “veiled threat?”

The level of social desirability biased and elitism has taken hold of our managerial and professional class is completely and utterly astounding.

Half the Democratic Party wouldn’t piss on Israel if it was on fire. An honest-to-god 10-20% would be happy seeing the Jews wiped off the face of the Earth.

Trump calls you out on your bullshit and now it’s a “veiled threat” 🤣🤣

Hey Bari, how much more money do we have to send to Ukraine and the Azov battalion (you know, LITERAL NAZIS) at the behest of a bunch of neoliberals before enough is enough?

The Dems fun Nazis and you write puff pieces about Zelensky. Trump calls you out on the astounding stupidity of this and it’s a “veiled threat.”

It’s embarrassing.

But hey, just like with women letting themselves get displaced by a bunch of biological men in dresses, if you don’t want to stand up for yourselves, why the hell should the rest of us waste our energy doing it for you?

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Enjoy your time at shul tonight. I wish I could be going. I have lots of fun memories of Simchat Torah (and filling glasses with spirits - Jews can be real party animals during services). As for Trump's comment, "US Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel—Before it is too late!” That does not sound like a threat...it sounds more like a warning of what may happen if the US continues pushing Biden's nuke deal with Iran and continues Obama's desire to put distance between the US and Israel.

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Oct 17, 2022·edited Oct 17, 2022

"And that the former president is criticizing American Jews for being ungrateful, commanding them to show him proper respect—and issuing a veiled threat if they do not."

This part is the lie that undoes this article. There is no command in Trump's post, and there is no threat in Trump's post. There is a WARNING - a very legitimate one. Bari admits its legitimacy in the rest of this column, as the left-wing movement poses serious threats to Jews. Yet she acts as though it's heresy to follow those facts to their logical conclusion: Support the movements that defend Jews or fall victim to those who hate Jews.

Interestingly enough, this article drops several hours after National Review's Philip Klein wrote a piece on exactly the same collection of public statements. No citation, Bari? I suspect that reading Klein's column inspired this one in its entirety.


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Bari, I love you and say with all due respect, your TDS is showing. I have often wondered why my Jewish American friends look down on the GOP platform and continue to vote DEM. Donald Trump is fearful that one more DEM controlled cycle may result in the loss of Israel. That’s NOT a veiled threat. That’s acknowledging reality.

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I don't see Kanye's and Trump's comments in the same light. Kanye's comments were clearly anti-Semitic, of that there can be no question.

Trump's comments were political in nature, and similar to when any politician talks about the "black vote", "the gay vote" or the "hispanic vote." I don't think any of those discussions are particularly interesting or useful, however they are not racist, homophobic or xenophobic...they are simply commenting on the general voting tendency of pre-defined voting bloc, as if they were a monolith.

And Trump pointing out that the fact that he is more popular among Jews in Israel than in the US is anti-Semitic? Look at poling (which I am sure Bari is familiar with) and you will see that is a basic truth. It is what it is.

Do American Jews support Israel, in general? I don't know one way or another, but I know for certain the political party most vote for do not. They vote for a party with several members who ARE explicit anti-Semites (not the "dog whistle" type) and who the party has refused to condemn when they've made those comments.

Alternatively, they deride the most philo-Semitic president in US history (aside from maybe Truman). Why? Mostly because of Blue-anon conspiracy theories.

Sorry, but I think this is a TDS moment for Bari.

Check out my newest post on how modern liberalism is a fundamental anti-human ideology here:


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Bari enjoy your time as a family. But also remember as Kayne says stupid things, he has no power. Trump maybe an I only say maybe because I have no idea of the ideas he was trying to express. Most likely that he was a strong advocate for Israel and wanted to get more agreement's done with other countries like Saudi Arabia and secure a safer future for the Jewish people.

Yet American Jews help elect Slow Joe who's no friend of Israel and thinks more of getting a bad agreement with Iran than the safety of the Jewish people.

I fail also to understand how the American Jewish people support a politician who stems from the party of the KKK.

So dance and enjoy but say a prayer that Brandon and crew doesn't do more damage to make our military more soft and general nutural. Because eventually the Liberals will abandon Israel and the Jewish people.

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Bari, I love Common Sense. I don’t have to agree with everything I read here, but pretty much everything I read is thoughtful, or otherwise (in the case of today’s entry) coming from a place I understand and respect. So no accusations or name calling from me.

Here is my take on President Trump’s remarks. I think he is asking the same question I have been asking my Jewish friends for years: Why do you keep voting Democrat when the Democrats dump all over Israel? My Jewish friends never answer that question, or at most they say “I don’t know.”

In any event, I did not in any way interpret President Trump’s comments as any kind of threat, veiled or otherwise. I don’t think he’d make that kind of threat. Not with a daughter who converted to Judaism and married a Jewish guy whom the president used as a trusted adviser.

Israel matters to me a lot. That is why I value the things President Trump accomplished for Israel. Not just moving the embassy, but also the Abraham Accords, which are another step in the right direction. I perceive that there are American Jews who do not value Israel as highly as I do. I can’t think of reasons why they wouldn’t, but I think there are clear reasons why they should. In any event, I think it’s those American Jews who do not value Israel sufficiently highly to whom President Trump was directing his remarks.

Thank you for this Substack. Keep up the great work.

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Thank you. I will offer two thoughts. The first, no good ever comes, I have learned over the past two years, from generalizing whole groups of people, whether it's the Jewish people or Trump supporters. It's important, always, to remember our humanity. The second, the only way to defend Ye West would be to say he was in the bouts of mania or schizophrenia (like John Nash, who was also accused of having made antisemitic slurs before being treated). Otherwise, it's a reminder of how easy it is to slip into blaming one group for our problems, especially in times of stress, despair, poverty and division.

There is always one group that people feel it's okay to demonize and dehumanize. We know that when people feel like they're at the bottom of society they need to point to one group that is lower than they are. See those people over there, they're the real problem.

And as we know, dehumanizing both the Black and the Jewish community has led to the worst horrors the world has ever known.

I used to not think we would ever live through anything like that again. But I look around and I see dehumanization everywhere. Hate is everywhere. That makes this moment seem very precarious indeed.

Please enjoy your new life and celebrate. And yes, dance. Grab the beauty while it's there. Mazel tov to you.

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I have read and reread Trumps comments and for the life of me I think he is merely speaking the truth. The problem for Bari and several Jews that I know they are constantly seeing spiders where none exist. Bari I am frankly surprised that you even wrote this column. Ye is certifiably insane and Trump is stating truths that my Jewish friends should open their eyes and see reality. A party that hasn't run Talib et al. out the door is one I will never vote for under any circumstances. Chuck Schumer is a cheap political hack and would sell his Jewish brethren down the river in a minute just to hold onto his position and power. The people of Israel can see clearly who are their American friends and it surely is not the party of Obama and our pathetic current Dem President.

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Oct 17, 2022·edited Oct 17, 2022

Here's my problem with this article, which kind of ties into the cited Trump remarks. While antisemitism is clearly a big issue worldwide, and to a lesser extent in the United States, almost all of it in the US is committed by left-aligned individuals and groups. And no-one complains about it. Even Jews will rarely complain. Any pushback is hushed, and limited to Jewish or conservative circles. It never under any circumstances breaks out into the general MSM. Even noticing the antisemitism is actually some kind of hate crime, since it's implicitly saying that a left-aligned person or group is doing something bad. (Even though the Jews are overwhelmingly left-aligned, the progressives still don't like them).

So the uproar here about Kanye has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews or antisemitism. That's just the pretext. The actual complaint is that Kanye has recently become more vocal about his conservatism, so he's now coming under scrutiny. While they are clearly ignorant and antisemitic, the views that Kanye espoused are quite common among the black community, and mutual animosity between blacks and Jews in the US goes way, way back. There is nothing surprising in a particular black man believing this. I suspect that most other well-known rappers/hip hop artists believe the same.

This problem is somewhat analogous to the white cops killing unarmed black men problem. It's certainly not a good thing to be happening, but it's a trivial source of deaths among black people, and we are told that even noticing the 99.99% of the problem is racist.

Trump was observing that the Democrats hate the Jews, and yet the Jews overwhelmingly support the Democrats. The Republicans, especially the Christian segment, by and large like the Jews, and quite a lot, and yet the Jews despise the Republicans and consider them one of their biggest enemies. There's nothing wrong with pointing out that the Jewish political behavior appears to be highly irrational.

Getting back to Kanye. Jews are extremely influential in America, as they have been a very successful group. If the Jews wanted to, they could publicize and push back on the ignorance that is at the heart of the beliefs that Kanye is speaking. But they don't, because their allegiance to their political party exceeds their allegiance to themselves. I get it. It would be dangerous to complain. They'd be cast out of the progressive movement and be consigned to waste heap of deplorables like the rest of us. But if they don't, then they really surrender the right to object when non-leftists do the same things.

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Oct 17, 2022·edited Oct 17, 2022

On Trump: "...the former president is criticizing American Jews for being ungrateful, commanding them to show him proper respect—and issuing a veiled threat if they do not."

Trump is not threatening Israel or Jews or demanding respect, he is reminding them that Iran and others are deadly threats and that the current Democratic Administration is cozying up to Iran. AFAIK Jews vote heavily Democratic in the US. It is a mystery why since the Democrats seem not to support Jewish interests.

Frankly, Bari, I expect better from you.

Maybe someone can interpret for me.

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Isn’t truth in the media the reason common sense exist? I think the “interpretation” of Trumps comments are completely false. Seems like a stretch.

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"If you are an American Jew who has been paying attention you have long since learned to lower your expectations."

Look at the explosion in anti-Asian violence, where a disproportionate percentage of the attackers are black. Or the continuing racial tension between Hispanics and Blacks. Is the issue specifically anti-Semitism I wonder or is it a country that is fracturing into warring racial tribes?

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Bari - I love you, but I’m afraid your distaste for Trump has gotten the better of you here. I’ll set aside the appalling anti-Semitism of Kanye West and your understandable revulsion, which I share.

Putting Donald Trump in the same piece, and seemingly linking him to Kanye, was a bridge too far; way too far. Trump has a good argument that he’s done more to support Israel than any other President. He has an even better argument that American Jews, taken as a whole, do not appreciate his dedication to Israel; or to the extent they do appreciate it, their enduring support for Democrats at the ballot box is contrary to Israel’s national interests. It’s Democrats, after all, who are behind the disgraceful Iran nuclear deal that gravely menaces Israel, and which Trump did his best to quash.

Now, one can say that being Jewish doesn’t necessarily mean supporting Israel no matter what. Judaism isn’t Zionism. Jews can criticize Israel, and Jews can criticize Trump. Fair enough. But it’s also fair to say that many American Jews fail to acknowledge in meaningful ways that Donald Trump is a great friend to Israel. Why pointing out that fact troubles you, even to the extent it’s linked to Kanye West, suggests you have a blind spot concerning Trump.

If you read this, thank you for your attention. I hope at some point we’ll get some details about your new baby. A blessed happening!

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Dear Bari,

Don’t give a rats ass what Ye and these other idiots say. Go celebrate your heritage, your traditions, bring your baby and feel the love. And know there are many of us out here who respect Jews and dismiss the stereotypes.

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